For the past few weeks, Samsung has been busy with sending Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update to a number of devices like Galaxy Grand, Tab 2 7.0, Note 8.0, Galaxy S2 Plus and some others too. The Android 4.2.2 update has now made its way to another device. If you have the 3G+WiFi version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 with model number GT-P5100, it”s now your turn to enjoy an all new version of Android with TouchWiz topping. The new firmware with baseband version XXDMH1 has finally starting rolling out to the users of Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5100in France.

The update is already being pushed via Samsung Kies and on-device OTA update feature. We would like to tell our users that though this firmware is meant for the users of the device in France, it can be installed on any unbranded Tab 2 10.1 GT-P5100 whether you belong to France or some other part of the globe.


If you own this second generation of tablet device with 10.1″ screen, you can now enjoy a host of new features and improvements on it. The Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean firmware update for GT-P5100 brings some nice features with it. Here are a few of them:

  • New lockscreen with multi-pages and widget support.
  • Revamped notification panel with Quick Settings page.
  • Daydream feature
  • Tabbed user interface in device Settings panel
  • New version of S Voice app
  • Improved TouchWiz
  • Many others


If you wish to get this update on your Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 (3G+WiFi) GT-P5100, download the firmware file from below and install it manually. We will keep adding new firmwares for other countries too as they arrive.

How to Install:

You can find the detailed instructions to install this firmware here. Having updated your tablet to this firmware, do not forget to share your experience with us. Thanks!


  1. Hi, my P5100 can’t access to download mode when pressing power + Volume down button. It’s keep boot-looping. Kindly assist. Thanks!

  2. Hey Rakesh. I bought my tab in Namibia but I am in Russia now. Model GT-P5100, android 4.0.4, baseband P5100XXLH4, wifi only. How should I update, please assist.

  3. the web refused downloading because its not allowed in my country do you have another suitable link??
    thank you

  4. No problem with English but does it mean this firmware is 4.2.2 jelly bean and that is all.. Thank you for your fast reply and sorry for asking a lot…

  5. Hellow
    My tap samsung galaxy tap2 10.1 p5100xxlf2 android 4.0.4 from egypt what is the version could be available ?. And if any thing wrong happend while i am installing the new version how could i return to ICS again
    .thank you..

  6. Hi,
    I have Samsung Ggalaxy tab 2 10.1 , and with baseball version p5100xxle3, Android 4.0.4 and i am from Serbia.Do you know is newer version of Android available at my country? Thanks so much!!

  7. Hi,
    Is it possible to upload it to some another file hosting site or as torrent, Im facing lot of problem to download from rapidgator.

  8. As you say you can use different SIM cards, your device is not SIM-locked. Download and install any firmware that has not the name of a carrier associated with it.

  9. Thanks Rakesh. How do one check if a phone is locked to a network? I have the exact brand you answered about. I can change the SIM I use to any network if I wish. Is that what you meant?
    Thank in advance.

  10. Sir, I’m in Nigeria and I have.3g/WiFi GT-P5100, 4.0.4, baseband version P5100XXLH4, Kernel Version 3.0.8-1060237 [email protected]#1, Builder IMM76D.P5100XXBLH5. Pls help me to download JB 4.2.2.

  11. Dear Sir i would like to ask I am here in Qatar and need English Version of this 4.2.2 update

    I have model number gt-5100 android version of 4.0.3 basebandP5100XXld7 kernel version [email protected] #1 Build number IML74K.P5100XWALD7 need your help for this thanks in advance

  12. Hi

    I have Samsung GT-P5100 tablet 10.1 inch
    Android Version: 4.0.4
    Baseband Version: P5100XXLE4
    Kernel Ver: 3.0.8-694194-user
    [email protected] #1
    SMP PREEMPT Fri Jun 8 20:25:40 KST 2012
    Build Number: IMM76D.P5100XWBLF1

    Sim free

    Which one should I install?

    Thank you?

  13. Thank you so much friends, I have made ​​in vietnam, i have to download what country?

  14. Hi Mr. Rakesh,
    I have Samsung GT-P5100 tablet 10.1 inch
    Android Version: 4.0.4
    Baseband Version: P5100XXLE3
    Kernel Ver: 3.0.8-583334-user
    [email protected] #1
    SMP PREEMPT Thu May 17 22:10:30 KST 2012
    Build Number: IMM76D.P5100XXBLE3

    Kies is saying that this is the latest frimware for my device

    How can i upgrade to the latest android version for this device ?

  15. Hello Mr. Rakesh,
    which one support Arabic language ?
    i’m worry that i download any one of those but it wont be supporting Arabic language, can you help me out please?

    Thank you in Advance !

  16. Thnx but my internet is not working on it . Web pages not loading Apps not using my wifi ! Shld show it to samsung or intstall this firmware!

  17. Does it require Root access? Is it a custom mod or is it official? I live Nigeria which one should I choose!

  18. My internet stopped working I have Jellybean 4.1.2. It happened to me before also when I had 4.0.4 ICS. I dont yet have that 4.2.2 Jelly Bean.

  19. hi , i just bought zebronics zebpad 7t100 , with ics 4.0.4 version, how do i upgrade to jelly bean , as the company says they still dont have updgrade.

  20. which one of those has full arabic support and why that stupid company forget the Middle east?

  21. Hi, I have a Chinese (original)P5100. I upgraded to 4.1.2 recently from a Chinese Rom, not knowing there was no Google apps in Chinese firmwares. What can I do?

  22. Thanks for replying and taking action so soon. I managed to download and successfully install the Australian firmware. I wanted to install the UK or Italy version sine I’m from Malta (Europe) and thought the different region wouldbhave adverse effects. However I am happy to report my satisfaction with the firmware. All thanks to your tutorial! So much better than taking the rooting route too many apps and processes and risks involved!

  23. I noticed that P5110 is the WIFI firmware. Please change the links to redirect to the correct firmware download for 3G + WIFI. I am now downloading the Australia version of P5100. Hopefully I will be able to upgrade once more and utilise the mobile data facility.

  24. Hi I just successfully upgraded using the UK BTU version. However, I cannot locate ‘Mobile Data’!! Cannot switch it on, cannot find it in settings… nothing!!! I also noticed that since the upgrade the model number has changed in settings… its shows as GT-P5110, whereas it was GT-P5100 prior to updating. HELP 🙁

  25. Hi iam mohamed i live in egypt

    Galaxy GT-P5100 Tab 2.10

    build number:Imm76D.P5100XWBLF3

    baseband version:P5100XXlf2


    Which firmware could I use?

    thank YOu

  26. Hi Rakesh,
    I live in Cyprus, Greece and I have Samsung Galaxy GT-P5100 Tab 2.10
    Build Number: IML74K.P5100XWALE1
    Baseband Version: P5100XXLD7
    Android: 4.0.3
    Which firmware could I use?
    Thank you in advance

  27. I wanted to install new firmware by Odin but my Windows 8.1 doesn’t recognize my tablet.

    I installed both Kies and Samsung Drivers but not any promising results, I also tried to connect my tablet to 2 other computer which were run by Windows 8,7 but again the same problem is there something wrong with my tablet ? or if I factory reset my tablet will there be a chance for my computer to recognize it ?
    (Windows Device and Printer also can’t find my tablet)

  28. Is there a problem if I’m in Ecuador this affects the 3g of my country or I operate normally when you make calls and send text messages with the company of my country.

    also would like to know what are the languages ​​that brings this firmware

  29. Bro…. how to unroot my tab2 10.1 gt_p5100 ..yesterday i root my tab works fine but i running ics only …i need to update my firmware to jellybean and root again do you have any solution… to runnung my tab to jelly bean…plz..thanks rakesh

  30. Thanks a lot for this post! Just updated my Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 to jelly bean! All works fine with this french version. I even have my native language (russian) on device 🙂

  31. Actually i don’t have any problems, infact i can’t imagine myself using lithuanian language on my devices at all 😀
    Thanks for the fast reply

  32. Model: GT-P5100
    Android version: 4.0.3
    Baseband version: P5100XXDL7
    Build number: IML74K.P5100XWALD7
    Location: Lithuania
    Will JB 4.2.2 be available in Lithuania, or can i just slap on French one and i wont feel the difference?

  33. Hi, you can directly jump to 4.2.2 without any issues. As for the OTA update issue, I think it is a CSC mismatch issue that is preventing the update.

    Android 4.2.2 is the last major update for the Tab 2 and do not think you’ll have to ever bother for more updates.

  34. Now my samsung tab 2 10.1 { GT-P5100 } is running on android ICS ( 4.0.1), will there be a problem if directly update it to JB ( 4.2.2 )?, Let me tell you my tab doesn’t asks me for any update automatically, ever going manually ( Setting > About Device > Software update > update ), Stated me ” No update available “.I also tried to updating it using KIES ( using usb driver ), it states ” GT-P5100 does not support initialising “.

    I just want an official way to update my tab to JB.So disparately waiting for your suggestion.

  35. Hi,
    cant download it from hotfile source file too large ;(
    plz give me another source like torrent thanks in advance

  36. Hi Rakesh
    i just bought galaxy tab 210.1 (wifi + 3G) and not able to update via kies
    plz tell me can i install this update manually..

  37. Go to Settings> About> Software update and disable all options.
    Also, go to Settings> Applications> All> Software Update, tap it and select Disable and Force Stop.

  38. My Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 downloaded a file which I assume is the 4.2.2 upgrade and keeps asking if I want to install it. I don’t. Can I get rid of the annoying message and make sure that I keep running the earlier software my tablet shipped with?

  39. I do not agree with you. There are certain apps that do not run if the device is rooted. Though you will update your device manually, you should be aware that it is official.

  40. Does an update over Odin crush your original android license serial nr or not, I am now running 4.0 and the local Samsung organisation does not offer any further updates for Galaxy Tab2 ; I am asking this because there seems to be certain applications that will no longer run if you are using self-flashed updates

  41. It is a horrible update. It is laggy and looks unfinished. I have been searching how to downgrade…

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