KLWP Presets
KLWP Presets

Customisation is Android’s one of the biggest selling point. We have a lot of apps to customize and change the way your device looks. Third-party launcher, wallpapers, widgets, icon packs, lock screen – there’s so much to do that you can easily make your device look one of a kind.

One app that I’ve been checking out recently is KLWP. I’ve been using KWGT for a long time but never tried KLWP. I installed it a few weeks ago. It does have a learning curve but the end result is excellent so it’s worth the trouble.

What is KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker?

To put it in simple terms, KLWP is a live wallpaper. But, it’s not your normal live wallpaper. It’s extremely functional and highly customizable. By combining the elements of widgets and launchers in a live wallpaper, Kustom has created an ultimate theming tool.

KLWP isn’t a standalone tool. You require a third-party launcher for it to work properly.

KLWP is available for free in the Google Play Store. But to, use the advanced features and to unlock the full potential of the app, you’ll need to buy the premium version which will cost you a few bucks.

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KLWP Presets

ShiftingHome KLWP

ShiftingHome is a 4 page minimal and efficient KLWP preset. The first page shows the time, news, shortcut for camera and gallery. The second page shows weather and forecast. The third page shows calendar and upcoming events. The fourth page shows the music player. All four pages have shortcuts for phone, messaging, email, and a web browser app along with the app drawer.

So you can see, that ShiftingHome covers a lot of ground and provides a lot of important information just by a few taps.

ShiftingHome has both light and dark variant. It costs only a dollar in the Google play store and does not have any kind of ads or In-App Purchase.

ShiftingHome KLWP Price: $0.99

MKards for KLWP

MKards is a two-page setup. The first page has a calendar and a weather card. Taping the calendar card shows upcoming events. Swipe left, and you’ll see the second page which is dedicated to music. It has an awesome picture affixed at the top which is replaced by the album art when the music is played. This page also has a visualizer at the bottom.

There’s a floating action button available on both the screens that show the shortcut to phone, messages, web browser, hangouts, and the app drawer.

Both the screen have a hamburger menu at the top left. A tap on this reveals a new card with shortcuts to your social media links like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. You cash also see your battery percentage on this page.

MKards for KLWP Price: $1.30

Flash for KLWP

Flash is a dark themed 3-page setup for KLWP. The first page shows the basic information like the day, date, time and weather organized in a clean format. The second page is reserved for news and feeds. The third page hosts a music player with album art and a progress bar. The cool thing about this page is that the sum lights up when the music is playing.

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The combination of colors is amazing. And, when combined with the sleek animations, it makes the device look excellent.

Flash for KLWP Price: Free

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