Update Sideloaded Android Apps
Update Sideloaded Android Apps

Android, being the super cool operating system it is, allows you to tweak and customize it according to your requirement. You can change themes, mods, ROM’s, kernels and even make it a multi-boot operating device. You can even install apps available outside of Google Play Store, thanks to APK’s (Android application package) available online. These kinds of apps are called Sideloaded Android apps.

Sideloaded Android Apps are those applications which aren’t available on Google Play Store. To use them, you have to first download their APK (Android application package) from the internet and install them manually. But the problem which generally arises is how to update Sideloaded Android Apps.

The simple reason behind why we can’t update Sideloaded Android Apps from Play Store is because they aren’t hosted by Play Store. The only option we had till now was to download the newer version of the Sideloaded app when you need a bugfix and install it manually. But the problem with this was, all our App data and settings get deleted and we have to set it again.

But now, the issue of manually updating an Android app is over. Thanks to the app called APK Updater, you will get a notification every time your Sideloaded app has an update. APK Updater generally downloads app updates from APK Pure, APK Mirror or sometimes even Google Play Store.update Sideloaded Android Apps using APK Updater

Update Sideloaded Android Apps using APK Updater

  1. Download APK Updater app from here.
  2. Install it on your device.
  3. Open APK Updater app.
  4. On the top-right corner, click on the gear icon.
  5. Now, check “skip experimental builds” option. This is to ensure that you do not download alpha or beta versions of Sideloaded Android Apps.
  6. Also, tick the “Check for updates” option and select the time interval during which you want it to check for updates of Sideloaded Apps.

That’s it! Now, APK Updater will check for new versions of Sideloaded Android Apps. After finding an update, it sends a notification. Just click on that notification to proceed. Now select the app which you want to update. You’ll be redirected to a new page from you where you can download the APK of the app which requires an update. Just download and install it and you will be running the latest version of the Sideloaded Android app.

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