At DroidViews, we keep looking for interesting stuff so that we might share them with our users and thus provide them everything they need to enjoy their Android device and make the most out of it. You might has a good smartphone that is loaded with host of impressive specs and features but without adding some spicy third-party apps, you cannot enjoy it at its fullest.

Modern smartphones have many features for which we used to be depended on different gadgets. If you have a good device, you might not need to carry a music player or a camera with you. The megapixel war has been going on among OEMs and with each new flagship launch, we see more powerful camera integrated in devices. When we talk about good camera with reference to phones, things mean a little more that the quality of lense and megapixels.

It is the extra features of the camera app used in a phone that does the real magic by letting you add styles and effects. The camera app from Lenovo K900 is probably the best when compared to stock camera features found on any other Android device. It has tons of options for adding lens and color effects before capturing a shot and some more options for editing after the photo is saved to the device.

The Lenovo Super Camera, as it is called, is comes loaded with advanced features and tons of options. You can select from dozens of scene modes like Burst, Panorama, Night Portrait, HDR, Lowlight, Autodyne, Smile, Macro, and TimeShift. Then there is ExScene mode with features like Remove that clears moving objects, Rewind, GIF and MagicGIF.


Besides, there are 24 effects to choose from. These effects have been classified under three heads— LenseEffect, MagicEffect and ColorEffect. When it comes to camera settings, the Lenovo Super Camera app gives you advanced options to personalize every single settings as per your preferences.

As a pleasant bonus, the camera app also comes with an awesome gallery app called Super Gallery. The Super Camera and Gallery app from Lenovo K900 can be any Android device with Android 4.1 and above. While testing it on my Galaxy S4 and HTC One I noticed FC issues with burst and panorama modes. Download the app from our link below and install as any normal APK.


The Lenovo Super Camera app has now been updated. Now, it offers more features and functions and bring several improvements:

  • New SuperCamera app 2014 from Lenovo Vibe-Z
  • Lots of unique features added.
  • Vibe-Z-point linkage effect measurement optimization
  • Vibe-Z Super Night Focus mode optimization
  • Vibe-Z Super Night algorithm optimization, the effect of further enhancements.



    • Hi, I have tested it on HTC One and it gave FC while using some features. Since the camera is available as APK, you cannot flash it in recovery. You can try pushing the apk to system/app though and fix permissions to rw-r–r–.

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