Google Maps, it’s what you use when you’re in a jam (literally). The app’s ability to show you the way as well as any pertinent information relevant to your current location as well as your destination and everything in between has boosted it to the top of charts when it comes to map apps. As great as it is, yet another feature is about to be made available, and it promises to be at the very least as equally useful as were the previous ones.

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The new Google Maps feature will allow you to investigate the availability of parking spaces in an area. Whether we’re talking about someone that is going home and want to know if they’re going to have to circle the block a couple times, or someone that is going to work or even on vacation, parking spaces are always an important factor for drivers. And yes, this feature will be driver-focused, but if you’re ever in the need of information regarding parking spaces as a non-driver, you’ll now have that available in Google Maps.

It appears that the feature is currently being tested on the beta version of Maps. To be more specific, we’re talking about Google Maps 9.44, and the feature itself was discovered by AndroidPolice while trying to search for directions. Note that you have to search for driving directions, which is pretty logical given the nature of the information you receive.

An icon with the letter P will mark the places where parking is available, and the availability of empty parking slots in that particular spots will be depicted using multiple colors (blue-red).

Users will be able to get such information for various point of interest types as well as public locations such as malls or tourist beacons.

When this feature goes live, we can expect Maps users to benefit from a large increase in time saved due to the fact that they aren’t required to spend ridiculous amounts of time looking for a parking spot. It is not yet known when Google Maps 9.44 will be made available, but since it’s already on beta should mean that it won’t take a lot.

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