Android is an awesome OS in its pure unmodified state whatever flavor it might be wrapped in by different OEMs. However, what makes the platform even more appealing is the very flexibility it allows to its users. Based on Linux, the OS is a package of different components and by customizing them individually, you can force them to yield the best possible performance.

While looking for ways to improve performance of your Android device, you must have come across things like kernel tweaks, system optimization, build.prop tweaks, etc. And by tweaking the configuration of these elements, you can determine how the hardware resources of your device behave. Since it’s not possible for most users to perform the drill on their own, there are some good developers out there to help us with such things.

You can find custom kernels for your device that allow a plethora of kernel modifications like managing parameters  like CPU governors, CPU and GPU frequencies, enabling/disabling CPU cores, adjusting I/O scheduler and so on. Advanced users can tweak these parameters by using ADB commands but if your legs are not grounded deep into such things, using a kernel tweaker app can make your day.

You can find a bunch of kernel settings changer apps but most such apps are paid only. The free ones provide access only to a few basic options. Thankfully, we now have great app with beautiful UI that offers extensive options for managing kernel parameters. Kernel Adiutor, as the app is called, is available for free at the Play Store but has all the premium features of a pro app. If you got a rooted Android device with Android 4.o or above, Kernel Adiutor can be a handy option for you.


If you are curious about the features Kernel Adiutor comes with and parameters it lets you manage, just throw your eyes on the list below:

  • CPU (Frequency, Governor, Voltages)
  • GPU (Frequency, Governor)
  • Screen Color Calibration [RGB]
  • Wake (DT2W, S2W)
  • I/O Scheduler
  • Kernel Samepage Merging
  • Low Memory Killer (Minfree settings)
  • Virtual Machine
  • Build prop Editor


Kernel Adiutor definitely makes kernel tweaking pretty easy but it’s not meant to be used by noobs. The app gives you access to some sensitive settings that, if misconfigured, might cause instability in performance and damage to hardware. Therefore, if you chose to try Kernel Adiutor, proceed carefully.

Kernel Adiutor (ROOT) Price: Free

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