Not too long ago, we shared the stock wallpapers from LG’s current flagship the LG V20. If you loved those wallpapers, you would also like our today’s share from the same phone. Yes, we have got hold of a bunch of LG V20 Signature Wallpapers in Quad HD quality and you can download them all from below.

The LG V20 is a power feature-packed smartphone and one of its unique features is Signature Wallpaper. Some users might see it just as a gimmick but for some, it might be a useful feature. Anyway, LG thinks the feature is important enough to highlight through a promo video.

As you can see in the video, LG V20’s Signature Wallpaper is a nice way to personalize the phone. Actually, is a lockscreen wallpaper that shows the first text character of the user’s choice on its ticker display. The signature shows up when the screen is off. In short, it’s just a nice way to add a personal touch to the phone.

The LG V20 comes with 9 quad HD “signature wallpapers” that can be personalized with the initial character of a signature. The feature will not work on other phones, of course, but you can enjoy the wallpapers for sure. All the wallpapers are in portrait style with 1440 x 2590 px resolution.

You can download the wallpapers individually by clicking on the images below or grab them all in a single zip file. You can find the download links at the bottom of this post.

Download LG V20 Signature Wallpapers | Mirror Link

Download More Wallpapers

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