Be My Eyes App for Blind People
Be My Eyes - App for Blind People

We all use a ton of applications on our smartphones, to perform various tasks like messaging, calling, listening to music, watching informative and entertaining videos, playing games, etc. If you’re one of those Android enthusiasts, you also download a lot of customization apps like third-party launchers, widgets, icon packs, wallpaper apps, custom ringtones, etc. to give your phone a unique look and help you access your important apps and widgets quickly.

The Google Play Store has a ton of apps in these categories like social media apps, customization, games, etc. However, if there’s one category where there aren’t sufficient apps available, they are apps that could literally transform lives. Apps that provide free online courses on various topics like artificial intelligence, programming, physics, etc.

Apps that could help facilitate sick patients. Apps that could help you learn an entire language right from the comfort of your home. These are the most important category of applications that have the power to transform the world, but unfortunately, they are present in a very low number, at least, when compared to the thousands of useless applications available on the Play Store.

Be My Eyes is one of the life-changing apps, that helps the blind in performing simple day-to-day tasks without any hassle. But it doesn’t end there. If you’re not blind, you can help the blind by providing live assistance. It’s an incredible way to contribute to the world and make a difference. So, how does it work? Well, let me break it down for you.

When you first download the application, you will be able to choose whether you are blind or visually impaired, or whether you’re a sighted volunteer. If you’re blind or visually impaired, you will need to first create an account, and then choose a language of your choice. From there, you give access to a couple of permissions, and you’re good to go. All you need to do is click the huge “Call first available volunteer” icon, and it makes a video call to all the Be My Eyes sighted volunteers, giving them a chance to help you out. The first to pick up the call will be assisting you with any simple issue you have. So, all you need to do is record the subject of which you need help, for example, you can take a video of two cans that might feel exactly the same but contain different items, one having baked beans, and one having say, corn and speak/ask which one is baked beans, for which your volunteer can reply for example, if baked beans is the one on the left or the right. And voila, your issue is sorted out.

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On the other hand, if you’re a sighted volunteer, you can assist the blind or visually impaired by answering a call. Once again, when you first download the app, you can choose the option “I am a sighted volunteer”, then, allow permission for accessing the microphone, and from there, you’re ready to answer video calls from the blind. Since there are a lot of volunteers and less number of blind or visually impaired people, it might take up to two weeks before you receive a call, and you have to be quick at answering the call, or else anybody else might pick it up. However, if you’re not in a position to attend a call when it arrives, you can simply ignore the call, and any other volunteer will answer it.


While the idea of the application is great, there are a few bugs in video calling. Sometimes, the audio does not work, and at other times, the video quality itself is not all that good. However, it is nothing close to unusable, and we’re confident that the application will improve with future updates.

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Have you ever thought of such an application, whose functionality is really rather simple, but at the same time makes a global impact to make the world a better place? It is these type of applications that we need to see more on the Play Store. The smartphones we carry in our hands every day have the power to transform the world, thanks to Be My Eyes!

Download Be My Eyes from the Google Play Store:

Be My Eyes - Helping the blind Price: Free

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