Most Android manufacturers ship their devices with a forked version of Android which is uniquely customized and tweaked for good performance and comes with different set of stock apps and features from the stock Android OS.

The aim is to give the end user a good experience. Thus, we have Samsung’s TouchWiz, Grace UX, HTC Sense UI, MIUI, EMUI, OxygenOS, LG UX and so on. FlymeOS is the UI that comes with the Chinese OWM Meizu’s smartphones. Today we have the Flyme OS 5.0 and Flyme OS 6 stock wallpapers for you.

The Flyme OS 5.0 was released with Meizu MX4 in 2015 and the Flyme OS 6 came alongside Meizu M3X and Meizu Pro 6 Plus in September 2016. FlymeOS is marked my colorful and visually appealing design, use of flat icons, gestures and customization features. Long ago, we shared an installation guide describing how you can enjoy FlymeOS apps on other Android phones and you own a Nexus 5, you can even enjoy the OS on it.

Download Flyme OS 5.0 and Flyme OS 6 Stock Wallpapers

As for the stock wallpapers, we have 17 of them from the Flyme OS 5.0 and Flyme OS 6. While the first 14 wallpapers are in full HD quality with 1080 x 1920 px resolution, the last 3 are in QHD quality.

If you like the wallpapers, you can download them individually by clicking the images you want to have and save them on your device or computer.

Alternatively, you can also download the wallpapers in a single go from the following download mirrors: (mirror).

Having downloaded the Flyme OS wallpapers, don’t forget to grab some more awesome stock wallpaper packs:

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