Whenever we think of a custom recovery tool for Android, the only names that strike our minds are ClockworkMod and TWRP. The development of the first, and for years the only, custom recovery is one of greatest phenomena in the world of Android. We would always be thankful to great developers like Koush and Chainfire who made Android so enjoyable and so full of adventures. They simply unlocked the real potential of our devices.

Just imagine what it would have been like if there were no custom ROMs or mods! Very boring, indeed! The screenshots of the early editions of CWM recovery show that though it made custom activity colorful, its own look was boring and the features it had were limited. As time passed this old chap was blessed with a bunch of more advanced features and touch support too, but the one thing that did not change was it dull look. Today, there are some developers like PhilZ, for example, who are striving hard to add more functionalities to CWM and make it more beautiful too.

However, the idea of an elegant looking custom recovery with enhanced features hit first with the arrival of a new recovery tool from the TeamWin Recovery Project. TWRP utilizes the big screens of Android smartphones in a beautiful way. To prevent the mishaps done by accidental touches, it features a beautiful slider to confirm an action before actually performing it.

Do You Really Understand TWRP Recovery?

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There are so many things to be loved about TWRP and if you have this recovery installed on your device, today we’ve come with a great app called TWRP manager that makes using your custom recovery very easy. I say easy because you do not have to even boot your device into recovery mode. It means no turning off, no tyranny on the poor hard keys. You can use all the features of TWRP right on your device in normal mode.


TWRP Manager can perform tasks like installing, backing up, restore, and wiping your device all using TWRP. This utilizes the OpenRecovery Script to complete these actions. The app is available for free at the market.

TWRP Manager (Requires ROOT) Price: Free

Now, this is really a very useful app for those who frequently use the recovery. It saves a lot of time and pain while you perform common things using recovery. We hope you like this app and if you do why not share your thoughts with us!


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