Best Free Photo Management Apps for Android

The primary use of a phone is communication. Making/receiving calls, sending/receiving text messages are the primary reasons why this beautiful piece of technology was invented. But as time went by it became much more than that. There are hundreds of different used of a (smart)phone nowadays but photography is probably the second most famous thing that people use it for apart from making and receiving calls/text messages. Billions (yeah, let that sink in) of photos are taken every single day. With a decent smartphone in hand, anyone can take beautiful photos. With that being said, we are pretty sure that people are going to need an efficient way to manage their photos. So, here are the 4 best free photo management apps for Android.

Google Photos

I have been using Google Photos since the day it came out and I have to say, it’s a pretty solid product! Sure, it may not load your photos as fast as some other gallery apps and might be a tad bit slower when compared to other apps but this is not your everyday gallery app, no sir. Google Photos offers unlimited storage of photos and videos, a better way to organize your photos, a powerful search engine to search for your photos. It is intelligent – it recognizes people, places, and objects. All your photos are backed up automatically based on your settings. The app also comes with a powerful photo and video editing tools!

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Google Photos Price: Free


Whenever I am not using Google Photos, this is what I use. If you are looking for an alternate Gallery app to replace your phone’s stock gallery app, look no further. The app is very light, loads your photos way faster than most gallery apps out there. Sure, it may not offer as many features as Google Photos does but this is easily my recommendation for anyone looking for an alternative. QuickPic supports online cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Flickr, One Drive, Box, Xandex, 500x, and much more. There is a nifty little option to hide photos and videos that you want to keep to yourself.

QuickPic - Photo Gallery with Google Drive Support Price: Free

Crunch Gallery

You like to keep all your photos and videos but your phone storage is not supporting your needs? Crunch is the solution you have been looking for! Crunch helps you to reduce the size of your photos and videos so that you can store more of your precious memories!

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Crunch can make your photos smaller by up to 6 times which compromising on the quality. Videos can also be brought down to 50% of their original size without degrading the quality. Crunch uses its own proprietary technology to achieve these results. The app offers up to 1 GB of free space, which is extensible by sharing about the app.

Crunch Gallery Price: Free


When you are celebrating an occasion or attending a party, you will probably take hundreds of pictures. Some of them will be good while some of them will be blurry/dim and then there will be some which did not turn out the way you wanted. We usually take more photos than we need and then decide on which ones to keep and which one to delete later. Slidebox helps to do just that. You can clean up your photo collection quickly and easily with Slidebox. You can simply swipe away the photos you don’t want to keep and organize the rest as per your desire. There is also an option compare the duplicate photos side by side!

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Slidebox - Photo Organizer Price: Free

What is your go-to app for photo management? Let us know in the comments below!

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