Change Android Device Model Number
Change Android Device Model Number

Changing device model name is not something every Android user seeks to do but it’s still a useful trick for some users. It was really very easy for the rooted users to change Android device model name on KitKat, Lollipop and older versions of the OS but things changed after the introduction of Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

I remember writing a tutorial on changing device name for WiFi and Bluetooth on Android devices, but what we are talking about today is pretty different.

Editing the ro.product.model entry in the Build.prop still works but doing that doesn’t change the device’s name everywhere. You can see the changed model number under Settings> About device, though.

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On Android devices with Marshmallow and above, the device model name is stored in two locations, the build.prop file and in an additional location called Settings storage ( So, unless you make the changes at both the places, you won’t be able to achieve a full device model name change on your Android device. Thanks to JBNex from XDA for coming up with a new trick that does the magic! So let’s see how to do it!!


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Steps to Change Android Device Model Number on Marshmallow and Nougat

  1. Open the root file browser app on your device and grant root permission if prompted.
  2. Now go to system> build.prop.
  3. Tap build.prop and open it using the text editor.
  4. Now look for the following entry:
  5. It will look like this.
  6. Just tap the entry and replace the model number with the model number you want. In my case, I replaced SM-G935FD with SM-G935A.
  7. Having made the changes, tap the Save icon and exit the root file browser app.
  8. You’re already halfway, now let’s go to the other part in which we’ll be using ADB commands. You can also perform the following steps using Terminal Emulator on your device. Just make sure to run the commands without adding “adb shell” in the beginning.
  9. Navigate to the platform-tools directory. Its location depends on where you installed the ADB and fastboot drivers. Launch a command window by pressing the Shift+right click on the mouse on any empty space inside the folder window and selecting the “Open command window here” option.
  10. When the command window is launched, type the following command and hit the Enter key.
    adb shell settings get global device_name
  11. Doing so will show your phone’s model name stored in the device’s Settings database.
  12. To replace the device model name with the name of your choice.
    adb shell settings put global device_name "S7 Edge DroidViews"
  13. In my case I wanted my device name to show as “S7 Edge DroidViews” in place of “DroidViesws S7 edge”.
  14. To verify if the device name has been changed successfully, issue the following command again:
    adb shell settings get global device_name
  15. It’s time now to reboot your device.

Done! Do to Settings> About device to check that the changes you made have taken effect. You have successfully changed your Android phone’s device name and model number.

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  1. Too many arguments
    usage: settings [–user NUM] get namespace key
    settings [–user NUM] put namespace key value
    settings [–user NUM] delete namespace key

    ‘namespace’ is one of {system, secure, global}, case-insensitive
    If ‘–user NUM’ is not given, the operations are performed on the owner user.

    ‘Currently trying it on Lollipop with Moto E2. Could you please help me?’

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