Google Assistant was introduced with Google Pixel and was initially only made available for a limited set of devices. Recently, Google opened the gates for all compatible devices. Though some people still prefer Google Now over Google Assistant (which I have no idea why), the overall feedback from the users has been positive so far. While Google now was very useful, it lacked a human touch. It always felt like you are interacting with a robot. Google Assistant aims to fill that gap. It’s smart, intelligent and funny – all at once! You can use Google Assistant to a lot of useful stuff or just simply have fun! Here is a list of 12 cool and interesting (and funny) Google Assistant tricks you must check out

1. Daily briefing:

As the title indicates, Google Assistant is capable of reading out the daily briefing for you. Things like the weather, your calendar events, the traffic on your commute, all the way to playing the latest news.

Simply launch Google Assistant and say ‘Good Morning’ and the Google Assistant will start the briefing. It also works with ‘Good Afternoon’ and ‘Good Evening’ as well.

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2. I’m Feeling Lucky:

Almost everyone is aware of the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button on the Google homepage. Although it doesn’t work the way it used to, it’s still there. Google has decided to introduce the same in Google Assistant.

It is one of my most favorite (fun) features in Google Assistant and I am sure you will love it too. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, try it and let me know!

3. Change the measurement units:

By default, many weather apps show the weather in Fahrenheit. Google Assistant too, does the same. I find it extremely difficult to get my head around the Fahrenheit measurement. Fortunately, you can simply ask Google Assistant to change it for you. Just say ‘Change the default unit to Celcius’ and it will be done.

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4. Get Google to call you by name or nickname:

Did you know that you can simply ask your Google Assistant to address you by a particular name or nickname? I just launched my Google Assistant and said ‘call me Batman’. Look at the result.

Now, everytime Google Assistant address me, it uses the name ‘Batman’.

5. Control your phone:

You don’t have to swipe down and go to the quick settings panel to control things like Bluetooth, Wifi, etc. Just call up your Google Assistant and say what you want to do and it will be done immediately.

6. Quick Translations:

Google has brought the translations to Google Assistant, and it works like a charm. The next time you need a quick translation for any set of words, you can simply ask your Google Assistant. Here’s an example:

7. Sing Happy Birthday:

You can ask Google Assistant to sing the traditional happy birthday song for you. And you know what? She (or it?) sings way better than many of us. The song sounds totally natural and not robotic at all.

Next time you wanna celebrate someone’s birthday, you can try this cool trick!

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8. Flip a coin:

Making a decision has never been this easy. If you want to make a quick decision, you can simply ask Google to ‘flip a coin’.

Google Assistant will flip a coin for you (with a neat tinkling sound and all) and will get you a result.

9. Subject Based News:

If you are not interested in the general news and want to check out the latest news about a particular topic, Google Assistant can do that as well. Simply launch your Google Assistant and ask ‘What is the news about Samsung Galaxy S8?’ and Google Assistant will give you the news related to Galaxy S8.

You can replace the subject with anything you want and the relevant news will be served fro you.

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10. Songs and Jokes:

You can get your Google Assistant to sing a lot of different songs, albeit at random. To get Google Assistant to sing a song for you, just say ‘Sing a song’ to it, and it will sing a random tune for you.

Same goes for jokes as well. Simply say ‘Tell me a joke’ and it will be done.

11. Play Music:

You can ask your Google Assistant to play the music that you have stored on your device. By default, Google Play Music will be used to play the songs. You can also get it to stream songs from services like Spotify, provided you are subscribed to them.

You can even say things like ‘Play One Direction on Spotify’, etc.

12. Seamlessly fetch photos:

I use Google Photos to store all my photos and if you do too, you can use this trick to look at some old photos. You can say things like ‘Show my pictures from last summer’ or ‘Show me pictures of dogs from my pictures’ and Assistant will get those exact photos for you.

You can say things like ‘Show my pictures from last summer’ or ‘Show me pictures of dogs from my pictures’ and Assistant will get those exact photos for you.

These are some of the many things that Google Assistant is capable of. If you know any other tricks for Google Assistant that you think deserves a place on this list, do let us know in the comments section below.


  1. There are a lot more fun functions the assistant has. Ask about your favorite pop culture things, such as 42 or who shot first. Been having tons of fun messing with people using the various extra features assistant has.

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