4 awesome wallpapers apps for Android

Changing wallpapers is the quickest way to freshen up a dull device, and finding a good wallpaper is not a difficult task too. Just perform an image search on Google and you’ll come up with tons of good wallpapers. But they are just good, and why settle for good when you can have better, right? It’s 2016 and there is an app for everything including wallpapers. So instead of searching for them in the image searches or internet communities, just head to the Google play store and grab yourself one of the awesome wallpaper apps we are about to mention.

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InsWall Wallpapers

InsWall offers more than 900 awesome cloud-based wallpapers in HD quality. Even though the wallpapers in this app are not categorized, it has wallpapers from various categories. It has a beautiful interface and follows material design guidelines. You can either set an image as wallpaper in one touch or go with the built-in editor to edit the wallpaper as per your liking. These editing features include crop, blur, brightness, and greyscale. New wallpapers are added in regular intervals, and since all the images are hosted on the cloud, you get new wallpapers whenever they are available, without updating the app. The wallpapers are obtained from different sources where they are given all the credit to the owners.

Sorry, this app is not available!

Cuto Wallpapers

The Unsplash wallpaper community is on a roll this year. Cuto Wallpapers is a client for Unsplash i.e. is fetches wallpapers from Unsplash. But instead of just going with random pictures, it shows you curated wallpapers, hand-picked by the devs behind this app.

The User Interface is one of the best thing about Cuto Wallpapers. It is so simple, beautiful, and attractive; it is easily one of the best wallpaper apps I have ever seen in terms of looks.

Cuto Wallpapers is updated once a week with some 6-9 handpicked wallpapers, and, trust me, all of those wallpapers are awesome. It is totally free to download and has no ads.

Cuto Wallpaper Price: Free

LP Wallpaper

LP Wallpaper, by Loraine P, a set of some of the most awesome and original wallpapers I have seen in a long time. It has a simple User Interface – simple press a wallpaper to view it in full screen, long press to apply it directly to your home screen. It contains dozens of wallpapers of various kinds. For instance, it has a few solid color wallpapers, a few from her Sunnies icon pack, and a lot of seasonal wallpapers. Even though the app has not been updated in a long time, it does not have any annoying bug and an amazing set of wallpapers to beautify your home screen.

Sorry, this app is not available!

Zalls – Wallpapers (Zallpaper)

Zalls is a collection of high resolution and elegant wallpapers with a minimal User Experience that gets the job done without any difficulty. The app is regularly updated with beautiful and hand-picked wallpapers so you never run out of options. You can either directly apply the wallpapers on your home screen via a single tap or save them in your phone’s storage for later use.

Sorry, this app is not available!

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