We spend a lot of time before getting a new device for ourselves. We compare various devices that come under our budget, read reviews, consider things, reconsider and then buy what appears to be the best device. For the first few weeks, everything seems to be fine, but having used a phone for a longer time and staring over the same user interface, we begin to get bored of it and start looking for something new and fresh. However nice phone one might own, and however happy one might be with it, no one can claim that he/she have never desired to have the features or goodies from some other device on his/her own. The following line by John Keats nice describes human nature: “We look before and after, and pine for what is not.”

Samsung Galaxy users might grudge about the poor performance on Samsung’s TouchWiz UX but, at the same time, it’s also a truth that TW is one the most versatile UI’s if we overlook its lagging performance. At DroidViews, we specialize in mods and ports for Android devices and the popularity of posts like these is a proof of how people using non-Samsung Android phones pine to have the TouchWiz launcher and weather widget. Just a few days back, we shared a port of the Galaxy S4 TW launcher for all Android phones with Jelly Bean.

Today, it’s time to get ready for a greater surprise— something that is more awesome, and something you’ll definitely love and enjoy! Yes, the Galaxy S4 and Note 3’s lockscreen has now been ported to work on all Android devices which have Android 4.0 or above, regardless of your OEM or the ROM you use. The news will sound even more pleasant to many of our users who do not have a rooted device, as the port can be installed as a simple app from the Play Store.


Galaxy S4 Lockscreen app is as perfect in looks and feel as an imitation can be. I tested this app on my HTC One and compared the lockscreen effects with those of Galaxy S4. Tell you what, I was completely surprised to notice the similarity. The look, the sounds and the effects are so amazing! The lockscreen app comes with a big bunch of options that allow you choose from lockscreen effects like Galaxy S3’s ripple effect, S4’s light effect, Note 3’s ink effect and a few more custom effects.


Apart from the options for lockscreen type and effect, the app also lets you set personal message on the lockscreen and statusbar transparency, and customize things like wallpaper, font, clock size, etc. It also lets you add five app shortcuts on the lockscreen. Galaxy S4 Lockscreen also supports notifications for missed calls and new text messages. The performance is smooth enough and looks simply impressive! If you love the lockscreen of Galaxy S4 and Note 2/3, you would love this app too. Do not forget to give it a shot!


Sorry, this app is not available!

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