The LG G Flex is an innovative smartphone in its own right but, like most other phones from LG or other OEMs, it comes loaded with a lot of stock apps pre-installed. Most of such apps are commonly referred to as bloatware. It’s true that many of these system apps play role in the overall performance of the device. The very fact, however, cannot be denied that after using the new device for some time, the users lose interest in them.

Nobody wants his/her  phone’s app drawer to be populated with icons of the apps that are of no significant use. Such apps not only crowd the app drawer, but they also occupy a big portion of the phone’s internal storage, keep eating RAM and battery by running in the background. Since the LG G Flex does support expandable memory slot, the concern for deleting the useless bloat apps becomes more feasible.

If you have already got hold of the LG G Flex and, having checking it out for a while, are now planning to get rid of the apps that are of no use to you, we are here to help you. To save you from being confused about what apps to delete, we have prepared a list of apps that can be safely removed from the device.

Safe to Remove Apps on G Flex

  • LGSystemSaver (Activates QuickView window if you have a QuickView case)
  • Voice Mate (LG “Siri”)
  • Maluuba QVoice Interface 1.3.4q
  • QVoice Engine 4.1605.36624R (Required by Voice Mate)
  • QVoice Speech Pack 4.0100.33464
  • AAT 4.2.2
  • Answer Me 1.0 (Answers phone when put to ear)
  • App Updates 4.0.80
  • Camera test 1.0.14
  • CloudHub 1.20.12
  • Code Scanner
  • DriveMode
  • ELTest 1.0
  • Favorite Contacts-Widget 4.1.4
  • Family App
  • GNSS-Air=Test 4.2.2..
  • GnssTest
  • Google Backup Transport 4.2.2-612687
  • Goolge Play Books 2.8.61
  • Google Play Magazines 2.0.0
  • Google Play Movies & TV 2.4.14
  • Google Play Music 5.0.1041J.689753
  • Google+
  • HotSpots
  • Key Chain 4.22
  • Kindle for Android
  • LG Backup
  • LG GNSS-1.0
  • LG Intelligent Agent 0.6.1
  • LG MLT 2.4.7
  • LG TTS+
  • LG VPN 2.6.1
  • LGATCMD-Service 4..80ZV7..
  • LGInstallService 4.0.70
  • LGSearchWidgetProivder 4.0.6
  • LGSetupWizard 4.3.019
  • Life Square 4.0.28
  • Life Square Log Manager 2.5.42
  • Locker
  • MirrorLink Cert Test – 80ZV7.1378543552
  • Mobile print 1.1.101
  • Mobile TV
  • Navigator
  • NextRadio1.0
  • Notebook 4.0.21
  • Pico TTS 1.0
  • Plug & Pop 4.2.16
  • POLARIS Office View 5.5.0.x
  • Qualcomm IZat 1.0
  • Ready2Go
  • Shutdown Monitor 80ZV7
  • SmartShare-Beam 1.045
  • SmartShareProvider 1.0.14
  • Smart Wi-Fi
  • Task Manager 4.0.15
  • Text Link 4.3.13
  • Text Link Engine 1.6.6
  • TextTranslator 4.1.10
  • The Little Prince 3.0.18
  • Update Center 4.0.60
  • Video Editor 4.0.70
  • Video Trim 4.0.19
  • VMWare Ready 1.3.2
  • VPNDialogs 4.2.2.L.80ZV7.1378543552
  • VUTalk 4.0.33
  • Widevine Keybox Test 80ZV7.1378543552
  • YPmobile

Remove Bloats on LG G Flex

Remove Bloats on LG G Flex


  • Please note that to be able to remove bloats on LG G Flex, you need to have root access on your device. If you have not rooted you LG G Flex yet, please root your phone before proceeding. You can use our one-click root tutorial here.
  • Besides root access, you will have to install a root file explorer device too. We recommend you to install Root Browser app: 
    File Explorer Root Browser Price: Free


Before deleting any system/bloat apps from your LG G Flex, it is highly recommended that you backup app apps/files before deleting.

How to Remove Bloats Using Root Browser:

  1. Open the root file browser app and grant it SuperUser permission when prompted.
  2. Navigate to system/app directory, press and hold the app that you want to remove and select the Delete option.
  3. To delete several apps simultaneously, tap the Multi-Sel option icon in Root Browser’s bottom bar and then start selecting the apps. When you are done, tap the Delete icon and confirm deletion.

Uninstall System Apps Using Root Apps:

There is yet another convenient way of uninstalling bloat apps from your LG G Flex. You can find many apps at the Play Store that can help you the job done pretty easily and safely. Here are some good system app uninstaller apps:

System app remover (root needed) Price: Free
Sorry, this app is not available!
Sorry, this app is not available!

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