Wi-Fi Internet connections are quite common these days, especially in the developed countries. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that there are many common issues related to Wi-Fi connections that we face often. Most of the times, a reboot of your router can fix things but sometimes it can’t. Luckily, Android being such a popular OS platform, is equipped with a few tools dedicated to Wi-Fi. Some of these can even help you find and block people from your network. These Android apps can improve your Wi-Fi experience, and today we will be talking about a couple of them.

Wi-Fi Analyzer

Wifi Analyzer Price: Free

If you live in a city, you’re more than likely surrounded by a number of Wi-Fi networks. Since every house is right next to each other and has a Wi-Fi of its own. But so many networks require as much bandwidth space to operate smoothly. With so many Wi-Fi networks on top of each other, it is likely that the bandwidth will get saturated with other people’s network. Think of it like a 4 lane road with a lot of traffic. WiFi routers work on different channels, but it is quite possible for this channel to get overloaded and your connection will be affected.

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Wi-Fi Analyzer can help you analyze and then pick the best possible channel for your network. The app shows different graphs and features accessible via simple left-right swipes. Other than the fact that this is not immediately apparent, the app is quite simple to use. A graph shows you how all the Wi-Fi networks in the area overlap each other in differing channels. This can help you figure out the most congested channels.

Wi-Fi Analyzer also lets you select the best available channels for your network as well as find an optimal spot in your house. Another graph and a signal strength gauge of your current network can help you out with the latter. Knowing the signal strength of available networks can also be of help if you are outside, like a coffee shop or a station.

Wi-Fi Mapper

WifiMapper - Free Wifi Map Price: Free

Speaking of Wi-Fi outside your house, finding an open Wi-Fi network when outside can be a big deal sometimes. It is the best way to save your precious mobile data. But this means you need to find a restaurant or shop with a Wi-Fi, connecting to it and then hoping it works. A lengthy process if you ask me.

Wi-Fi mapper has a crowd-sourced map of open Wi-Fi networks in cities and countries around the world. This can reduce the headache of finding a decent open Wi-Fi network. When you open the app, it displays a small map of your area along with a list of known public Wi-Fi networks. The map can be further fine tuned using filters to narrow down the list by free or paid, whether registration is required, if the connection is time-limited, and the type of place.

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Tapping on a network listing brings up some details about it. Here you can also vote if the network is free or not, but this requires signing up for an account. You can also leave tips for other users. The app also has Foursquare integration, a popular location check-in service. This lets you see reviews and opinions of others about the venue.

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