The LG G3 is one of the most-awaited phones of the year and has been successful in catching the fancy of smartphone lovers. The device features a brilliant QHD screen, nicely packaged specs, new flattened and faster user interface with a bunch of new features. The device sports a 13MP rear sensor to capture high-quality photos. However, one thing most of us are curious to check is the performance of the laser focus sensor that measures the distance between the device camera and the subject in just 0.276ms. Even the G3’s front camera captures fantastic selfies.

The LG G3 camera can capture 1080p pictures at 30 frames per seconds and can record videos at 4K resolution at 30MB per second. It simply means that the pictures and videos shot by the camera of this phone is pretty good. However, if you own the LG G3 and want to get even better results with its camera, Hendrickson’s camera mod for the device is just what you need.

Having flashed the LG G3 camera mod on your phone you can achieve significant improvement in the picture and video output of your device. The the latest version of LG G3 camera mod turns the default 1080p 3ofps pictures to 1080p 60fps. Moreover, it sets Jpeg picture quality compression to 100. As for the recorded videos, the default 4K @ 30mbps with 40mbps.

Sample Video at 40mbps:


Install LG G3 Camera Mod

The LG G3 camera mod does not require a custom recovery. All you need is root access and a root file explorer to access and modify system files. Now here’re the steps:

  1. Unzip and open the extracted folder.
  2. Copy the media_profiles.xml file to your phone.
  3. Now open Root Browser app and navigate to the media_profiles.xml file.
  4. Tap and hold this file and select Copy option.
  5. Now navigate to system/etc folder and tap the Paste button.
  6. You will see a window asking if you want to overwrite an existing file. Select Yes.
  7. Now find the media_profiles.xml file, tap and hold it and select Permissions option.lg-g3-fix-file-permissions
  8. Set the file permissions for this file to rw-r–r– (0644) as shown above.

When you are done with fixing the permissions, exit Root Browser and reboot your LG G3. Wait till the device boots up and then launch the camera app. I don’t think you need to be told what to do next. Enjoy!