Various types of gadgets have now given way to modern smartphones that are capable of immense possibilities. The ability to share the mobile data connection with other WiFi-enabled devices like desktops, laptops, camera and smart TVs is one feature all smartphones possess. It is a really very convenient thing as most of own and use more than one such devices that use internet connection but having different data plans for all those devices is certainly inconvenient.

While the WiFi tethering or hotspot feature is generally accessible to all phone users, some network providers (like Verizon, Sprint, etc.) put restrictions so that the users are not able to use it. They lock WiFi tethering and demand to subscribe to a separate data plan to unlock and get it working.

Android is known for the liberty it offers and restrictions on using a different SIM card or sharing a phone’s data via WiFi hotspot is really very unfortunate. Thanks to the open source nature of Android that allows immense modification on devices with root access. By modifying system apps and codes, we can unlock features of our device.

In the past, we did various tutorials on enabling WiFi tethering on different US variants of Android smartphones. Today, we have a new mod that lets you enable WiFi tethering on Verizon LG G3 VS985. The WiFi hotspot mod for the Vzw G3 has been made by [email protected] from XDA and demands a little effort to set it up on your phone.


Enable WiFi Tethering on Verizon LG G3

Now follow the steps given below to enable WiFi hotspot on youR Verizon LG G3.

  1. Copy the HotspotProvisionVsG3Mod.apk file to your LG G3.
  2. Now open Root Browser and tap the /storage/ and then /sdcard0/ or /external_SD/, depending on where you have copied the modded apk in Step 1. Navigate to the APK file, tap and hold it and select Copy option. Tap the home icon on the bottom bar, open /system/app folder and paste the modded Apk here.
  3. Now look for the following files:
    • HotspotProvision.apk
    • HotspotProvision.odex
  4. And rename them as shown below using Rename option.
    • HotspotProvision.apk.bak
    • HotspotProvision.odex.bak
  5. Having done that, tap and hold HotspotProvisionVsG3Mod.apk, select Rename and rename it to HotspotProvision.apkWiFi-Tethering-on-Verizon-LG-G3
  6. Now tap and hold the apk and select Permissions option.WiFi-Tethering-on-Verizon-LG-G3-1
  7. Set the file permission to rw-r–r– (0644) as shown below:WiFi-Tethering-on-Verizon-LG-G3-2
  8. Now exit Root Browser and reboot your phone.

When your Verizon LG G3 boots up, open the app drawer and launch Mobile Hotspot app and set SSID and password for your mobile hotspot. You can now enjoy WiFi tethering on Verizon LG G3 VS985.

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  1. This worked like charm! Freshly reloaded VS985 with 4.2.2 and StumpRoot method. Followed the directions to a tee and poof, it works. I did get the non VZ SIM warning one person talked about but I just ignored it and everything works great. No I am using my VS985 on Google ProjectFi.

  2. So I’m able to connect my laptop but it disconnects and reconnects continuously every 3 seconds. I’ve tried changing the password. Haven’t seen any threads on the web with this same issue. Thx

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