Google Digital Wellbeing

Google’s Digital Wellbeing: All you need to know

In the 21st century, the smartphone has become an important part of our everyday life. According to statistics, in the year 2017 more than 50% of people were using their smartphones for more than...

5 Tips for Buying Android Smartphones that will Last Long

Since the first smartphone appeared in the mid-90s, a huge technology market has emerged over the production and distribution of smartphone devices. Nowadays, smartphones running Android enjoy the highest market share. A typical Android...

Improve Touchscreen Responsiveness on Android with a Simple Tweak [ROOT]

Android is a touchscreen-oriented Operating System. From the early days of its development, a major developers concern was providing acceptable touchscreen responsiveness. Many solutions appeared throughout the years, including custom CPU frequency scaling governors,...
Firefox vs Chrome on Android

Battle of the Titans: Firefox vs Chrome on Android

When it comes to Web browsers, biggest representatives on all computing platforms are Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox. Both browsers have a huge history and are in constant development. Firefox is a proud descendant...

Orfox – A Tor Browser for Android

If you are a privacy-concerned user, you should have heard about the Tor browser for Personal Computers. Tor  (The onion router) is a free software that tries to protect the user's privacy on the...

Looking for an Alternative SMS App for Android? Check out QKSMS

SMS messaging is an important part of mobile communications. Even if Internet Messaging services nowadays represent an easy and fast way of communication, SMS service still holds its ground strong. This is mainly due...

Find the Best Performing Kernel for Android Devices Using Hackbench

If you are using custom kernels on your Android devices, most probably you came across the situation where you had to choose among a large number of different custom kernels. In the search for...
4G vs 5G Networks

4G vs 5G Networks: Everything You Need to Know

The success of the smartphone has been tightly related to advances in mobile network technologies. A basic part of the smartphone philosophy is allowing the user to share their thoughts and life moments with...
Improve User Interface FPS on Android Build.prop Tweak

Improve User Interface FPS on Android with a Simple Build.prop Tweak

Nowadays, when experts discuss User Interfaces (UI) they mostly care about frame-rates. Even if the human eye can process up to 25 Frames Per Second (FPS), digital visual content must be displayed at more...

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