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Do all of your tasks today as “tomorrow never comes”

You all might have heard the proverb “Time and tide waits for no man” which means that once time passes and goes out of hand, it cannot ever be taken back. None of us ever can control the passage of time, no matter how powerful we may be. Speaking of time, I just remembered one more proverb you all would have heard about that “time is money”. This means that time is a precious and valuable resource, hence, it is not to be wasted in the sense, do all the work and tasks you would have to in the present itself. Do not wait for tomorrow as “tomorrow never comes”. Ok, now, as I mentioned about time, works and tasks above, let’s come to the main point of the article. Today I would like to take an in-depth look at an app called Stuff – Todo Widget.

Stuff – Todo Widget is an app that works straight from the home screen of your device. You add your tasks to your To-do list via the home screen widget and you’re good to go.

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All said, let’s get started to take an in-depth look at the widget as depicted in the screenshots below.

Stuff – Todo Widget in action

First, let’s place the widget on the home screen. Refer the screenshots below.

Tap and hold on an empty space on your home screen. Then, tap widgets and search for the widget.
Locate the Stuff widget. Tap and hold and then drag the widget to place it on on your home screen.
Widget added to the home screen. The widget is resizable. Moreover, tap the right edge of the widget to access its settings. Refer the screenshot below.
Widget settings. You can reorder the tasks in each category and change its colour ( PRO version), name and also share it. To do this, just tap on any of the categories.
Tap on a category to edit it.

After creating a category, now, let’s create a to-do task under each category. To create, go to the home screen widget and then, tap into any category. Refer the screenshot below.

Tap on any category in the home screen widget to add a to-do task. However, later if your task is completed, you can tick the ‘completed’ checkbox.
My To-do and completed tasks are seen in the widget.

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Access the widget app icon located in the app menu of your device to access settings.

Tap any category to hide or show them on the widget. Moreover, tap customise to alter various aspects of the widget (PRO version) and tap settings to well, enter settings.
Settings. Here, you have options to auto advance tasks that allows you to move tomorrow’s tasks to today if the date for completion of the task is today. Moreover, you can hide the app icon from your app drawer, backup and restore your widget data. Furthermore, you have the option to rate the widget and also contact the developer.

PRO version

The PRO has a few more customisable features for the widget.

PRO version has few more features.
The PRO version costs ₹ 130 or $ 2.037 to be precise.

My thoughts and conclusion

Stuff – Todo Widget makes it easier to add to-do list with just a click straight from your home screen. As a result, it’s more convenient and accessible.

And here it is tech enthusiasts on my in-depth look and review of a neat little to-do app. Feel free to chime in the comments section on your take and experience with this simple app. Download Stuff – Todo Widget via the Google Play Store link given below.

Stuff - Todo Widget (To-do List & Notes) Price: Free

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