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How to Link Android to Windows PC for a More Seamless Experience

A majority of the smartphone and PC owners in the world own an Android smartphone and a Windows PC. Both Operating systems are the mightiest on their respective platforms but when you talk about...

How to Make Google Chrome Load Pages Faster on Your Android

Google Chrome is the most widely used web browser, both on smartphones and computers. But that doesn't necessarily mean it's the best web browser out there, not anymore at least. When Google first brought...
Disable Suggested Articles in Chrome

How to Disable Suggested Articles in Chrome

Being one of the most installed Android apps of all time, Google Chrome is the ultimate web browser for Android. Google, as a company, offers multiple services and, to stay ahead of the competition,...

Boost your Chrome browsing experience with Earth View

Customization can be compiled of just a couple of tiny elements or a ton of them. Only the users can determine when a certain amount of customization is “enough”. Surely enough you will find...

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