Nobody uses a smartphone as it comes to him/her in its out-of-the-box state. As soon as we get a device, we begin customizing it according to our preferences. Such basic customization includes, applying wallpapers, changing ringtones, playing with device settings to our requirements. Live wallpapers, widgets and launchers are the most popular things among Android users for giving their device a new look.

The ultimate customization on Android devices, however, can be achieved only after rooting it. If you have root access on your device, you can modify and replace the system elements through custom mods and ROMs. It is by following this course that you can customize an Android device the best way possible.

If you have rooted your device, you can install custom mods, custom framework like Xposed and ROMs.You can even enjoy modified apps from other Android devices. At DroidViews, we have a great repository of such apps and mods in our Downloads section. And today, we have come with a collection of custom UI tones and ringtones packages from different devices.

XDA member justen7723 has compiled together system tones from various phones that can be installed on Android devices via A custom recovery. If you have a rooted device and also have CWM/TWRP recovery installed on it, you can flash the ZIPs and enjoy custom UI tones and ringtones.


Nexus 5 Sounds

HTC One Sounds

LG G2 Sounds

Galaxy S4 Sounds

Galaxy Note 3 Sounds

Xperia T Sounds

Xperia Z1 Sounds

MIUI Sounds

Star War Sounds

Cartoon Style Sounds

Assassin Creeds Sounds

Resident Evil Sounds

Iron Man Sounds

Transformer Sounds

Crysis Sounds

Tron Sounds

Super Mario Bros Sound

PAC Man Sounds

Wolverine Sounds

HALO Sounds

How to Install:

If you have ever flashed something via a custom recovery, installing the custom sounds package should not be any problem for you, but if you new to Android or do have that experience, follow the steps given below:

  1. Download and copy the sound mod ZIP to your device.
  2. Reboot your phone into recovery mode.
  3. First of all, backup your current ROM so that you can restore it later if needed.
  4. Select the Install option, navigate to the mod file and select it.
  5. Confirm installation when you are asked to do so.
  6. When it is installed, wipe dalvik cache.
  7. Finally, reboot the system.

Enjoy, and yes, do share your feedback with us via comments below! Cheers!

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  1. Hey I just copy paste the UI sounds of pixel devices and none of them are working because I have not flashed it via recovery I just only delete my UI sounds and copy that sounds now I want to revert back so I wanted the stock UI sounds of Infinix hot 4 can u plz provide the link and does that zip will have to flashed via recovery or not plz answer plz it’s urgent

  2. Media files are NOT cached. cache a d dali viking are for apps

    no I’m not fixing spell correct anymore roday

  3. s5 verizon

    I screwed up ringtones notifications with root explorer DELItiNG annoying sounds and adding cool ones

    how can I use trwp or whatever er to restore system media to defaults

    [I’m done fighting spell correct for the s ay patience go e]

  4. The easiest way is to restore the ROM back. Another way is to backup the ‘audio” folder found in system/media directory to your phone’s SD storage. You can later restore it and fix the permissions to rw-r–r–.

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