Whatever phone might we own, we are always willing to try the home launcher from other Android phones. It is the beauty of Android that it is open to all and allows flexibility. Our modders and developers tirelessly work to give us new mods and custom ROMs that enrich our mobile phone experience,  letting us to taste a variety of things from Android super market that the non-Android users can only dream of.

We have already provided you some of the best launcher apps from various Android phones, like Xperia Z, Motorola Razr M, Xperia T and Samsung TW UX. You can also download these launchers from below:

Sony Xperia Z Launcher

Sony Xperia Arc Launcher

Motorola Razr M Launcher with Circle Widget

Touchwiz UX Launcher

XDA member Impact7 has now ported the latest  LG UI 3.0 home launcher and weather widgets to all Android phones with ICS and Jelly Bean. To install the LG launcher to your Android phone, you must have root privileges. Another thing to be notes is currently the launcher does not work on phones with Android 4.2. This launcher will not replace the stock launcher of your phone but give you another alternative to beautify your phone.

I have been using the LG UI 3.0 Home Launcher on my Galaxy S3 for two days now and found it to be very impressive and more flexible that any of the launchers listed above in terms of customization. It is fast, smooth and has various animation effect that will infatuate you with its beauty and performance. If you have a rooted phone with ICS or JB, you must not miss it. Just download the apk files from below and push them to the System> App folder on your device. To access this directory on your phone, you will have to install a root file explorer app on your phone. In my case, I have used the Root Browser Pro app. If you do not have such a root file explorer on your phone, download any of the following apps from Google Play:

ES File Explorer File Manager Price: Free
File Explorer Root Browser Price: Free

Download LG UI 3.0 Home Launcher and Weather Widget


The launcher and widget are only for HDPI, XHDPI or qHD devices. Download one file that suits your phone’s resolution.

Also, download the theme package for the LG Home Launcher and install the apk files.

Weather Widgets:

The weather widgets are common to all resolutions. Download both files.

How to Install:

  1. Install a root file explorer on your phone. Make sure you have granted root permissions to it.
  2. Download and copy the 3 apk files (1 launcher and 2 weather widgets) to the internal or external SD card of your phone.
  3. Open the root explorer app on your phone and go to one of the apk  files and tap and hold it. From the available options, select copy. Then When the permission is set, tap and hold the apk and select Copy.
  4. Now navigate to the system/app folder, open it and paste the copied apk (copy/paste the other files the same way).
  5. When the files are copied go to system/app directory, tap and hold the Apk files and select Permissions.
  6. Now fix the read/write rules as shown in the screenshot below (I did not follow this step). It should be like this-  rw-r–r–app-root-permissions
  7. You’ll have to fix permissions of all copied files the same way as you did above.
  8. When it is done, reboot the phone. Done!

To launch the LG UI 3.0 Home Launcher on your phone, press the Home button on your phone and select it. Enjoy!

Get LG G2 Lockscreen App on Your Android

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