Actually I should have posted this tutorial a month ago but somehow I missed it then. I am not even sure if there is a place for such a guide but I am still doing it at the request of an user. If you remember, I published an easy guide on how to update rooted Verizon Galaxy S3 with official OTA update package without loosing root, CWM and unlocked bootloader.

Today there is another post that is meant for those who have not rooted their Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 and wish to update the firmware of their phone manually. Below you can choose the appropriate OTA update zip depending on your current firmware version. If your phone’s firmware is on Android 4.0.4 ICS, install the 4.1.1 OTA update package first then you can upgrade to 4.1.2. In case your device shows has 4.1.1 currently. you can directly install the 4.1.2 OTA package. To check your current firmware version, go to Settings> About.


Android 4.1.1:

Android 4.1.1:

Android 4.1.2:


If you wish to install the complete Android 4.1.2 firmware on your Verizon S3 in place of the OTA package, download the firmware from below and install it using ODIN.



Do not try to install the OTA packages to downgrade your phone’s firmware. If you wish to do that, download the full firmware file from below and use this tutorial for downgrading.

To install the full firmware, use the our easy tutorial.

OTA Update Package for Rooted SCH-I535:

If you got a rooted device, you can still update your phone’s firmware to official JB without losing root. See the guide here.

How to Install:

  1. Download and copy the OTA update zip package to the external storage of your Verizon Galaxy S3.
  2. Make sure your device has at least 60% battery.
  3. Boot the device into Android system recovery mode: hold down Volume Up+Home+Power buttons together till the screen turns up and you see Samsung logo. Now let the Power button go off and keep other keys pressed till your see a screen like shown below. verizon-s3-android-recovery-on-galaxy-s3
  4. Using the volume down key, scroll to “apply update from external sdcard”, navigate to the update zip package and select it using power key.
  5. Confirm your choice on the next screen.
  6. When it is installed, return back to main menu and select “reboot system now”.

When your Galaxy S3 boots up, it should have the newly upgraded firmware. You can verify it from Settings> About.

What to Do If I Get a Bootloop:

In case your device is stuck on the boot animation after installing the OTA update package or full firmware, follow the Steps 10-14 given on this tutorial.

If you wish to root your Verizon  SCH-I535 and install a good custom ROM on it for better performance and battery life, head over to the following articles.

How to Root Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535 on Android 4.1.1/4.1.2 Firmware

Top 5 Touchwiz Custom Roms for Verizon Galaxy S3 SCH-I535

Things to Do Before and After Flashing a ROM

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  1. @Rakesh! thanks for ur response! i got it! i have solved using Kingo android root app 🙂

  2. I was able to install the firmware. My reception continued to be very poor. The issue was resolved after I accidentally dropped my phone and shattered the screen.

  3. @steven : does it worked??? pls help me i just bought i535VRBMF1 this. pls share watever yu found out on ths device 🙂 it wil b useful for me 🙂

  4. I think it is due to the new regulations from US government which aims at making smartphones SIM unlocked. I once read that some time ago.

  5. Any idea why they made it so you can go global with this new update on the Verizon galaxy s 3 and use any carriers with a SIM but will only work on E signal and never get 3g or 4g signal?

  6. It worked with Kies wireless connection, but still not recognized with Kies USB cable connection,

    I used different USB cable, and then tried the same with another computer, the USB notification never shows up when I connect the device,

    I enabled the hidden menu, then get to the “PhoneUtil”, checked the “PDA”, and manually checked “MTP + ADB” in the “Qualcomm USB settings”,,, didn’t work.

    Is there anything else I should try?!


  7. Actually, I tried that before, and I did it again after your reply, still, the same problems,

    just to be clear, the Samsung USB Driver I installed recently is the version

  8. The OTA 4.1.2 was installed successfully, but still, my device can’t be recognized by PC, although I had the Samsung USB Driver installed on PC,

    One more thing, why can’t I add a new APN with non-Verizon SIM?


  9. Actually, it depends. A specific OTA package version is meant for just one version below of the firmware. However, you can install the complete firmware over any version.

  10. Hi there,

    Why would I install the complete Android 4.1.2 firmware on my S3 sch i535 and not the 4.1.2 OTA package? And do I have to backup everything, with the OTA package?



  11. Hi Mendel, sorry to hear that you facing issues with updating your device. The update zip packages are meant for a phone that has one version down firmware and so they will not install on any firmware version.

    Try this:

    Make sure you have done all preparations correctly and repeat the procedure using this method:

  12. Hello there,

    I have followed your instructions and tried to install the update from 4.0.4. to 4.1.1.
    When I install, it seems to install OK, runs through and displays all sorts of messages etc. and then the phone reboots.

    When I check the version it still shows 4.0.4. I then tried installing 4.1.2 but got an error. I tried 4.1.1 and again, but still same as above.

    What should I try next?



    P.S to be clear, I am trying to install
    Android 4.1.1:

  13. Wow – with some persistence – got it updated all the way to 4.2.2. Did not want to root it this time – but did to get it done. All looks good and new and exciting but for some reason – it does not yet recognize my external SD card. More to play with when I have time.

    I like the new look – but miss the Nova Launcher. Still have more to learn about the new OS – however miss some of the features of Nova Launcher. Perhaps they are there – and I just don’t know it yet.

    Once again – thank you for your help. This post helped me get started. And you efforts here are greatly appreciated!


  14. I have a verizon galaxy s3 stuck on version 4.0.4.

    I downloaded the 4.1.1 file and copied it to both the external and internal SD cards.

    When I go to reboot and load and select the external storage device – all it shows is “..” with no navigation possible.

    What am I missing ?

    Thank you


  15. Hi Steven, an update zip is always meant for a particular base firmware. Your phone must have a

    far greater firmware (possibly the latest VRBMF1, I guess) and that’s why you are getting that error.

    Update zip will not help you with your problem at all. I recommend you to download the full I535VRBMB1 firmware and install it using Odin.

    Here is the firmware:

    and here the guide, if you are not an expert:

    Hope it helps. If you have any doubts, feel free to ask. 🙂

  16. Hi, I am running Android 4.1.2 on my Samsung Galaxy S III. I am not rooted. I’m trying to get a better baseband version for my phone. I was told I535VRBMB1 might solve some issues I am having with reception. Anyway …

    I downloaded “” and followed your instructions, but get the error: ‘Failed to Verify Signature’. Any idea what is going on?


  17. Hi Chris, since Verizon doesn’t release the complete firmwares for its devices as most other carriers do, you will not find the update package for VRBMF1 unless someone rips and uploads it. I have looked for it and it is nowhere.

    As things are currently, you can get it either via OTA or by rooting. Btw. I am surprised to learn that you have been facing issues with the OTA with official firmware. I think you should try a factory reset or installing a new firmware manually.

    If you are not willing to do that too, you should contact Verizon and report it. 🙂

  18. Thank you for the quick response. Do you know of a way for me to update my software to the newest version without having to root. My phone does not find the update when I try to manually update through setting. (VRBMF1)

  19. Hi DroidViews, I have followed all instructions to upgrade to VRBMF1. However, when I hit apply update from external drive. I keep getting the same error of “not signed” and it will not load. I am currently running VRBMB1 and 4.1.2 on Verizon. I am not rooted and my S3 will not OTA through settings manually. Thank you for your time. -chris

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