What happens when you’re a DOLBY effects fan but you don’t have a phone that doesn’t come shipped with it? It seems you’ve stumbled upon to the right post. You can still have authentic DOLBY equalizer once you flash this goodie.

First things first, this is the DOLBY Atmos sound effect that has been ported from a Lenovo ROM. On testing, it has been found to be working on all devices that are Android 4.3 onwards. It may, however, conflict with other effects/equalizers that you have already installed. This zip will edit (not overwrite) your audio effects module. This is a Mod version which means it isn’t supposed to exist but the good things about modded tweaks is that they open doors you didn’t know existed. Like having a budget android phone and flashing this will give you decent music output.

Here’s a chronology of the development so far:

  • R1: Initial Release
  • R4: Fixed compatibility for Android 4.x in Ds.apk & DsUI.apk, conflicts resolved with DOLBY libraries
  • R5: Demo video removed & size reduced to 3MB
  • R6.1: Renamed DS & AS to resolve conflicts, dirty flash to avoid conflicts with the prior version
  • R6.2: Patches to bypass badly implemented audio mods that create overwrite issues
  • R6.3 Added permissions in the installer script
  • R6.5: Fixes for permissions, audio effects on some devices, removal of As

The current version (R6.5) is said to be stable and has a recent release date 20-06-2015 which mean updates & progress on improvements are well in place.

How to install:

Simply stated, it’s recommended to do it on a fresh ROM to avoid conflicts. Simply flash the zip file [download links below] after flashing the necessary stuff [ROM, GApps, SuperSU] in recovery mode. And it should work well.

If somehow, things do go south, the team has been caring enough to provide an Uninstall ZIP as well. Simply go back to Recovery Mode and flash the Uninstall Zip. Do go ahead and check out the source link below and give them a thumbs up for their hard work.  If you are on a custom ROM that has its own Equalizer, this may not work, which makes sense because there will be conflict. Also, this is meant for those who don’t have authentic audio settings in the first place. But according to the XDA discussion, updates are in order. Do let us know if you reached a configuration that is just perfect.

DOLBY!! (we mean Cheers!!)

Tested devices:

  • Elephone P7000 : Stock ROM Android 5.0.2 [Working]
  • Nexus 6 : Build CM 12.1-20150704-NIGHTLY-shamu Android: 5.1.1 [Not Working]
  • Nexus 6 : Build Chroma Wed July 1 [Working, since no pre-loaded equalizer]



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