Are you a fan of HTC One or do you own it? There is good news for you as HTC improved the functionality of this flagship by providing a software update which actually pumps up the version number to 1.29.651.10 and brings about some great improvements on the device. HTC One on Sprint is now well placed to work effectively for the users and to compete well with other flagships of the same kind.

What is the change brought about by this HTC One update?

The HTC One on Sprint update has generally made the improvement in the Back and Home key sensitivity. This has solved the minor problems that the capacitive keys below the screen had as they often don’t respond properly. The problem was caused by the touch targets that seemed not to be big enough and this made the screen not to respond effectively.

The HTC One on Sprint fixed the above problem by increasing the size of that target area so that it is big enough to provide effective sensitivity this has made it very easy to activate the features in this area and for effective functionality of the device

The update also made some significant improvement to the BlinkFeed and it also came up with a new Sprint Zone client.

Other unique features of HTC One include the following

  • This phone provides easy way of multi-tasking through its customizable home screens and deep interactivity.
  • It is also a dual mode with very reliable 3G nationwide coverage and fast 4G LTE network where available.
  • The phone can easily connect to any local Wi-Fi network at a very fast speed and GPS access across the country.
  • The audio is very perfect with rich sound for your music, movies and media. It also has an enhanced 5MP Camera with HD video where you can easily record all your victories in high definition and have perfect shots with dual cameras.
  • The device is also well equipped with 4.3 WVGA Super LCD2 Touch screens which allow you to see everything in a very vibrant display on its 4.3 inch screen.
  • With this particular phone, you are able to download apps, games, movies, music and books very easily at a very fast speed through the Android apps on the Google play. This is just a one stop shop for you to get almost everything that you need.
  • This phone is a green machine that is good at environmental performance established by the UL Environment. This makes it very unique compared to other Smartphones.


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