Note 5 has recently been launched and developers have already found ways to root and mod the Note 5. Sshafranko, A Senior member at XDA-Developers have brought a mod that will let you enjoy Surround Sound on Note 5. However, this is only for one specific variant TMO Galaxy Note 5 Build AOGE.

This Surround Sound mod involves changes to the mixer_paths and mixer_gains.xml files found in System/etc of your device. The developer has successfully tested the mod on his TMO Note 5 Build AOGE. So if you are expecting it to work on all variants or want to test it on your variant, then you may proceed with your own risk. This requires root access as the xml files need to be replaced into the core system.

However, there is another process through which you can achieve the Surround Sound; and that is flashing the provided zip file, which contains the mod, using a custom recovery. the developer has recommended TWRP by Manh_IT as he has successfully used it to install the mod. If you would like Surround Sound on your TMO Note 5 then here is a guide that will help you achieve it.


  • Rooted TMO Galaxy Note 5 Build AOGE.
  • Installed Custom Recovery like TWRP. TWRP Manh_IT recommended. This is required if you follow Method 2.

DisclaimerRooting your device may void your device’s warranty. DroidViews Team is not responsible for any damages to your device. If you brick your device, we won’t be held responsible. Reader’s discretion is advised. 

Backup all your files before you proceed. It is highly recommended that you backup before you install anything using a custom recovery.

Surround Sound on TMO Galaxy Note 5

Download Section

  • Download | Modded Surround Sound zip (
  • Download | Original Surround Sound zip (

#Method 1: Replacing the .xml files

  • Download the TMO_N5_ file from the Download Section.
  • Extract the zip file to get the two xml files (mixer_paths.xml and mixer_gains.xml).
  • Go to System/Etc, and you will already see the original (mixer_paths.xml and mixer_gains.xml) files in your Note 5 device. Copy them or rename those files with a .bak or similar extension, so that you will have a backup if you want to revert back to stock. In short, have a backup of the original files.
  • Now Place the two modded .xml files from the zip in the same System/Etc folder
  • Reboot the device.

#Method 2: Flash the files using TWRP recovery (TWRP by Manh_IT)

  • Download the TMO_N5_ file from the Download Section.
  • Place the zip file into the Internal Memory of your device or device’s storage.
  • Reboot to TWRP Recovery.
  • Tap Install and select the location of the zip file.
  • Once successful, Reboot to System.

To go back to the stock sound mod, download and install the Original Stock zip ( file from the Download Section. According to your method go through the same procedures again. For more support and to ask the developer for support for your variant, get to the original thread on XDA. Let us know about your experience via comments.

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