5 Beautiful, Minimalist Games On Android

Android has grown a lot as a gaming platform. There were days when only high-end smartphones could run high-end games. These days, even the ultra-budget Android devices perform fairly decent with high-end games. I’ve played your typical Mortal Kombats, Modern Combats and the other graphics intensive games. I’ve never managed to finish either though. I find these games are just not meant for mobile. The smaller screen, touch controls, just don’t suit them. Android gaming actually shines with games developed with touchscreens in mind. These are usually, racing or arcade games.  There’s another category of lightweight minimalist games for Android that look beautiful and are fun to play.

I’ll even go on to say these are the kind of games that are actually meant to be played on a mobile device. The very nature of the platform requires limitations on resource usage. You don’t want to juice your phone out on your way to work in the morning. Games with a minimalist design, and more often than not a simple idea, minimalist idea, and a minimalist gameplay are much better while you’re commuting. These games are easy to play, easy on the eyes, and yet challenging enough. Here are 5 beautiful, minimalist games on Android that you should try.

1. AZ Rockets

AZ Rockets Price: Free

It’s an unconventional title and an unconventional lightweight game in the way that it’s implemented. Blending minimalism with reflexes isn’t something that hasn’t been done before. But that’s what is great about these games. The same concept can give birth to various mew and refreshing ideas. In AZ rocket, you simply tap at the right time, so that a rocket is launched out of their fixed trajectory and hits the letters of a word.

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You have to blast the complete word this way and you clear the level. Sounds easy but it gets challenging as and how you clear the levels. The game currently has 50 such levels with varying difficulty, of course. The game is so simple that all the tips you need are: “Stay cool, aim well, shoot fast.”

2. Strata Free

Sorry, this app is not available!

Strata is a puzzle game with very minimal and stunning visuals. There is no rush to solve the puzzle so you can sit back, relax and have fun. You can talk to your friends and keep up with the match while you fulfill your puzzle solving addiction. All you have to do is just keep trying different moves. You will see squares of different colors placed on a grid. You have to pull ribbons of different colors from the sides through the rows and columns. The goal is that the color of the top ribbon should match the color of the square below it. It may be a fun game but it can really challenge your intellect. Quite fun if you like intelligent games.

3. Linken

Sorry, this app is not available!

Linken is a pretty simple game. Yes, simpler than the above two and possibly the simplest on this list. That’s how you might feel when you’re just starting it out. The objective is to simply draw a line and match similar shapes to complete a level. Things get trickier as you advance through the levels. By the way, there are “400 handmade levels from simple to deeply challenging and get rich yet relaxing experience through carefully crafted puzzle.”

4. Last Fish

Last Fish Price: $0.99

This is a beautiful game based on black and white visuals and it is also quite relaxing. You control a fish by tilting your smartphone. If you tilt right it moves left, so the controls can be a little tricky. The objective is to avoid obstacles (that is the goo that makes the water toxic) and reach your goal. The goals are different for different levels ranging from simply surviving to reaching a ring or something else. The monochromatic visuals also help to separate the good elements in the game from the bad elements.

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5. Stack

Stack Price: Free

Stack is pretty popular and there’s a good chance you may have seen someone playing it or something similar. All you need to do is tap at the right moment and you can create your own high score and then beat it and beat high scores set by others. It is fun and it may sound simple but it is not. It’s a game where the high score matters so there are no levels. As you continue to stack pieces over pieces, the speed of the game increases to test you further.

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