Tag: Battery Optimization Tips

How to Fix Google Play Services Battery Drain

Even if you don't see Google Play Services in your app drawer, there is a good chance you're still familiar with the name. Play Services is the reason for a number of crashes on Android...

5 Best Battery Saver Apps to Make Your Android’s Battery Last Longer

With phones getting bigger and thinner every day, it is becoming more and more hard to get decent battery life out of them. I honestly do not understand this new concept of making phones...

All You Need to Know About Smartphone Battery: The Facts, The Myths

Smartphone battery life is one of the biggest gripes that the current gen of uber-social users have. Although there are certain entry-level and mid-range devices focussed on robust battery life, the flagship smartphones have...

10 Tips to Make Your Phone’s Battery Last Longer

With devices getting bigger, screens getting sharper and phones getting thinner – the one thing that is not getting any better is your smartphone’s battery life. While we have gone from dual core CPUs...

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