Customization can be compiled of just a couple of tiny elements or a ton of them. Only the users can determine when a certain amount of customization is “enough”. Surely enough you will find people that spend hours on end trying to find the best aesthetical combinations for their systems. The results can sometimes be impressive.

One way you can customize your browser experience is by adding a simple add-on that can impact it in a big way. We’re talking about Earth View, from Google Earth. With the Earth View add-on, you will be able to bypass the boring white backgrounds of new tabs and replace them with satellite images of Earth. With a new image popping up when you open a new tab, Earth View can break the monotone trance that can set upon anyone that spends a long period of time browsing.

If you’re wondering how a satellite photo is supposed to improve the aesthetics of your browser, we got the answer for you. You won’t be receiving just any satellite photo, but handpicked ones that portray the best Earth has to offer. The mountain relief, cities and other compelling formations. You will be amazed at what our little planet can produce in terms of photographic content and what satellites can extract.

If you come across a picture that you really like, you can also download it onto your computer and use it as your personal wallpaper image. That’s the great thing about this add-on. It doesn’t limit you to enhancing just your browser screen, but your desktop screen as well, if you so desire.

The add-on is free and can be acquired from Google’s add-on library. Pressing the big button that tells you to download/install the add-on is all you have to do in order to get this add-on rolling onto your setup.

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