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Frankly speaking, I did not want to write the tip on deleting the cal-log as it is supposed to one of the easiest things for any user but, at the same time, I also believe that terms like “easy” and “difficult” are relative things and depend on the level of user’s awareness. I got the idea to write on the topic from the search queries directed to the blog and therefore I decided to cover this topic for those who have not been able to find the option to delete the single, multiple or complete call-log entries from their Android device.

There is nothing complicated about deleting the call log on Android or any other platform for smartphones and if are willing to dig into the settings options on any phone or app, you can easily find the solution to most of your problems.

Anyways, here is our easy little tip on deleting call log on your Android phone or tablets with calling facility.

Delete Call-log on Android (Single/ Multiple/ All)

On Samsung Galaxy Devices:

To delete single or multiple call log entries on Samsung Galaxy devices, just tap and hold a call log item, select the items you want to delete and then tap the Delete option on the top-right corner of the screen.

However, if you want to clear the whole call log history, open Phone, tap MORE option on the right-left corner of the screen and select Delete option. You’ll then see ALL option on the left side. Check the box and then tap the DELETE option found on the top-left.


On Nexus Devices:

If you have a Motorola phone belonging to the Moto E, G, X or Z series, you can clear the call log as follows:

  1. Open Phone app.
  2. Tap the 3-dot icon on the top search bar.
  3. Tap Call history.
  4. And then select Clear call history.


On HTC Devices:

If you have an HTC device and you wish to delete call log entries, open Phone> Call History and tap on the 3 dot menu icon on the top left corner. Select “Remove call history” option.


On Motorola Devices:

On the older Motorola phones, you can delete the call log by doing as described: open Phone> Recent> press Options, and select Clear list.

If you have a Motorola phone belonging to the Moto E, G, X or Z series, you can clear the call log as follows:

  1. Open Phone app.
  2. Tap the 3-dot icon on the search bar.
  3. Tap Call history.
  4. And then select Clear call history.


If you have an Android device from any manufacturer, the option to delete the call log must be there. Just find that and delete it.

On Xiaomi Devices:

If you own a phone by Xiaomi, you can clear the call history by simply tapping and holding the call log screen and selecting the Delete Call History option from the panel that pops up. To delete individual entries from the call log, tap the Delete Batch option and then select the call log entries you want to remove.

So, this was our short tutorial (if it really is) and we hope it would help those who have just set out on their journey with Android. For more useful tips, tricks and stuff for your device, visit our Tips and Tricks Section.

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  1. I have a Motorola x and I have already MANY TIMES gone through that series, ending with “OK” when asked if I want to clear call history . . . but it doesn’t clear the history. I tried rebooting the phone too afterwards and all the calls are still there,

  2. My Samsung call log screen has no menu on it nor a recycle bin. Nothing but the log. Therefore no delete option is visible and nowhere to dump to anyway. And if and when I somehow discover them … how do I permanently delete? Please help

  3. Any app that will do a select deletion or deleting all records of one particular person?

  4. Can you please tell me how to delete call logs permanently from mobile so no one can recovered it. And please suggest any mobile application that permanently erase call logs

  5. Such simple method doesn’t completely erase the call history or other data from the Android phone, they still be easily recovered by some data recovery app. I recommend using Safewiper Android data eraser app to completely erase everything from your phone without restore.

    Just try Safewier Android data eraser app.

  6. Did all the steps, it continues to show the same message when i try to delete contacts

  7. Try resetting date and time in settings and reboot the device. Also, go to settings >applications and clear cache for contacts app and reboot the device.

  8. Admin, i have a Samsung S4, from past two days i observe call log does not store any details, all it shows is the log before 2days not the latest one. When i try to delete log all or one it throws up a message “Unfortunately, Contacts Has Stopped” . Do you know the cause and fix for this issue i am facing?

  9. On the Android your answer didn’t answer my issue. I have 45 days worth of “Recrnt” calls. I want to delete all the ones from certain people and keep the rest. Your method only addresses all recents or one at a time but not multiple logs for e same contact. I don’t want to delete the contact, just the recent calls to and from at contact.

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