arise sound mod

If you’re a rooted Android device user, you might have tried many sound mods to enhance the sound quality on your device. There are many popular mods like Viper4Android, Surround sound mod, Dolby digital, Beats etc… Sound quality on Android devices is always been sub-par and these mods get the best of them. The modified software libraries in the module enhance the sound quality with controlled audio properties. If you’re confused on which sound mod to pick, we have the best one for you. ARISE sound mod is the best thing we’ve come across so far.

ARISE sound mod (A.R.I.S.E) stands for Auditory Research in Sound Enhancements. It’s a composite sound mod which brings together some popular sound mods like Viper4Android, Dolby Atmos, eXtremeBeats, Harman & Kardon sound effects, and libraries from a lot of other audio enhancement mods. It also brings sound libraries from popular music players like Neutron music player, Sony Music DSP, and USB Audio player. Unlike other sound mods, ARISE sound mod doesn’t require complex configuration or controls. Once you install the ARISE sound mod, it installs the sound effects in your system. Few icons like Viper4Android and Dolby Atmos will appear in your app drawer and the rest won’t appear.

So, without any further ado, let’s see how to install ARISE sound mod on your Android device. Before you proceed, make sure that you’ve installed TWRP/CWM recovery on your Android device. Also, there is no uninstalled zip for ARISE as it overwrites a lot of system files. So, make sure to take a backup of your current ROM in case if you want to rollback.

How to install ARISE Sound Mod on Android phones

  1. If you have any other sound mods on your Android phone, make sure to remove them before installing ARISE sound mod.
  2. Download the ARIS Sound mod from here and copy it to your phone’s storage.
  3. Reboot to recovery mode on your device (simply Google it if you’re not sure how).
  4. In the custom recovery, select Install » click on the ARISE sound mod zip » swipe to flash the mod.
  5. Reboot your device.

That’s it. Play some music on your device after the reboot and you’ll notice a significant improvement in the sound quality. If you’re interested in more sound enhancements, you can refer to the ARISE XDA page.

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