So guys, after a long array of rumors, grudges from users and 3 versions of leaked firmwares, Samsung has finally started rolling out the long-awaited Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update to the craving users of the Galaxy Note 2. As you all know Samsung had to stop the already released Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S3 and then the company decided to postpone the update for Note 2 due to some performance issues. Just the day before yesterday, Sammobile released a leaked firmware which seemed pretty stable in performance, indicating that Samsung is ready to push this update to the second generation of its phablet device.

Well, we were not surprised when today some users reported getting a new software update notification. The manufacturer keep sending little incremental updates at regular intervals, but when we noticed the size of the OTA (about 700MB), we were sure that it is the special updated for which we had been waiting for ages. Yes, it’s the first major update for the Galaxy Note 2 after about ten months.


Anyway, the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy Note 2 model number GT-N7100 has finally started rolling out and this time the users of the device in India would feel lucky to get this update first. The new update is really big but the users who are under the apprehension that it will bring some cool features like the new lockscreen, weather widget and S Pen features from Note 3, might feel disappointed.

That is not to say that the new update does not come with new features at all. There is still a big list of changes and improvements that you will be entitle to enjoy after updating your device to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

  • New lockscreen with multi-page and widget support
  • New calculator
  • New video player, S Voice, Group Play, S Planner, Music Player, Gallery, Samsung Keyboard, Calculator
  • Some new icons
  • New music player with old icon
  • Display enhancement tweaks: text looks sharper and the screen more vivid
  • KNOX
  • New tabbed UI in Settings
  • Daydream
  • New Quick Settings page available in Notification panel
  • Galaxy S4 Ringtones
  • ANT+ Support
  • TRIM support
  • Galaxy Gear support
  • Driving mode
  • Move Apps to SD feature
  • Sound and Shot feature in Camera
  • Voice control feature like S4
  • Faster UI experience
  • Many others

Download Android 4.3 Firmware for Note 2:

The firmware below is officially meant for India but because it an unbranded version, it can be installed on any Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 that is not SIM-locked. More firmwares will be added below when they are available.



How to Install:

To install this firmware on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2, follow the instructions give at this guide.


  1. Yup.. They had improved the S-pen function.
    1. N5 had improved the Air-Command (I wish the name is right) -upon when you take out the SPen, the air command will be immediately activated. You just like holding a notepad for you to draw whatever you want.
    2. N5 also have off screen memory. You can write down whatever you want on the screen and save immediately…
    3. Print screen improvement, you can printscreen the whole long pages into one!

  2. One of the main feature you can play around is the Note 5 – Spen
    It seem like they had made the Spen into more advance.

  3. I have been waiting for Note 5 all this while but then when the specs were out, no expendable storage and no battery replacement were a disappointment to me (most of Note lovers I think) + also dun know whether lollipop is stable or not. Many new OS always come with problem..

  4. I also had just gone through this new feature in N5….
    can broadcast video directly from phone….

  5. Samsung had just announced that they will bring in Note 5 to Malaysia by next week. It seen like quiet a good news to me. I am pretty impressed with the N5 function.

  6. I heard this Lolipop 5 will be like Mini Window on the phone. You can minimize the window as you want into one site. And open another window from another side. I guess this is the main feature.

  7. It depends how you look as it. With the external memory is no longer important to me anymore. Well.. as what I have to say you can connect your memory to OTC USB port to connect into USB.. is even better compare with SD card. Further more, most of the feature can upload directly to google drive. I guess it is even safer than you have SD card. Phone lost all lost.. so sad.

  8. In fact, I personally not really keen about N5.. if you ask me, I still perfer still to N4. there are few feature in N5 had lost.. such as memory card and also not removeable battery is really a falldown in N5. Further more when N5 come in for sure N4 price is super drop. Good time to buy N4.

  9. Jelly Bean out dated already lol…now Note 5 is using Lolipop 5.1.1 already. According to the review, it is more user friendly than Jelly Bean

  10. Anyone have any idea about Samsung Galaxy Note 5 that had recently launched .. dun know what sort of Android version this phone is using.. damn hyper about Note 5…

  11. Screen Mirroring has stopped working on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 after updating to android 4.3. Although Samsung has provided with Screen Mirroring Patch to fix the problem but the patch is not patching and the problem still remains. Even resetting the device to Factory Default is not solving any problem. If someone has solution to this, please update.

  12. after the update to 4.3 if the application will be the same as S.Note note 3 and the weather also changes?

  13. Ok thank you…samsung is so slow in rolling out updates. One year has passed and we have still not get the update.

  14. Hi the update is already being served and it should not taking much time to reach your country. If you do not want to wait, you can install the firmware for India.

  15. When will the firmware for GREECE-EUR(europe) be out??…can i install this indian version?

    my base band version is N7100XXDMF1

  16. can i install this update on my note 2 n7100
    im from saudi arabia
    all the time saudi arab is late samsung update roll

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