There used to be a time when personal, educational or entertainment videos were limited to video cassettes, CDs, and DVDs only. With the popularity and proliferation of the internet among masses, the scenario has radically changed. We now have hundreds and thousands of online portals and sites that store millions of videos that can be accessed by users from any part of the world for free.

Viewing the online videos is very easy as it only requires a good and stable internet connection on the part of the user. Watching such videos, again and again, may fall heavy on your pocket as doing do eats us your data. Thanks to Google for introducing the ‘offline video’ feature to the most popular online video platform, but that has a limitation too as the offline videos are saved on the device storage. You can thus store only a limited number of videos.

Keeping such glitches in view, it’s a very good idea to download your favorite videos and store them on your computer’s hard disk for later viewing. I have a kid of 4 for whom I often need to download educational videos so that he can watch them on his tablet and learn things while having fun. For downloading such videos, YouTube is my favorite destination, but sometimes I have to go to some other video portals to download videos.

Of course, there are a plethora of online services and utilities that allow us downloading videos, but having a handy application that integrates a number of ways to download videos from almost any video sites and options like converting and recording videos in a single easy-to-use interface have their own advantages. That’s where Wondershare AllMyTube comes in. AllMyTube utility is one of the best options if you often download videos from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo, MTV, Dailymotion, Yahoo Screen, CBS, VideoBash, Linda, BBC, TED, ESPN, LiveLeak, etc.


Please note that the free version of the software supports YouTube only. Upgrading to the paid version unlocks download support from all other sites and portals. Having downloaded the videos, you can also convert them very easily using the integrated video converter.


Wondershare AllMyTube is available for Mac and Windows both. All you need to look for the video you want to download, copy its URL and click the “Paste URL” button in AllMyTube program.It can easily convert and optimize the downloaded videos for viewing them on your TV, desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPad, and all Android devices by setting the video resolution and quality.

To sum up, Wondershare AllMyTube is a very useful utility for those who love to download online videos. It offers some really good useful feature. To get the paid version of the software for lifetime use, you will have to pay $29.00 and I don’t think it’s too much for the purpose it serves.

Download Wondershare AllMyTube

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