Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 (3G+WiFi) Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Firmware Update


Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 is a popular tablet device. Unlike many other tablets, it comes with a special stylus – the S Pen, which offers precision superior to that of generic capacitive style. In terms of specs, the  Tab 10.1 features a 10.1″ PLS TFT display with a resolution of 1280 by 800 pixels, a quad-core processor that runs at 1.4 GHz, a pair of cameras with the 5 MP main one with auto-focus and LED flash, and a 2 MP front-facing shooter. The device was released with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and now it can be upgraded to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 (3G+WiFi) has recently received the long-awaited Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware update that has started rolling out via OTA and Kies update. Keep a close eye on Kies to get the update info. Alternatively, you can check for the OTA update from Settings> About> Software update. If you do not find any firmware update for your Tab 10.1, do not worry and try the method given below.

The is another way, however, to get the latest Android 4.1.1 firmware update on your Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000. You can download the complete firmware file and flash it using Odin3 just in a few clicks. Since it an Unbranded firmware, it can be installed on any International version of Galaxy Note 10.1. The only condition is do not install it if you have a carrier-branded/network locked device.


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Firmware Details:

  • PDA: N8000XXBLK2
  • CSC: N8000OXXBLJ2
  • Android Version: 4.1.1
  • Regions: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

New Features and Changes:

Here is a list of some of the new features and changes that I discovered on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-N8000 after Android 4.1.1 update.

  • Google Now: press and hold the Home icon to launch Google Now
  • Project Butter: smoother and faster UI
  • New enhanced TouchWiz
  • New Notification Panel
  • New S Note Widget and new features added
  • New Blocking Mode (found under Settings)
  • Ripple Lockscreen
  • Changes in Settings interface
  • Various S Pen Features from Note 2
  • YouTube client in Video Player
  • Press the Power+Volume Up button together to start screen recording.
  • Press and hold the S Pen on any area of the screen and drag it to take a clip
  • The app info panel while pressing and holding an icon at the desktop has gone.
  • The S Pen dock that popped out while pulling out the stylus has gone.


Android 4.1.1 Firmware:

Additional Firmwares:







New Zealand:


How to Install the Firmware:

Here is how you can install the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware on your Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-N8000. Follow the steps given below carefully:

  1. Download the  firmware and extract the zip.
  2. Download and extract the zip
  3. Download Samsung USB Drivers and install on your computer.
  4. Charge your device and backup all important data. Backup your contacts, call-logs, messages, APNs, bookmarks, calendar, apps & games using these nice free apps.
  5. Switch off your phone and enter the Download Mode. To do this, you need to press and hold the Volume Up and Power Keys simultaneously for about 3-5 seconds till the screen turns up. The device will ask you to press Volume Up key to enter Download Mode, do it.
  6. Now open Odin.exe  and connect your device to computer.
  7. When your device will be connected to your computer, one ID:COM box will turn green and you will “Added!!” text at the message box at Odin.
  8. Click on ‘PDA’ and select the firmware file with .tar.md5 extension. 
  9. Now in Odin, ensure that only the Auto Reboot and F. Reset Time options are checked
  10. Click Start in Odin and the installation will begin.
  11. This installation might take some time and when it finishes, you will see PASS! message on the ID:COM.
  12. The device will reboot now. Disconnect it from the computer.

Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded your Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-N8000 to official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware. Dow not forget to let us know how it worked for you and share you experience with the new Jelly Bean update.

Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 (3G+WiFi) Android 4.1.1

Root Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 on Android 4.1.1 JB Firmware:

Updating your Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 (3G+WiFi) with Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean stock  firmware would have brought your device to unrooted state. If you wish to root it again just follow the steps below that are very similar to the firmware flashing method:

  1. Download and extract the zip.
  2. Turn off your device and boot it into Download Mode as you did while flashing the firmware above.
  3. Launch the Odin program and connect the device to computer via USB cable.
  4. Hit the PDA button on Odin and select the “CF-Auto-Root-p4noterf-p4noterfxx-gtn8000.tar” file.
  5. Click on the Start button and let the installation finish. You will have to wait for some time and finally you will get a PASS! message at Odin and your device will reboot automatically.

In case, this rooting method does not work for you, try this one.

Bingo! your  Galaxy Note 10.1 GT-N8000 has now been rooted. Enjoy!

  • Shanky Warya

    Hi , i want to downgrade my samsung GT N8000 from kitkat 4.2.2 to 4.1.2 . Please help

  • Tony Phobaingeune

    The firmwares are unable to download

  • Helvio Fernando

    Sorry, wrong post… this root i need for for 4.4.2

    I”m posted in correct topic now

  • See here:

    You’ll find the root guide.

  • Helvio Fernando

    Nice!! works fine in brazilian N-8000 ! very thanks for tutorial and links.

    Now i needs root

  • You’ll have to root your device and look for a custom ROM that features Google apps and services.

  • joseph

    then how can I change the chinese firmware version to different country version

  • joseph

    I saw how to fix this “Can’t open the serial(COM) port” which i have done but i still have the below error report (Complete(Write) operation failed.)

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    N8000XXCMF1_N8000OXXCMF1_N8000XXCLL1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

  • Wait, you won’t be able to install European firmware on Chinese model.

  • Reinstall the drivers and reboot the pc and device.

  • joseph

    Enter CS for MD5..
    Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
    Please wait..
    N8000XXCMF1_N8000OXXCMF1_N8000XXCLL1_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
    Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
    Leave CS..
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:5)..
    File analysis..
    Can’t open the serial(COM) port.
    All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    the above is the error result “(Can’t open the serial(COM) port.) and it shows failed” I have why trying to install United Kingdom firmware version of N8000 galaxy note 10.1 android 4.1.2 on chinese firmware version N8000 galaxy note 10.1 android 4.1.2, reason was because I wanted european fireware though I bought my device in china

  • Alan Wood

    i have installed google calendar and it synchs ok with s planner within each device, but not across devices

  • Alan Wood

    tried a new entry on tablet but it didn’t turn up on phone. added new entry to phone but it didn’t turn up on tablet

  • Make a new calendar entry, then sync to verify if it works. If it does not wok, try a 3rd party app:

  • Alan Wood

    Hi Rakesh, thanks for the help. I tried settings>accounts>Google>sync settings>checked calendar. It shows as being synched but the phone still has a blank calendar.

  • Go to settings> accounts> tap gmail> check Calender under sync settings.

  • Alan Wood

    How do I synch calendars on a Samsung tablet GT8000 and phone NT19100?

  • Reinstall the drivers after uninstalling the previous one. Reboot PC and device both and try again. Make sure to enable USB debugging on device.

  • Adel Sherbiny

    I have this msg : Can’t open the serial(COM) port

  • May be today, may be a month or even more.

  • andrej…..

    How long?

  • Yes.

  • You’ll have to wait for OTA.

  • andrej…..

    And can i do update by odin on my SG Note10.1

  • andrej…..

    So how can i update it and dont lose warranty ?

  • Yes, it is legel. As for the warranty part, I am not sure. Did not have any opportunity to claim warranty so far in years. Some say it does not affect warranty while others say it does.

  • andrej…..

    And is it legal? will i lose my warranty if i will update my device by sammobile and odin? Thanks

  • If your device model is N8000 AND IT IS Unlocked/Unbranded, yes, you can install it.

  • andrej…..

    Hallo. Can i update whit this when my note is n8000xxlga ??

  • Sorry, I do not watch any tutorial. It works to the best of my knowledge. It’s up to you who you follow.

  • sory…i want to ask u…i watch tutorial from zedomax…and so different from u tutorial…can you explain? and u method can use custom stock rom? thanks 🙂

  • Yes, it will work and you will have root the device again as it is an official firmware. You can root it again:

  • Krisnasoc it this method works for my ICS 4.0.4 N8000…and my note 10.1 has rooted…and is it safe if i update my ICS root to JB? and if this work…is it must root again JB on note 10.1? can u explain…thanks

  • Yes, you can sure install it. Go ahead.

  • Guest

    Hi. I just bought a samsung note 10.1 last december in hongkong. the build number says
    N8000XXZSALI1 and N8000XXLI1
    i have been waiting for an update, and been checking through my tablet and kies. and yet it always said no updates available. I reside in Philippines. Can i download a firmware based in Philippines? I’m sorry. Kind of new to these kind of things.

  • Try to enable handwriting recognition from device settings> language and input. Also check the S Pen settings.

  • amazony

    Hi, I just got my galaxy note 10.1 yesterday and I tested the hand writing recognition in S Note with S Pen. Today, after upgrading finished (Jelly Bean) I used S Note but is not recognizing the hand writing and same in the other apps that also should do it but formulas and shapes recognition are working though.
    Hope you have a solution. Thanks.

  • Thanks a lot!

  • Reboot the device and try again. There should not be any problem with registration and Google Play. If you still have problem, boot the device into Recovery mode: turn off device, press and hold Volume Down+power keys till you see Samsung logo blink for two times followed by a black screen with Android bot. Release the power key just as you see the bot. Using volume keys, scroll down to “wipe data factory reset” and select it using Power key. Finally, reboot the device. It should be fixed.

    Note that wiping will reset your Note 10.1 and delete the data (contacts, apps, messages, etc. on internal memory, so do not forget to sync and backup.

    You can also try Android 4.1.2 firmware:

  • Thanks so much! Perfect JB update if not for the failing of registration of the device. Also, I cannot access my google play account anymore. I remembered it saying “device not supported”. Can I ask your help on this? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Ok.. I will keep my eyes peeled for it. Thank you.

  • I have not tested it on my Note 10.1 yet. When I will get some time I will try to write a detailed article as I did on 4.1.1:

  • I certainly will. BTW: is there any discernible difference between 4.1.1 and 4.1.2?

  • Do remember to register your device immediately after updating your firmware (before rooting) in order to receive future updates over the air or by Wifi as you will not be able to complete the registration after you have rooted your device.

  • It worked flawlessly for me. Thanks a bunch!! Do remember to register your device immediately after updating your firmware (before rooting) in order to receive future updates over the air or by Wifi as you will not be able to complete the registration after you have rooted your device.

  • worked so well. thank you!

  • The firmware has been tested. I am attaching a screenshot within the post. Anyways, you can try the Android 4.1.2 firmware from here:

  • Guest

    i did it exactly as it said and nothing happened on my device. still got ice cream sandwich. 😐

  • Restart PC, Reboot phone, connect USB properly. Its a connectivity issue.

  • In fact very big files aare allowed with most file uploading sites. There fore we do have choice. Upload, but where to?

  • Visitor

    when i choose the file Odin says “the parameter is incorrect”, can you help ??

  • Demian

    Do you have any other mirrors for the rom ??

  • Demian

    The 4.1.1 you have here, supports arabic ?

  • Demian

    I am downloading the one in this thread, whats the difference ? Will it have arabic support as well ?

  • There are many changes and it also supports Arabic.

  • Demian

    I am downloading the one in this thread, whats the difference ? Will it have arabic support as well ?

  • Well, if the CSC of your country is inside the firmware you can change it later. Because it doesn’t, you cannot.

    Today I will be adding more countries.

  • Demian

    Can i know why ? And what is the difference ?

  • No, you can’t change its CSC for Egypt, I am afraid. You will have flash the future updates manually as you are doing this time. It doesn’t matter at all.

    Why don’t you try Android 4.1.2?
    Downgrade Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Devices

  • Demian

    I set it to be in egypt, can i change it ? can it help me to get the automatic update ?

  • Yes, It will definitely work. Flash it without doubt.

    Why don’t you try Android 4.1.2?
    Downgrade Firmware on Samsung Galaxy Devices

  • Demian

    I have galxy not 10.1 N8000 this upgrade will work ? Will i still gets the samsung applications ?? Thank you

  • Yes. You can also try changing the csc of your device.

  • Cloda

    Thanks, the update seems to have worked fine. Only thing is that I can’t get the device to register for updates under Settings – About Device – Update. I get a message that says: Processing failed. Will I need to manually update the device now each time a new firmware version comes out?

  • If your device is locked to a SIM/Network operator, it can be called a branded device. If it is not, you can surely flash the firmware from this page.

  • Liquidcz

    Hi, i would love to manually upgrade to 4.1.1, but i dont know if i have carrier-branded/network locked device or unbranded. How can i find which version im having.

  • Restart your PC and phone, check that the USB cable has been connected correctly and try again.

  • marko

    it says the parameter is incorrect when i click on start, what do i do ? help, this is my 1st time installing a rom, m on N8000 international version

  • Okay, boot the device into recovery: pres and hold Volume down+Power button for a few seconds. When you are in Android System Recovery, scroll to an option called “wipe data/factory reset” using volume keys and select it using power key. When wipe is done reboot device using “reboot system now” option.

    *Do not forget to backup you contacts and messages because this will delete theme.

  • raul


  • raul

    if the correct version of the Galaxy Note N8000 1.10 and version 4.1.1 is installed but not used the s pen

  • raul

    my s pen after upgrade no longer serves my note and does not recognize that it appears to me the s pen removed when the pencil bag

  • Have you flashed it on the correct version of Galaxy Tab? I mean re you sure you have installed it on Galaxy Tab 10.1 GT-N8000? Check and let me know.

  • raul

    my s pen its no working!!!