The first Android 4.2.1 firmware for the Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 came out months ago in February. It features Jelly Bean 4.2.1 and since then the users of the device have been waiting to get the latest version of Android on their device. It was later reported that the update will begin rolling out shortly after the launch of Samsung’s new flagship the Galaxy S4.

And it really arrived exactly a month ago (May 20 to be exact) with a greater version of Android that was Jelly Bean 4.2.2, but it was still a leaked test firmware with some bugs and issues. Leaked though, the new firmware did give us a glimpse of what the Android 4.2.2 update for our Galaxy S3 will bring to us!

Most of the Galaxy S3 users had been anticipating the new update to arrive in the last week of June but once again we have greeted by another leaked firmware for the device that shows much improvement over the former leak and promises that next time it will come as an official release. As DroidViews, we never failed to give you a detailed reviews of the new firmware updates for the Galaxy S3 and this time too, we are here again to give you an idea of what it offers to help you decide whether you should go for it or not.

About the I9300XXUFME7 Firmware:


OS Version: Android Version: 4.2.2 Jelly Bean – JDQ39
Region: Open Europe (Unbranded)
Build Date: May 21, 2013

New Features and Changes:

Compared to the older I9300XXUFME3 leaked version the  latest I9300XXUFME7 firmware is very different except for a little improvement in performance. Besides, the former was a branded firmware for HotMobile, but this one is unbranded and so you’ll not see the HotMobile bootanimation and the bloats in Hebrew language.

Coming directly from the current Android 4.1.2 firmware, the new version is a big jump in many respects. Having installed it on to your Galaxy S3, you’ll notice the following changes and improvements:

  • Firmware version will be bumped to Android 4.2.2
  • The most striking changes can be seen on the lockscreen that looks completely like the Galaxy S4. You can choose from 2 effects (light and ripple) on the lockscreen. Multiple widgets can be added to it. Like seen on S4, you can set a personalized message or set a digital clock in various sizes. The Facebook and Yahoo new tickers have now gone.
  • Move Apps to SD Card: this is another striking new feature that most users will welcome with open hands, It was recently introduced to Galaxy S4 and now you can move installed (not system) apps to SD Card. Great!
  • Another new thing is the Daydream feature found on Nexus devices with 4.2.
  • You now have 2 pages in the Notification panel and you can toggle between them by tapping the Quick Launch icon at the top right corner.
  • You can expand a notification by tapping and dragging it and take appropriate action.
  • The Settings page has an all new look and now you have tabbed look with different heads.
  • Most Samsung apps like My Files, Music Player, Gallery, Calculator, etc. can now be viewed full screen without the status bar.
  • New voice control feature for controlling Camera, Calls, Music Player apps.
  • New S Voice app from the Galaxy S4 is here.
  • Music Player now looks like that of the Galaxy S4 with some new features like Smart Volume and Voice Control.
  • The new Adapt Display feature under Display settings.
  • Addition of Driving Mode which speaks out certain things like caller names, incoming notifications etc.
  • The icons for some apps have been changed.
  • Some new widgets like User Manual, Adapt Sound, Smart Switch,
  • The various modes for viewing images in the Gallery app have been removed now.
  • Performance is faster than Android 4.1.2

I have tested, and am still using, this firmware on my Galaxy S3 for about 20 hours now and it feels quite stable and good. It can be used as a daily driver. The battery life is same as the previous Android 4.1.2.



Download Firmware:

As we mentioned above, the new leaked firmware is unbranded and therefore it can be installed on any Galaxy S3 with model number GT-I9300 that is not locked to a carrier. Just download the Android 4.2.2 firmware from our link below and install it.

Since the firmware file is big and many of you might feel problems with downloading it, I have also added a mirror and torrent link for your convenience.

For Rooted Users:

If you have a rooted Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 with a custom recovery installed on it, you can install the the Android 4.2.2 ROM from below using CWM or TWRP just like you flash a custom ROM.


If you have installed the deodexed version of the XXUFME7 from above, here is the Galaxy S4 launcher and weather widget that works perfect with the new leaked firmware. Just download, extract and flash the zip using CWM. Detailed instructions on installation can be found inside the download package below.


How to Install:

Installing the new firmware on a Galaxy device is very simple for those who have ever done it in the past but if you are new to this, please use our easy tutorial to install it safely and fun way.

How to Install Official Firmware on Samsung Galaxy S3


Do not forget to share you thoughts and reactions regarding the new firmware. And yes, if you have any question or doubt realated to the topic, just let’s us know. Cheers!



  1. @reuben dias  Hey man, before trying the JB 4.2.2 what firmware are you using exactly? and 1 more thing is your problem already fixed?
    search to the net for solution or if you cant find one, send it for repair either to samsung center or to your repair guys in your city.

  2. @Jaemi_Sykx Hey man, before trying the JB 4.2.2 what firmware are you using exactly? and 1 more thing is your problem already fixed?

  3. can you please give a torrent link for the deodexed version………..because my internet is really slow and downloading with my browser never works…….pleaseee it will be a big help if you do.

  4. Frequent Wifi connecting & disconnecting compared to when using JB 4.1.2 & always hanging & going to black screen especially when coming out of standby/screen saver

  5. Thank God, no serious problem then. Turn off phone, pull out the SIM, reinsert it and turn on. Reboot the device a couple of times. Go to settings> more networks> mobile network> network operators, scan for networks and select your network.

  6. hey droid view…….accedently i formatted the efs data from my phone…..could u pls help me out asap

  7. dude after following ur instruction….i took a back up of Efs…..but accedently formatted the running efs plz help me restore it asap

  8. i Did exactly as told and each time i try to make a call it shows not registered on network,. Please tell me what i should do to fix this problem…i am using the i9300 version

  9. i Did exactly as told and each time i try to make a call it shows not registered on network

  10. sure ill do this asap……but plz look into this asap……i tried and researched alot about this but in vain….plz do look in to this

  11. hey DroidViews i installed this firmware

    but it wiped off my imei no. and there after was not able to regester to the nework that am using……and my phone i9300 is an unbranded phone…….could u plz help out with this…..

  12. Sir,

    Thank you for your wonderful work that you are doing.
    Please i upgraded my s3 firmware and it was successful but the problem
    is my mobile data seems not to work. Have turn it on but its not
    working.. PLEASE HELP ME.

  13. hello i was i have a rooted samsung gs3 i9300 and downloaded your firmware onto my phone. now i cant seem to get a network signal. I tried putting a previous rom on there and messing with a few cwm settings. It keeps telling me on not registered on the network. please help.

  14. The S4 launcher and weather widget I’ve already installed the firmware which I got from Sam mobile which is the same as this one.

  15. Need help man!
    I’ve installed 4.2.2 XXUFME7 on my S3.
    I am trying to install the weather widget but its saying problem loading widget.
    Can u explain to me step by step how to do it.

    I am new to this whole thing I jux starting my way.

  16. I have installed 4.2.2 on my S3 and it works great plus I love the new features however I have one (small) problem – actually it is a big problem – I can’t make or receive calls, texts or data! I am on Orange here in the UK and every time I try to make a call it says ‘Not Registered on Network’ I experience this occasionally on the stock firmware (even though in warranty repairs by Samsung dispute such issues, but hundreds of people are talking about it on the net) Do you guys have any ideas on what could be the problem? If not can you tell me how to roll it back to 4.1.

    Thanks in advance for any help and advice 🙂

  17. Not working fo rme
    Weatherwidget.apk , weathermain.apk , seclauncher2.apk in system/app
    I cant Find thats thing
    sws.odex in system/framework
    I cant find this thing also

  18. How about this one ” S4 Launcher&WeatherWidget for S3 XXUFME3.rar ”
    How to use when it done download ?

  19. I already Install Firmware 4.2.2 on my Samsung S3
    Now I Just need to Root it .. I was download thats ” Rooted and Deodexed Version ”
    already Extract it but see nothing to put on Odin

  20. I got it .. Now I got problem about this ” ”
    I download it and Extract it out .. but cant find which one Folder needed to Open in Odin

  21. I have download thats Firmware 4.2.2 for Samsung S3
    But it’s doesnt work .. I use Odin and use PDA and click thats I downloaded but it’s show Nothing .. so I cant start it .. any Idea ?

  22. If your phone is rooted, just download the appropriate version. It works fine for me (flashed via CWM). I still have the root privileges.

  23. wow..thank you sir you have a lot of knowledge about android..i want to ask more about rooting but i have no plan doing it. i still love the stock.

  24. so what could be the advantage because it is moved but same storage? because sir my first impression of this feature is to save storage capacit

  25. Actually, the phone has 2 partitions for the internal storage. One is root partition where system files and installed apps are stored, and the other which is available for users. When the apps are moved, they go to internal ad from root storage. So technically they are on the same storage.

  26. sir i have moved some of my apps on sd card but why does it seem that sd card doesnt change its capacity?

  27. New problem:I can’t install any custom rom from CWM or TWRP kept on my external sd card
    Both foxhound and ultima ROM fail
    Any reasons??

  28. thanks..i have downloaded subway surfers and now i can move it to sd the way sir is it a bug in this firmware that sometimes i see some blinks on the screen? especially when scrolling though messages and when i use easy touch..i have seen this since 4.2.2 leak with hotmobile logo

  29. not system apps sir. i tried others like “easy touch” and “facebook”…but still not highlighted..

  30. Hi Philip, the Move to SD button is highlighted or can be pressed only on apps that can be moved. You cannot move system apps. They have to be in root/system folder as they require special file permissions.

  31. Hello sir. why cant i move my apps (not system apps) to sd card?..there’s a “move to sd card” option but u cant press it.

  32. Alright flashed the rom and it is working like wow but how to get the notification bar invisible even after unlocking the screen. Just like it looks like before swipe unlocking, please help.

  33. Install TB and backup your apps to external sd card. Then install this firmware and root it. Reinstall TB, open the app and restore the apps.

  34. well I have done the back up but the question is that I have never yet wiped the data and when I am going to do so it will wipe of all the data and then will the titanium back will stay or it will also get deleted.

  35. You need not factory reset because this ROM will automatically wipe all your data. Do not forget to backup your current ROM in CWM before installing. Use titanium Backup app.

  36. Rooted my s3 on stock 4.1.2 rom now if I should flash this leaked rom do I still need to factory reset it. If so, so please suggest some apps that can even back up my game progress as well.

  37. Thanks mate but it’s still crashing. it was working fine on JB 4.2.1

    Think I might go back to original JB

    thank you

  38. Any help, I’ve install this for a few days now and I’ll all fine except one thing I can’t possibily live without which is flash player, it’s installed but every time an app that use it open, it crashs straight away. any help please.

    thank you

  39. My battery life isn’t great. Nealry 6 hours off charge and 35m screen on and its already down to 70%. I might try a few good charges but otherwise it seems good.

  40. app2sd feature not working 64gb sd card exfat formatted. it says it has been moved but nothing happens(no change in memory)……

  41. I’ve installed the newly leaked firmware for about a week ago. It seems fine, perfectly smooth in every page. Then i’ve installed S4’s TW launcher and weather widget. Everything is looks good.

    Like @disqus_b5lTufTP7F:disqus said, i did not have sws.odex, i deleted sws.jar and it was no problem.
    Everything is perfect for me, thank you very much.

  42. can’t delete the weather widget , widget main etc from system/app
    it says one or more files cant be deleted any ideas?

  43. MIUI is good! You need not install this ROM to install MIUI. If you have a rooted Galaxy S3, just download MIUI Rom and flash it. As for widgets on lockscreen, I do not think MIUI supports that now.

  44. Actually, there are 2 types of firmwares: wipe and no wipe. Usually we have no wipe firmwares that do not delete any data and we have to wipe/reset device when some files clash and result in bootloop. Since it is a test firmware, it might have wipe attribute.

  45. Just wanna ask why after flashing through odin my device has factory reset happpens after i was stuck samsung logo and i didn’t do anything..does it automatically reset because i think u have to manually do it..but its ok because wipes are good after upgrading.

  46. I have seen some strange blink on the screen especially when pressing the drop down menu on the gallery..i have seen this on the Hotmobile leak firmware xxfume3..i hope it will gone on the next update..but the performance is greatly improve compare to the other leaks

  47. There is an error in the For Rooted Users part, it says:

    If you have a rooted Galaxy S3 GT-I9500

    I got kind of confused.

  48. Yes! every time I try to open CWM that’s the pop-up error message.

    I am thinking that is the reason why I cannot upgrade to 4.2.2

  49. how to solve this?

    This version of CWM Manager should be used with CF-CWM v1.1 or newer. It appears you are running a different recovery. Various features have been disabled.

  50. I see. Thank you very much.
    I have one un-rooted S2.
    If I update it to JB from ICS through Odin.
    Will it remove all the apps, photos, etc?

  51. HELP!
    I’ve download the Pre-Rooted and Deodexed Version
    But it has no .tar.md5 extension inside it.

    Only have system, META-INF, modem.bin, flash_image and boot.img.

    How to flash it?

    Thank you

  52. I installed and now works great in combination with S4 launcher&weather widget . [url=][img][/img][/url]

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