Chat-Based Games for Android
Chat-Based Games for Android

I’ll admit – even though I play games on my Android device every day for hours (work purpose), I’ve never tried those AI-powered chat games that have been the trend for a few year now. Well, I recently played one and I was hooked to the technology that powered the responses.

If you don’t know, chat-based games are exactly what it sounds like. When you play the game, it looks like you are texting somebody. The more your chat, the more the story unfolds. Sure, the stories are fixed and no matter what your reply is, you are always directed towards the main story. But, that, too, is very fun and captivating.

So, if you haven’t gotten into this category of gaming yet, here are 4 of such games to get you started.


Seen is the game that got me into chat-based gaming. The chat client is inspired by Facebook Messenger.

Seen is about a young high school student named Mark Blythe who falls in love with a new student named Nicole Tyler. As you chat with Nicole, you’ll get to know some other characters – Jake, Jenny, and Valerie – of the story as well. Depending on the choices you make, the outcome will differ from player to player.

Seen is inspired by the famous creepy chat history called “annie96 is typing…” by Pascal Chatterjee.

Seen Price: Free

I Am Innocent

I Am Innocent has a lot going for itself. It’s a crime story, it’s got detectives, and it’s got puzzles – all that engaging items molded in the form of chats.

I Am Innocent uses realistic in-game phone calls, a messenger, computer hacking, photographs, and documents to investigate a series of murders with teenage victims. These killings are somehow connected to the disappearance of the protagonists’ sister many years ago.

The story in ‘I Am Innocent’ consists of a lot of characters, with dark secrets and complex personalities. While dealing with these characters and solving the crimes, you’ll face ethical and emotional drama. The thrill, adventure, and mystic will keep you engaged to the very end.

I Am Innocent Price: Free

Bury Me, My Love

Bury Me, My Love is an interactive text messaging adventure game created by Playdius Entertainment. The game tells the story of Nour, a Syrian migrant trying to find her way to Europe; and her husband, Majd, who stays behind in Syria and communicates with her via a messaging app and advises her as best as he can so that she can reach her destination safely.

Bury Me, My Love is about adventure, love, danger, and hope.

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Your job in the game is to read the texts and respond accordingly. The choices you make will impact the outcome of the story as there are fifty different locations and nineteen different endings to the game with widely divergent outcomes.

Bury me, my Love Price: $2.99


The description on the Google play page defines it perfectly – NoStranger is not a game, it’s a conversation.

NoStranger is all about conversation. As you launch the game, you receive a text from a stranger. As the conversation progresses, you will know everything about him – his name, his motivation, and his dark secret.

NoStranger Price: Free

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