Most people opt for a SIM-locked carrier branded phone due to the subsidized price that a network-locked smartphone comes with. Getting a smartphone at a lower price is really easy but once your are bound in a contract, it might create  a few hassles in certain situations. At times, you might find this sense of bondage to be irritating and frustrating. The easy installments that you pay to your network provider might feel like a big burden especially if you are not satisfied with the network availability, quality, service and plans of your carrier.

Your one self might push you forward to revolt but the other self reminds you of the chains of contract you have signed up with your carrier. In most cases you can buy a SIM-unlock code from your operator after paying a certain amount of money. Besides, you can also get your smartphone network unlocked by paying third-party company.

How would you feel if you are able to SIM-unlock your phone for free? Just imagine that sense of freedom that is free itself! At Droidviews, we do not miss any opportunity to write tutorials on topics that not only enrich the awareness and understanding of our visitors, but also help them do things that save money and spread a smile on their faces with the sense of victory at the same time.

Earlier, we brought you a couple of tutorials on unlocking a SIM-locked smartphone for free, but those guides were for a limited set of Android devices from Samsung, such as Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2. You can have a look at those tutorials by visiting the following links:

Free SIM-Unlock for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2

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Today, we shall share with you the trick to SIM-unlock another popular device, the Samsung Galaxy S4. The method has been tested successfully and found working on Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 and branded GT-I9500. Actually, there’s nothing new in this SIM-unlock method but what makes it different in Galaxy S4 case is the code to launch the service menu.

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SIM Unlock Galaxy S4 GT-I9505

Just follow the steps below to unlock your Galaxy S4. The best part of using this procedure is that the SIM unlock achieved by it is permanent and it retains even if you install the official firmware from your carrier. Take care that you do not press the Back button of your device. To go back, always tap on Menu button on phone and then select Back from the options.

Method 1

  1. Launch Service Mode on your Galaxy S4. You can do this by dialing  *#0011# on your phone’s keypad in Phone app.galaxy-s4-service-mode-code
  2. When the Service menu is launched, tap on Menu (left soft key) button on the phone and from the list of options, select Back.galaxy-s4-service-menu-1
  3. Now tap the Menu button again and select Key Input from the options. Doing this will popup a box. Tap on it, enter 1 and then press OK.
  4. Tap the Menu button once again and select Back. Doing this will take you back to the MAIN MENU of Service Mode.galaxy-s4-service-menu-2
  5. Now tap on the first option, that is, [1] UMTS.
  6. When you get into the UMTS MAIN MENU, tap on [1] Debug Screen.galaxy-s4-service-menu-0
  7. On the next screen tap [6] Phone Control.galaxy-s4-service-menu-3
  8. Under the PHONE CONTROL menu you’ll see an option called [6] Network Lock.galaxy-s4-service-menu-4
  9. On the next screen, tap on [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF.
  10. Okay, now go back to the UMTS MAIN MENU by tapping on Menu (left soft key on phone) and selecting Back from the options.
  11. When you come back to UMTS menu, tap on [6]COMMON.galaxy-s4-service-menu-6
  12. On the next screen, select [6]NV REBUILD.galaxy-s4-service-menu-7
  13. Then tap on [4]RESTORE BACK UP in the NV Rebuild menu.galaxy-s4-service-menu-8
  14. Your Galaxy S4 will now go into a temporary freezing state then you’ll see some activities. The screen will turn black, the LED will light Blue, and the Menu and Back key button on phone will turn on.

Finally, your phone will reboot automatically and it will take about a minute to boot up. Your Galaxy S4 is now SIM-unlocked! Enjoy the freedom from you carrier! To check if the unlock was successful or not, try a SIM card that is not from your carrier.


Method 2

The method given above should work on most SIM-locked GT-I9500 and GT-I9505, but if it doesn’t help you, try the Method 2 given below. Actually, all steps are the same as above but there is a slight difference.

  1. Make sure your phone has the authorized SIM card in it (the same network to which it is locked).
  2. Open your Galaxy S4’s dialer and dial *#0011#
  3. Press the Menu key (left to the Home button). You’ll see a list of options, tap on BACK.
  4. Now press the Menu again the select KEY INPUT.
  5. Tap on the text-field and  enter ” 1 “(one).
  6. Your phone should now enter SERVICE MODE MAIN MENU. If not, press Menu button and tap on BACK again.
  7. Now tap [1]UMTS
  9. Now go back to the UMTS MAIN MENU. To do this, press Menu then Back several times till you reach UMTS MAIN MENU.
  11. Your Galaxy S4 will now go through a series of unusual stages. It’ll  will freeze, the screen will turn black, LED will light in Blue, Menu and Back key will turn ON.
  12. Wait about a minute till the device reboots.

Your Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 should now be SIM-unlocked! To verify the successful


 Whether it worked for your Galaxy S4 or not, do not forget to share with us. It helps us as well as others!

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  1. Hello, I have a SAMSUNG GALAXY S4 SHV-E300K and the provider is METRO PCS.
    But I cannot use data at all. It is always 2G (I can call or text, but cannot use 4G LTE or 3G).
    Would you help me to resolve it? 🙁

  2. There are some online sites that claim to unlock phones for a fixed charge. We don’t endorse such services but you can try them.

  3. Hello
    I have a AT&T SAMSUNG S4 SGH-I337 (ANDROID 4.4.2)

  4. Hello, Rakesh. I’m using the phone well. Unlock wasn’t the problem. It was unlocked, but I had to buy a new sim card. After I bought a new sim card, it worked. Thank you.

  5. Unfortunately Samsung has patched it in the Android 4.4.4+ firmwares. Therefore, the trick will not work for you. I will look for a workaround and let you know.

  6. It’s 5.0.1. It doesn’t show anything in [6] NETWORK LOCK
    and when I enter [6] NV REBUILD [4] Restore Back-up,
    it shows

    Restored Cal/NV
    -Now, Must Reboot the Phone.-

    What’s wrong with that? Is my phone unlocked already? It’s simply about my service provider? (I’m using METRO PCS)
    Thank you Rakesh.

  7. Hello, Rakesh. My phone doesn’t have PERSO SHA256 OFF and doesn’t go to the freeze mode. Help me plz, help me. 🙁
    It’s SHV-E330L

  8. So, if you have anything newer than 4.2.2 you won´t see that option at all? If so, how would you go on without this option, I mean, If it´s even possible, thanks.

  9. se conseguiu resposta para o seu cell, me ajude eu estou com o msm problema que o seu…

  10. I can’t get past the first screen. When I type 1 for the key input, I get a screen that says “Menu not exist, press back key, current command is 111”. Pressing back does not get rid of it.

  11. You can now unlock your mobile phone to any network carrier using this online unlocker cphoneunlocker. com! i got my phone unlocked for free! The unlocking process was easy and the step by step guide emailed to me! i hope i helped you!:

  12. ANSWER:
    Step 1 – Hit menu, then “back”
    Step 2 – Hit menu, then key input, INSTEAD of entering “1” enter “Q1” with a capital Q. this worked for me. Still, PERSO SHA256 on/off is still missing, this is because it has been disabled for 4.2.2 and later (might still work on 4.2.2 but not sure since I’m at 4.4). About to try downgrading firmware. GOOD LUCK!!!

  13. I’ve tried the method but there is no SHA256 On/Off optinon. S4 gt-i9505 Lollipop 5.0.1 locked to smart Philippines..Is downgrading my phone to 4.2.2 gonna help me solve this?

  14. I’ve been trying both method 1 & 2 but couldn’t pass through the 1st hurdle. Once I get to service mode, nothing happens after that cannot pass through the 1st hurdle. I have tried to get the sim code from an reputable company but he fails to supply me even the code & he has returned my money. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Sam

  15. Just for the record…I added Jelly Bean apps, cuz accordin to another site it wouldnt work otherwise….try adding the apps and gl… let me know i f it still does not work

  16. Not in my knowledge at least, or I would have told you about it. There are some websites that sell SIM unlock codes for various devices. You can search the web.

  17. It works, gets me to the full menu, however the SHA256 On/Off options are missing, only option 1 Info is available.
    Any ideas?

  18. *#0011#

    Menu > Back
    Menu > keyInput “Q”
    Menu > keyInput “0000”
    Wait for few seconds
    try this

  19. Hi i tried it on 4.2.2 and still nothign everytime i used the mthod 2 i pressed back and no menu

  20. hi when i try the unlocking method 2 and i put the key input and wrtie 1 nothing happens it doest takes me to the service menu, is there any method my phone has 4.2.2 and is a samsung i337

  21. Havn same issue with IMEI CERTI: NA what does this mean.also after typing in key input “1” it says menu not exist, press back key, current command 1111 im lost.i thort it was my sim unlock pin and tried it, but no and I have 1 attempt

  22. Well that was stupid of me as i accidentally hit the post button before finishing. Anyway to continue my message below after looking in the service menu i noticed in there that it shows IMEI CERTI: NA and for the life of me i cannot find anywhere online what that means or if it’s going to affect anything? The IMEI was checked and is clean and not blacklisted or anything. Anyone know what the IMEI CERTI: NA means?

  23. If anyone could please help i would greatly appreciate it! I bought a used unlocked Galaxy S4 SGH-i337 off of ebay last week and i was checking it out etc and decided to dial in the service code *#0011#

  24. Any tips on unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini I9195?

    If follow this post: form the UMTS Menu (118611) I only have one option under NETWORK LOCK: “[1] PERSO SHA256Info” and if I select that, it shows SHA256_ENABLE_FLAG [1] but it seems not to be changeable to [0].

    Also “NV REBUILD” menus options NV BACKUP and RSTORE say: “Backup is Not Support Please use AT cmd”!

  25. I have unlocked my S4 galaxy gt-19505. now I am back in London it doesn’t work for 3 network ( no sim). how can I use for 3. or may be reverse the unlock.

  26. Is there a way to unlock without an authorized SIM card in it?? I got one i9500 but no working sim card. Tried what was done in the article, tried rooting the device, uploading differents basebands versions, differents builds, but could not unlock the dam phone!!!!!

  27. Hi My S4 GT-19500 from Saudi Arabia its not working, pleas can anyone help me to get unlock code for this

  28. I had the same issue, then after little research found the way to unlock with the help of unlocking codes, bought the code and unlocked in simple steps.

  29. Yup i buy code from them (safeunlock). Entire transaction was completed in less then 5 minutes and much cheaper then other sites I inquired.

  30. when i write the code (*#0011#) nothing not happen (method 1). i need sim for this? or it’s the problem of my galaxy s4 i9500?

  31. There is a way for everything but the thing you wish is almost impossible for average users. There are some special tools for that.

    The success of unlocking method given above also depends on firmware versions and device models.

  32. I have tried and tried to find a way to unlock a Sprint SGS4 (SPH-L720) and I cannot find a way, I have tried this method so many times and it seems like it does something but nothing happens, it keeps coming back stating that I have netered an invalid SIM card after I swap it from the Original Sprint SIM. I have tried 4 different Carriers, T-mobile, AT&T, Smart Mobile and Cricket. Is there a way I can just change the entire phone to have a different model? like for example wipe the entire system and have it just put like the AT&T version of a SGS4 or something like that? Of course I have to back up my IMEI/ESN and stuff to copy it over but is it possible, although I might not need it since I just want to work with it with a SIM.

  33. I buySamsung Galaxy S4 GT I9505 , but it is locked, i am searching for unlcok code. Is it will be appropriate to buy code from ?

  34. It’s hopeless then.. there’s no other way? Even if i restored my phone to factory settings?

  35. What intrigues me is that i accessed it before but it didn’t work so i’m trying to do it again but i just can’t pass step 3.. i auto-updated my phone twice do you think the update has to do with it? Thanks

  36. Hi, i tried this method before and it did not work so i’m trying to do it again but for some reason i cannot access the main menu.
    I keyed in *#0011# then tap menu>back>menu>key input>keyed in 1 then tap ok
    but nothing happened..
    do you have any idea why? i really want to unlock my phone.. thanks

  37. Sweet, worked on my UK 3 I9505!
    Note:Even if this doesn’t work for you, you WON’T brick your phone. At least I don’t think so 😉

  38. after step 10 ) Tap [6]COMMON> [6]NV REBUILD> [4]RESTORE BACK Up it says back-up not exist [first,you must make back-up by using [3] menu].

  39. Tried both methods.. two comments… did not work 🙁 and really not able to find that “slight” difference… can you point out please?

  40. tried it over and over again, but what i noticed is that an “ERROR” flashes on the left top part of the screen before the phone reboots, might be that this “error” causing the problem why i can’t do a successful unlock..
    btw, the baseband version is MDM

  41. and on the last step #13, i noticed, on the NV rebuild,
    instead of the same as the screen shot you posted, that should state–>Golden-Backup Exist
    you can restore cal/nv,

    i got this insted–>
    Golden-Backup not exist
    you can not use [4][5]menu

  42. i tried it again and checked the SHA256 status and this is what i got–>
    SHA256_OFF=>Not Change

    does this mean i wasn’t able to unlock it?

  43. tried it with a globe locked s4 GT-l9505 and it wouldn’t work 🙁
    still asking for a sim unlock password.
    followed all the steps very carefully but can not make it work 🙁

  44. I have the GT-I9505 but the above instructions did not work. It still asks for the sim unlock password when I restart the phone with a none network SIM

  45. It has been tested on branded GT-I9500 and I9505 so far. I do not have any of the US variants. However, there is no harm in trying it on the devices you mentioned. Let me know.

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