The Android casino gaming market has been booming in recent years, with an overabundance of games being ported over from their desktop versions. In most cases, this downscaling in resolution is the primary feature that lets players experience their favorite casino titles. There are, however, different casino software providers that are opting to bring in their best games as well as pushing the boundaries of mobile game development with bold new ideas and excellent new features.


With Flash being forgotten, popular casino game developers are embracing new technologies to bring about their library of games for mobile consumption. This means better graphics, a bigger list of games, lots of new social features as well as touch native controls. Without further ado, these are the best Android casino software providers. If you want to learn more, check out this Android Casino FAQ by


Hailing from the cold European north, NetEnt is a well-known casino developer, best known for their varied and excellent slots and table games library. Net Entertainment or NetEnt for short, have been continuously developing more games for the Android market, with new releases hitting the market in mere months. While their library of mobile games consists mostly of fan favorites, the growing number of mobile-only casinos games is starting to feel quite competitive when set against some of the other developers on the market.



Fans of online casino games are sure to have played at least one game by Microgaming. The oldest, biggest and most renown name in online casino gaming is making new strides in the mobile casino business, with a brand new platform and ton of unique, mobile-only games. They are continuing to develop their Viper platform and have already begun porting their most successful games for the latest version of Android for mobile users. Where Microgaming stands apart from the competition is, of course, the progressive jackpot games that have been successfully ported to the mobile market.


Yet another well-known software developer who has managed to make a successful leap to the mobile Android market, Playtech is best known for their excellent slots games as well as rich graphics. Playtech’s library includes a ton of great titles that have been included in their mobile offering, packed in a very appealing package for mobile users, with an easy to use interface and lots of options for connecting with players and competing in tournaments.


A recent newcomer on the mobile gaming scene, AlchemyBet software seeks to build a reputation as a trustworthy and innovative software provider. What they are going for is pretty clear – they are building a mobile casino platform with HTML5 in its entirety, which in turns offers excellent graphics, top notch performance and some of the most inventive games out there. Sure one can claim they are still unknown and you ought to stick with the biggest in the business, but it is up to software developers like AlchemyBet who will dictate the flow of the mobile market thanks to their innovations.


The last of our list is certainly not least in terms of both scope and presence on the mobile casino market. Thanks to being part of one of the biggest betting establishments in the world. PartyGaming software has all the hallmarks of being great casino software. The software numbers a number of very unique mobile titles, with tailored graphics and controls to soothe even the most demanding mobile players. They also add new games and interesting options on a regular basis.

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