A dying Android phone is a common problem. Imagine this – you are getting ready to leave and you realize that your phone is on the verge of dying. Bad situation. You put your phone on charging but it’s taking too long to charge. We can’t do anything about it now that it’s too late, you are ruined. But what we can do is share with you 3 awesome tips to charge your Android phone faster so that it can pump up the most battery power it can in limited time. Or at least, avoid such situation in future.

Put It Down

Put down that phone of yours. Stop using it. The main battery drainer in your phone is it’s big and awesome screen. The more you use it the more battery it will drain. Stop checking you email, stop texting while it’s charging. Let your phone charger in peace.

Enable Airplane Mode

Enabling airplane mode will charge the phone faster but you won’t receive any notification or calls. The less your phone is trying to do, the faster it will charge. Putting it on airplane mode cuts off its ability to generate wireless radio signals which put a limit on what functions your phone can perform. Thus, the battery is charged faster.

Turn It Off

Turning your phone off is much more effective than putting it in airplane mode. The logic is here is similar to earlier. The screen is the main battery drainer. And using your phone while charging also slower the charging process. To charge it faster, turn it off. However you won’t be able to receive any texts, calls, or any other notification. But that could be easily sacrificed if you want to charge your phone as fast as you can.

Don’t Charge It Using Computer USB Port

Connecting your phone with computer USB ports will charge it but it won’t charge it properly i.e. your phone will charge but it won’t charge as fast as it would if charged with a proper dedicated charger. In USB 1.0 and 2.0 specifications, a standard USB port is capable of delivering up to 0.5A. In USB 3.0 specification, it can deliver up to 0.9A. But a dedicated charging port can offer up to 1.5A. USB 3.1 can offer up to 3A. See the difference? So it’s better to rely on a dedicated charger if you are in a hurry.

Do Not Use Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is slow, no doubt there. That’s why it’s not recommended to use a wireless charger if you are in a hurry. However, an exception to this is wireless quick charging. It is more effective than a USB charging, but still not better than a dedicated wall charger.

Get a Power Bank

This won’t exactly charge your phone faster but it’ll let you charge your phone on the go. This could solve the problem of low battery and less time. Power banks are portable i.e. easy to carry, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to charge your phone. Oh but don’t forget to charge your power bank. Power banks are not much expensive too, you can easily get a good power bank under $20.

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