Note: This ROM works on all Galaxy Note 5 variants including the T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint and Verizon models of the device.

Galaxy Note 7 is right around the corner but the new UI which the Note 7 would be rocking has been in testing for months now. A few Galaxy Note 5 users have been testing the new UI as the beta testers. Although Note 5 may receive an official update to Grace UI, you can enjoy the Note 7’s TouchWiz UI on your Galaxy Note 5 right now by installing the HydROM by Xda developer SirHydarnes.

SirHydarnes has ported the Note 7’s Grace UI for Galaxy Note 5. The ROM is pre-rooted and Debloated. The ROM also includes few of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge features. Given below is the feature list of the ROM:


  • Based on the latest GRACE UX(N920SKSU2ZPFB)
  • Debloated
  • Deodexed
  • Korean carrier bloatware, apps, and files have been removed
  • Multi-user
  • Support for all the Note5 variants (read notes)
  • 5-Way reboot menu
  • Galaxy S7’s Edge features
  • Note7 Galaxy Apps(You can download the Note7 version of Samsung apps)
  • Some S7 Apps ported(newer ones)
  • S7 UI Sounds and ringtones
  • De-Knoxed
  • And few more

Follow the steps given below try out the latest TouchWiz UI on your Galaxy Note 5. Make sure you have enough juice left in your batteries before starting the installation procedure.

Note: You will have to perform a complete wipe as advised in the steps to follow or you will face some issues with your device. You may backup your applications using Titanium Backup to save their data. Also, you must make a Nandroid backup before performing the wipes, so that you can restore to your previous ROM without any hassle.


grace-ui_6 grace-ui_5 grace-ui_4 grace-ui_3 grace-ui_2 Grace UX from Galaxy Note 7

Things You Will Need

  • Galaxy Note 5 with TWRP Custom Recovery installed
  • The HydROM v1.0.3: Link

How to Root Galaxy Note 5 and Install TWRP for T-Mobile and Sprint

Steps To Follow

Step 1. Download the ROM from the link given above and transfer the zip file to your device’s storage. (Remember the location where you copy the zip file)

Step 2. Boot your device into Recovery mode to start the TWRP custom recovery. To do so, turn off your device then press and hold Power + Home + Vol. Down key for few seconds.

Step 3. Once you are in TWRP select Backup and select all the partitions to backup. Then swipe to start the backup process.

Step 4. After the backup process completes, go back to home screen of TWRP and select Wipe > Advanced Wipe and then select Data, System, Cache and Dalvik Cache partitions. Swipe to confirm the wipes.

Step 5. Now select Install option on the home screen of TWRP and then go to the location where you copied the zip file for the ROM. Select the zip file and swipe to start the installation.

Step 6. Reboot and Enjoy!

The first boot may take about 20 minutes, so be patient and let your device boot. In case your Note 5 doesn’t get past the Samsung splash screen even after 20 minutes, press and hold the Volume up+Home+Power keys together for 6-7 seconds to reboot into the TWRP recovery and restore the backed up ROM.

That’s All! You have successfully installed the Note 7’s Grace UI ROM port on your Galaxy Note 5. Enjoy the new look on your device and do share with us how to do you like the newer TouchWiz UI.

Feel free to drop down your queries in the comments section below.

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