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For Batman fans who are still aching from the announcement that Rocksteady Games will not be continuing their Batman: Arkham series, there are still plenty of other ways to enjoy the caped crusader in the game format. The Dark Knight: Online Slot is one such way, and people who didn’t rate the new offshoot of Batman for the DCE Universe in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will appreciate this homage to the much-loved Christopher Nolan film from the 00’s.

For many, The Dark Knight is the last great Batman film. The late Heath Ledger was incredible as Batman’s famous nemesis, the Joker, and the intense plot had everything one could desire from a comic book romp. The 2008 film scored an incredible 94% on Rotten Tomatoes and raked in over $500 million worldwide, highlighting just how many fans there are of Nolan’s second Batman offering. So with many players in the booming online casino industry playing slots of varying themes, it stands to reason that developers would assume that a Dark Knight slot would be a hit.

Source: The Dark Knight Slot via Facebook 

And they were right, it is hugely popular and has received critical acclaim. In this Dark Knight online slot review, the writer claims that:  “It’s a damn good video slot with great production values that make for really engaging sessions.” This is true, but what will appeal to lovers of the movie is the fact that this slot stays true to the 2009 People’s Choice Award winning production. It has a nostalgic element to it which could be the primary reason that players keep coming back for more.

For instance, the symbols on the reels are actual photos of the actors who play the characters in the film. There is Christian Bale, Gary Oldham (Lieutenant Gordon(, Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent), and Eric Roberts (Don Maroni). Of course, it also features Batman, the Joker, and the symbols associated with the two mortal enemies. In addition to that, the game features the dark tones associated with the Dark Knight and Gotham.

The game even includes cut scenes from the actual film. For example, when three Joker symbols land in view a smaller screen opens up in the center of the reels and plays a montage of classic moments featuring the clown, such as the famous jailbreak scene. Another intriguing aspect is that a cartoon animation of the Joker will appear in the top left-hand corner outside of the reels and tap the screen to add free spins.

On the 5-reel, 3-row game there are whopping 243 ways to win. This massively increases the potential to win large amounts from a single spin. It is flexible in its betting options, so anyone from first-time gamblers to high-stakes thrill-seekers can get the most out of it. It is also part of Microgaming’s connected Mega Games so has a progressive jackpot that is randomly triggered, meaning anyone can win it.

With the intense and exhilarating soundtrack, nostalgic elements from the films, and the opportunity to win, this is one of the best slots on the market. Get your Batman fix with The Dark Knight online slot today.

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