Samsung Dex Stock Wallpapers

Being able to enjoy the smartphone’s UI on a full-fledged desktop screen might sound an interesting idea but there is nothing quite innovative about it. Companies like Microsoft, Jide, and Splashtop have attempted to come with a gadget that allows the user have this luxury but most of them proved to be a lame attempt because none of them could make a mark. When the California giant came with the Google Glass project, it sounded like something revolutionary but we all know what happened later.

Now Samsung has introduced its much-touted gadget called Samsung DeX which comes with a promise to turn any monitor that has an HDMI port (and most modern televisions sets have it) into a full-featured desktop by docking the Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus to DeX. The prospect of enjoying a desktop version of Android has been thrilling or minds for quite some time now and the Samsung DeX Station offers to realize that dream in an easy and hassle-free way.

Being the first of its generation, the Samsung DeX Station lack some key things that keep it from providing a full-fledged Android UI experience on a big-screen monitor but it’s definitely a good start.

Download Samsung DeX Stock Wallpapers

Anyway, let’s turn to our main topic. Today we are going to share the stock wallpapers from the Samsung DeX Station in their original high quality. As you can see below, there are four wallpapers in full HD quality with 1920 x 1920 px resolution.

The wallpapers at one remind us of the Galaxy S8 stock wallpapers which you can download here.

We have uploaded the wallpapers to our site’s server, so you can download them directly by right-clicking the images and choosing the “Save link as…” option.

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