Android phones are fragile. Even if they are made of a high-quality material they are prone to damage.

It is quite common for a phone to not to turn on sometimes. Don’t panic! A phone not turning on doesn’t necessarily mean it is broken. Sometimes a few tricks may turn on your device.

1. Charge Your Device

I am not kidding, sometimes Android phones run out of battery before we realize. You may sleep with your phone on 20% and when you wake up it may be dead, it’s a possibility. If it doesn’t turn on and nothing happens when you press the power button, it may just be out of juice. If it’s completely drained, it will not turn on instantly even after putting it on charge.

In such cases, plug your phone in and let it charge for a while – for about 15-20% – and then press the power button to turn it on. This should turn your device on. If not, read on.

2. Remove The Battery

Sometimes the problem is a bit serious than a dead battery. It is possible for some phones to get stuck in the booting process or power on process. In this state your phone is basically frozen. In such cases, you can remove the battery and reinsert it after a few seconds. By doing this, you are cutting off the only power source of your phone. This should solve the problem.

If your device doesn’t have a removable battery, fear not. You can solve this problem by long pressing the power button when the screen is stuck in the booting process. Hold the power button for somewhat 20-30 seconds. This should make your device turn on properly.

3. The Phone is On But the Screen Isn’t

This is quite common. Your phone is on and is performing all the functions properly but the screen is black. This simply means that your phone’s display or screen is broken. You can confirm this by long pressing the power button. Doing so should result in a boot sound or vibration. If you hear the sound or feel the vibration, your phone’s display isn’t working and it’s time to take it to the repair store.

4. Perform a Factory Reset From the Recovery Mode

If your phone is stuck in boot loop i.e. it turns on but doesn’t get past the boot screen or it turns on and then turns off, there may be a problem with the device’s software. This could happen if you have recently updated to a new version of Android or flashed a custom ROM.

To solve this problem you need to factory reset your phone from the recovery menu. This method should be used only if no other option is left since doing a factory reset will delete all the data stored in your phone.

To do so, you first have to turn off your phone and turn it on with the following button combination:

Volume up + volume down + power button

Button combination may vary from device to device. If the above mentioned combination doesn’t work, try searching how to enter recovery mode for your phone on the internet.

Once you are in the recovery mode, navigate using volume buttons and look for wipe data or factory reset option. Once you find this option, use the power button to activate the factory reset process.

5. May Be It’s Broken

If your device doesn’t start even after performing all the methods mentioned above, it is probably broken and it’s time to buy a new phone.

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