Best Custom ROMs for Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i



Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i  isn’t as spectacular a phone as its name suggests, but it is a competent budget smartphone. The little monster has a 3.5 inch 320 x 480 pixel display, a 800 MHz processor, a 5.0 MP 2592 x 1944 pixels rear camera with auto-focus and LED flash, WiFi, and 1350 mAh Li-Ion battery. The phone was released in March 2011 with Android 2.2 Froyo which has now been updated to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread.

If you have this phone and are looking for an Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean update from Samsung, you are simply beating about the bush. That is not to say that there is no chances of enjoying ICS or Jelly Bean on your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i. Remember it the awesome world of Android where impossible is nothing and nothing is impossible. It is another thing that being a low-end smartphone, all Galaxy Ace phones have not got due attention from our developers. Still there is not a complete void if we talk about a custom ROM for the Galaxy Ace S5830i.

Please note that before being able to install a custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i, you will have to root your phone. Moreover, it must have ClockworkMod Recovery installed on it. If you already have a rooted phone, you can directly jump to the custom ROMs section. In case you have rooted and installed CWM Recovery on your  Ace S5830i, head over to our handy tutorial by clicking on the link below.

Guide: How to Root and Install CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy  Ace S5830i


Before you actually proceed to install custom ROM on you Galaxy Ace 5830i, let me warn you that it is a risky procedure. Do not move ahead unless you are fully aware of what you are going to do. The method and ROMs listed below have been tested by thousands of people successfully but if you are not duly careful through the procedure, your case might be an exception. Neither Droidviews nor the developers of the ROMs will, at any rate, be responsible for any mishap. Being a owner of your phone, you know better what is god for you.

Making Preparations:

Well, if you ready to flash a custom ROM on your Galaxy Ace 5830i, you need to do a few things before proceeding to flash the ROM.  Among the other things you need to do before installing this ROM are:

  • Get your Galaxy Ace 5830i fully charged.
  • Backup all your contacts, messages and other important data. Use these free apps to backup all data.
  • Turn on the USB Debugging mode on your device. Go to Settings> Applications>Development> USB Debugging> check the box.
  • Download the ROM  you like from the links below. Do not extract the zip file and copy it  to the main directory of your device’s SD Card (not in a sub-folder).
  • Download Google Apps for your phone from below (do not extract) and copy it to the same location as the ROM file.


Backup EFS Partition that Contains IMEI:

IMPORTANT: The EFS Partition of you phone contains your phone’s IMEI number. Sometimes when your install a custom ROM, your phone’s IMEI number might disappear and as a result you will not be able to make a call, receive a message, and use internet. To avoid any problem, it’ll be better if you backup your IMEI for safety purpose. In case you discover that your phones IMEI number has gone/lost, you can restore the “efs” folder back to its place and your problem will be fixed. Use an app called Galaxy ToolBox for the purpose.

Download: Galaxy ToolBox.apk (187.15 KB)

[appbox googleplay com.doky.sgtoolbox]


Installing a ROM on Galaxy Ace:

  1. First of all make sure that you have done all things mentioned above under preparations.
  2. Go to Settings > Mobile networks>Access point name and note down the settings. You might need to setup it again in case you are unable to use data connection after installing the ROM.
  3. Turn off your device and boot it into CWM Recovery Mode. Press and hold  the Volume Up + Home keys and then long press  the Power key till the start up screen with “Samsung Galaxy Ace GT-S5830i″ logo blinks for two times and you see a screen as shown below.  Another way to boot the device into ClockworkMod  to download the ROM Manager app from the Google Play Store and use “Reboot into Recovery” option.
  4. In the Recovery Mode, use Volume, Home and Power keys to navigate between the options and select them.
  5. Open “backup and restore” and backup your current ROM (important). When the backup is done go back to the main menu
  6. In the CWM Recovery Mode, scroll to “wipe data factory reset” option and select “Yes”.
  7. Go to “advanced” option and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  8. Go to “mounts and storage” and wipe “system”.
  9. Then come back to the main menu and select “install zip from sdcard> choose zip from sdcard”. Now browse to the ROM file and select it. Confirm your choice by selecting “yes”.
  10. This will start the installation process and will take a few minutes to complete.
  11. When it is done, go back and install the Gapps using Step 8.
  12. Return to the main menu again and select “reboot system now”. It might take a few minutes before your device reboots, so a little patience is required.

When the phone boots up, you will be able to enjoy the newly installed Jelly Bean ROM on your Galaxy Ace S5830i.


Download Google Apps Apk

Download the following Google apps,  copy them to your phone by connecting phone to computer using USB cable and install them.

Google Play Store: Click Here

Gmail 4.2.1: Click Here

Gmail 4.1.2: Click Here

Google Maps: Click Here

Google Currents: Click Here


1. Jelly Blast JB 4.1.1 Galaxy Ace S5830i:

Developer: Styrke

Jelly Blast V3.0.4


The Jelly Blast ROM for the Galaxy Ace S5830i is one of the best choices out there if you want to upgrade your phone to the latest version of Android Jelly Bean. The ROM is based on CyanogenMod 10 and lets you enjoy Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean with all new features. The ROM is a port from the Jelly Blast ROM for the Galaxy Y. The Galaxy Ace version is very fast and smooth. Needless to say it is a battery-friendly ROM. If your mind is stuffed with Jelly Bean, go for it and it would not disappoint you. Being based on CM, the ROM also supports themes which can be downloaded from the Play Store.

How to Fix JellyBlast Headset Bug:

After installing this ROM, if you get problems with audio or earphone not detecting issue, download and install the SoundAbout app from the Play Store. Open the app, search audio media and check the Wired Headset (with Mic) option. Connect your earphone to phone. To go back to the normal mode change it to “Let the Phone Decide” option.


[appbox googleplay]

Downloads and Instructions:

Download Jelly Blast ROM Galaxy Ace S5830i: Link

Download Google Apps: [CyanogenMod 10.0.x]

How to install: Go to the beginning of the post for installation instructions. Please flash this ROM on on your phone after updating your phone to the latest version of stock firmware, otherwise you might face camera and  headphone issues.

Watch JellyBlast ROM for Galaxy Ace S5830i in action:


2. Simplicity V3 ROM Final Ace S5830i + Themes:

Developer: Abhi922 (Donate)




Do you own a Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830i and are crazy about iPhone, you can enjoy the look and feel of the iOS on your very Ace S5830i with the Simplicity V3 Final ROM for your phone. The ROM does not only lets you enjoy the iOS look on your Ace, but it also comeS with Xperia Arc and Xperia S themes that completely revamp the look of your Galaxy Ace S5830i.

I would like to recommend this theme for your phone not only for its theming capabilities, but also for its smooth performance and features. The only known bugs of the ROM are Kies and Camera not working. The Camera bug, however, can be fixed by installing the camera app (download below). Copy the Camera.apk to your device’s SD Card and install it from File Manager.

Downloads and Instructions:

Simplicity V3 ROM Galaxy Ace S5830i: Link

Google Apps (MDPI):

Camera App: Link1,  Link2

iPhone Theme: Theme,  iPhone Lockscreen

Xperia Arc Theme: Theme,  Icons

Xperia S Theme: Theme,  MMS Fix, Music Player

Windows Phone8 Metrosphere Theme: Download Theme

Adobe Flash Player for Ace S5830i: Link1,  Link2

How to Install:

Install the ROM using the steps given in the tutorial given the beginning of the post.

  1. To install the themes and Adobe Flash Player on your Galaxy Ace S5830i, follow the following steps:
  2. Download the zips (do not extract them)
  3. Boot the phone into CWM Recovery.
  4. Scroll down to “install zip from sd card> choose zip from sd card>”,  select the desired zip and confirm your choice by selecting “yes”.
  5. When the file is installed, go back to the main menu of the CWM and scroll to “advanced’ option and “wipe dalvik cache”.
  6. Return to main menu and select “reboot system now”.
  7. Done! Enjoy the new theme!



3. MindCr SGS3 Styled Rom for Galaxy Ace S5830i

Developer: MindCr



Enjoy the look and feel of the Samsung Galaxy S3 on your very Galaxy Ace S58230i by dressing up your phone with the MindCr SGS3 styled Rom. It is a feature packed ROM that ports most of the Galaxy S3 UI design. The ROM is fast, smooth  and battery-friendly as well. The ROM is based on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. To know what features it brings to your phone, just throw your eyes below.

Features of the ROM:

  • Rom 2.4 Deodexed MindCr Gingerbread.BGHL4 (XXLH3)
  • Bootanimation – Blue Android Particles.
  • SGS3 themed: Looks like SGS3, Sounds SGS3, Dialer SGS3, Wallpapers & Ringtones SGS3
  • 15 buttons in the scroll-bar (6 visible).
  • 6 screen lock styles.
  • Swipe notifications to remove it
  • Center Clock
  • Fix Host file for AdFree
  • Removed some useless applications.
  • Holo Launcher 1.2.8
  • Tweaks and battery performance.
  • Memory and Internet Tweaks
  • Mod Touchscreen sensibility
  • Automatic Zipaling every 5 starts.
  • Improved sound (Mega Bass Beats + Dsp Manager)
  • SD cache size 1024
  • ZRam 72 mb
  • Kernel Rafael Baugis 201211201515
  • Quickpanel and ROM settings support language: English, Spanish, Italian and Polish

How to Install:

If you are going to install this ROM over a another custom ROM, follow the guide given the beginning. In case, you are to flash it over a stock ROM, follow the following steps:

  1. Download the ROM: Link 1,  Link 2
  2. Download ClockworkMod: Link 1,  Link 2
  3. Download Flash Player: Link 1,  Link 2
  4. Copy the ROM, and Flash files in the root (main) directory of your SD Card.
  5. Turn off the phone and boot it into Recovery Mode by pressing: Volume up + home + power. (To navigate the menu use the volume keys, to select the home, and back to return).
  6. Go to “apply update from sdcard” and choose
  7. Then wipe data / reset – YES
  8. Go to advanced>Wipe Dalvik Cache>yes
  9. Return to main menu
  10. Go to “mounts and storage> format /system> yes”
  11. mount /system (it change to unmount) – Press Back
  12. Select “install zip from sd” / “choose zip from sd card”
  13. Select ROM file and confirm
  14. When the installation is finished, go  back to main menu and reboot phone.

Enjoy the Galaxy S3 styled ROM on your Galaxy Ace S5830i!



4. Ace-i-Sure ROM (Recommended)

Developer: brijeshep

Ace-i-Sure ROM

Ace-i-Sure is in fact a Gingerbread ROM with Holo launcher that makes it look like a Jelly Bean based ROM. Since most of the so called Jelly Bean based custom ROMs are not really up to the mark,  Ace-i-Sure is one that will make you happy. It’s one of the most perfect and bugless ROMs for the Galaxy Ace S5830i.

Here are some of the features of the ROM:

  • Based on Stock Kernel
  • Modded Holo Launcher for better performance
  • 6 lockscreen themes
  • New Status Bar & Notification Area + 15 toggles in notifications
  • Swipe to Remove Notifications
  • Quick Brightness Control
  • 280+ Languages Support
  • Battery Charging Animation in status bar
  • New Settings layout
  • DSP Audio Settings
  • 100 Built-in Direct Wallpapers
  • Dialer Themes
  • Perfect Keyboard
  • New ringtones and alarm Sounds
  • Several build.prop Tweaks added
  • My Files replaced by ES File Explorer
  • Voice Recorder replaced by Ultimate Voice Recorder
  • Google Play Store v.3.10.9
  • Google Maps 6.12.0
  • Google YouTube 4.1.47
  • Jorte Calendar 1.4.17


ROM: Ace-i-Sure (119 MB)

Google Apps: Download the APK files from here and install.

How to Install: Follow the a steps given the tutorial at the beginning of the article.

How to Unbrick/Install Official ROM on Ace S5830i

Read this Tutorial



  • Peter Seka

    hi did that and cant access recovery menu again help help help

  • vampf00d

    Wow I have to commend you on how retarded you are. I tried Jellyblast, good but can’t copy anything to the SD card and seeing as the phone has 256mb internal memory, it’s next to useless. Tried the “Recommende” Ace-I-Sure and it has bricked the phone. It doesn’t even show the Samsung logo, you turn it on and the screen lights up, then nothing. Pretty impressive that you picked the “Recommended” one that people have had problems with. My phone is now fubarred, no recover, no download, not even Odin. Cheers then.

  • ebron felix

    when i installed simplicity rom it shows status 7 and installation aborted

  • Aldo Belus

    The step 8: “Go to “mounts and storage” and wipe “system””, it’s WRONG!!!!
    If you do that, you will let your smartphone bricked, unable to make any function. So, wipe the other things and forget about the step 8 of this article. The other steps are accurate.
    Good luck!

  • Florens

    In case you get a bootloop. Restore your backup and try again but after every step mount all directories again.

  • Kapil Srivatsa

    Hey it worked when i did the whole process the second time 🙂 . thank you very much for this post. Love ya. Keep posting!!

  • Kapil Srivatsa

    hi all, i got stuck with the login screen. I followed the instructions to the word. Even tried mounting system still doesnt work. I tried installing the jellybean rom, the first one. Please help !!

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  • md.rasel khan


  • Alex

    For those who installed Ace-i-sure and got stuck in the logo. You can go back to CWD menu by pressing the home button+volume up+power boton. Next, repeat all the steps but before you reboot the phone, go to mounts and storage and mount system. After that, reboot and should work.

  • Prakash Sadhu

    dear sir my 5830i lose imei number with use of jelly blast how to recover it

  • Varun

    People struggling with stuck boot logo, here is the solution: When you format /system, it gets unmounted, so you have to mount it. The option for it is just above format /system. also mount /data. I was facing the same problem and now it is solved.

  • León Cuenca

    is it compatible with the S5830M?

  • Rayhan

    Hey did you repair it

  • dragon123

    No you cant. You’re just changing the software and not the hardware.

  • Jasmeet Philips

    Its all wrong everytime it got stuck on the welcome logo…
    Guys if it stuck so u have backup ur data,switch off the phone do the same and open recovery mode and restore ur data…
    I got my phone back in good condition…Thank god

  • sooraj

    can we play temple run on
    MindCr SGS3 Styled Rom

  • Vikas Dave

    DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5830iXXLB1_REV00.tar.md5 one file missing total five other file

    install odin i ur pc and download require other file like
    GT-S5830i-MULTI-CSC-OXXLA2.tar.md5 and MODEM_S5830iXXLA2_REV00.tar.md5
    and PDA_S5830IXXLA4_REV00.tar.md5 and cooperve_0623.pit andDefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5830iXXLB1_REV00.tar.md5
    this file put in
    software than volume up +down + power key push phone gose to download
    mode than in odin juas press start ur phone will def. start it 10% work
    try it.
    if u have any prob just mail me

  • Vikas Dave

    DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5830iXXLB1_REV00.tar.md5 one file missing total five other file



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    Vikas Dave


    a minute ago

    install odin i ur pc and download require other file like
    GT-S5830i-MULTI-CSC-OXXLA2.tar.md5 and MODEM_S5830iXXLA2_REV00.tar.md5
    and PDA_S5830IXXLA4_REV00.tar.md5 and cooperve_0623.pit this file put in
    software than volume up +down + power key push phone gose to download
    mode than in odin juas press start ur phone will def. start it 10% work
    try it.
    if u have any prob just mail me

  • Vikas Dave

    DefaultCalDataWithBoot_S5830iXXLB1_REV00.tar.md5 one file missing total five other file

  • Vikas Dave

    install odin i ur pc and download require other file like GT-S5830i-MULTI-CSC-OXXLA2.tar.md5 and MODEM_S5830iXXLA2_REV00.tar.md5 and PDA_S5830IXXLA4_REV00.tar.md5 and cooperve_0623.pit this file put in software than volume up +down + power key push phone gose to download mode than in odin juas press start ur phone will def. start it 10% work try it.
    if u have any prob just mail me

  • Lukasz

    Hi I did all the steps correctly but my signal isn’t working and I can’t call any one does any one knows why that happend

  • Ranjan V

    backed up and restored using Galaxy toolbox , still imei number not replaced, canr make calls or msgs

  • Ranjan V

    same problem, galaxy toolbox was useless

  • Rohit Gehlot

    dont install the 4 one rom i.e
    Ace-i-Sure ROM
    my phone got stuck..
    after installing it is not switching on.

  • Check youR IMEI.

  • Rahul Pardeshi

    hello rakesh sir when i have updated my samsuns galaxy ace gts5830i to jelly blast custom rom it is occuring network problem what can i do for that give me some suggestion plz

  • Rahul Pardeshi

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  • Rahul Pardeshi

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  • Rahul Pardeshi

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  • Rahul Pardeshi

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  • Rahul Pardeshi

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  • Rahul Pardeshi


  • Rahul Pardeshi

    plz help me out

  • Rahul Pardeshi

    my phone is stucked what can i do

  • John Gallagher

    hi, i’ve got touchwiz rom on my galaxy ace, if i wanted to get the windows 8 theme from the simplicity rom, do i have to download the rom itself or i the windows theme separate?

  • sabdeep

    i update my samsung glaxi ace 5830i to jelly bean
    wt there is no network in the mobile

  • Yes.

  • Bob Nigeria

    Do you have to wipe data/factory reset?

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  • aguileramekin

    I had to move to another ROM because nobody seems to know why this Jellyblast ROM is giving me some issues with incoming calls even when my IMEI is Ok and I can make calls .

    I am just mentioning this here in case this be helpfull to somebody else..


  • Aldo

    did you solve this Sr?

  • Aldo

    Rakesh must be stressfull everybody asking you things for nothing but you are the guy here. Up to now I found just one problem, an important one 🙂 and I see others had it too but I can see a solution. When somebody calls me the call only is showed as missed calls but the phone never ring (is like a problem with the handler of the calls). I got back my IMEI and I can make calls, send and receive SMS, connect to internet via wifi very well. I used the two zip mentioned but nothing. I only cannot receive the calls. Any idea?

  • Good to know that.

  • Aldo

    Installed!.I finally got the goal!. The problem was that we need to format the system (not wipe at least for me) and after that we need to MOUNT the system. I hope this experience be useful to somebody else too. Thanks Rakesh great job man. Now I will try everything on this ROM but no problem for now with IMEI or networks, and earphones working perfectly as well without moving a finger.

  • Aldo

    By the way I understood what Yash Mehta said but… I want to try to install JB and then and only if I can’t I will go back to Android 2.3.6

  • Aldo

    Hi Srs. I installed the ROM to update to JB 4.1.1 my S5830i but as others my phone is stuck in the logo after reboot (my SD is new so I have nothing on it except the zips). I used the CWM and wiped the cache and system as suggested but still the same. I can’t find any other solution. Can somebody advise how to proceed.. I’m having problems because I need my phone at work and I know for sure it must be me doing something wrong because I see some of you could do it. Any clue Rakesh? (my mail is please contact me)

  • Yash Mehta

    download a file odin and download your model official rom ( example my model is s5830i – S5830i_XXLI1_ODDLI1_DDLI1_by_SplitFUS2 ) n samsung USB …..nw install usb driver n open odin in PC then put your cell phone in download mode ( up & down & lock button together press) and connet USb to pc n continue download mob by pressing once up key now a yellow light will cm in one of box ( ID.COM) of odin . Then click on PDA option n browse ur official rom , then select PDA file . (PDA_S5830i_XXLI1.tar for model s583oi). Then click on start . It wil reinstall ur official rom then reboot . I wish it can solve your problem. i Did my cell normal n its working properly as new. 🙂

  • ishwar

    i just installed ace i sure……. it rebooted and stuck on its welcome logo… unable to open the recovery mood too…plz help me

  • ishwar

    what was the result

  • I have updated the installation steps. Reinstall the ROM.

  • Reinstall the ROM, and this time also wipe system before installing. I have updated the installation steps.

  • nelocobs

    but it can’t reboot to CWM..its stuck on samsung logo..

  • M U

    The screen is now stuck at the android recovery menu, every time I reboot systems in CWM mode, it goes to there. What is happening and how do I resolve this??

  • M U

    That is not helpful rakesh..why did it brick? Will reinstall fix it?

  • M U

    I did all the steps but when I reboot, I am only getting the screen with the flashing S then nothing.. What does this mean?? Can you email me on with a resolution.

  • ram

    for me.. i have no problem.. thank you very much.. :”) my smile doesn’t stop because of the successful result!^^ thanks again.. 🙂

  • Dvoglavi Orao

    You can try this: “Press and hold the key combo for longer time and when the samsung logo
    blinks, release the power key and keep other 2 keys pressed.” but this didn’t help me. 🙁

  • Reboot in CWM and wipe cache partition. Then reboot device.

  • Do you have CWM?

  • krrish

    Hi i did all the steps to install Jelly Blast JB 4.1.1 Galaxy Ace S5830i but when i reboot it i’m getting my older version
    only. I don’t know where it went wrong plz help me out.

  • krrish

    Hi i did all the steps but when i reboot it i’m getting my older version only. I don’t know where it went wrong plz help me out.

  • nelocobs

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  • nelocobs

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  • ikashwin

    Me updated my galaxy ace 5830i to android 4.1.1 ,jellyblastv3.0.3, .I found two bugs.
    1. Cant delete all contacts at a time
    2. swipe to end apps in task manager not working
    There is no other problem with headset or imei or camera.
    how to correct these bugs?
    how to add zip file theme?
    how to check new update of jell blast?

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    ser how can i get it back on my old version of android???? jelly bean to gingerbread 2.3.6

  • Arjhun Swaminathan

    I wanna unroot Jellyblast man… Nothing works fine.. Help! PLEASE HELP!!!

  • nO.

  • John Gallagher

    Hi, the simplicity v3 rom has the windows 8 themes along with it. Can you install the themes on the galaxy ace without installing the rom? thanks!

  • devraj choudhury

    disconnects incoming calls automatically… play store and google maps doesn’t work…….!!!….what to do

  • Pres and hold the key combo for longer time and when the samsung logo blinks, release the power key and keep other 2 keys pressed.

  • Dvoglavi Orao

    And I can’t enter in Android System Recovery mode. I press Volume Up+ Home + Power keys, but it only show photo above (a logo of Samsung GALAXY Ace). 🙁

  • Dvoglavi Orao

    After doing all 11. steps (for Ace-i-Sure ROM), my phone can’t boot up.
    It appears only this photo….what now?! 🙁

  • santhosh m

    Hi, i am getting the same problem… can you please elaborate the steps you followed to fix it??
    thanks in advance..

  • Nihal

    Hey the only problem i hav is of the IMEI number . i backup using the galaxy toolbox but it doesnt restore it . i tried efs pro but that doesnt work either. please help!

  • Nice to know you are happy with it. As for the APN settings, I’ll include that point. Thanks! 🙂

  • D. Blaas

    By the way,

    after the Jellyblast update the touchscreen on my Ace is far more responsive/accurate, the wifi and GPRS/3G dataexchange is faster, and the software doesn’t complain as much about memoryspace as before (with same stack of apps).

    And with all the hardwaresettings at hand in the notificationarea, I don’t need all the extra apps that I needed for that in Gingerbread.

    My Ace feels like a fresh install of WinXP!

    The only problem I encounter is in the contacts-app that crashes when i try to select a certain (custom) group. Luckily there are many good contact apps in the store (I use ConTacTs) so this is no problem to me.


  • D. Blaas

    Thanks for the good work on this subject

    I did the update to Jellyblast with my Galaxy Ace s5830i and everything went well (no problem with IMEI and no problem with audio), except for one thing: dataconnection (GPRS/3G) was not working. After a search I found the answer on XDA-developers: my access-point information was lost. I had to go back to my stock rom (thanks to the backup function of CWM Recovery !!) and write down the settings for the access-point (settings->Mobile network->Access-point name). There were entries for internet access and for MMS. Then after updating to Jellyblast I recreated the access-points in the same settings menu. Et voila. All is working now.

    I think this point should be adressed in the howto: Before doing this update (beside backing-up your present (stock) rom), take note of your data access-point configuration. Then after updating when needed this can be reproduced in the settings.

    Greetings, Dirk

  • raghu

    it is not working mobile does not going to recovery or download menu and mainly it shows the logo thats it

  • raghu

    galaxy ace s5830i after flashing with mind cr styled rom my mobile is collapsed and it cant go to recovery mode also
    plz help me

  • Raymas

    You have done great job dude,
    I loved it very much.
    If you give me the link of ics files of flashing then it will be more better.

  • raja

    sir…………….plz help me

  • raja

    same problem ……plz help………..

  • raja

    i installed i sure rom according above steps……….but now it is not opening………my phone is colapsed.and it cant go to recovery mode alsooooo……..plz help



  • I do not remember now but it should have Google apps. If you do not find them, install that package separately.

  • John Jehosphat Gallagher

    hi, if I want to install the ace-i-sure rom, is the necessary google apps already on the rom e.g. play store 3.10.9, g maps 6.12.0, g youtube 4.1.47 and so on?

    because I get confused in the features list of the rom it mentions the google apps (as if they’re pre-installed on the rom) or if you have to install the manually! so it’s a gingerbread rom so i presume I have to install (latest), is that right?

  • Gopal Chhetri

    Everything went smoothly. But I lost my Camera Icon, i tried installing the Camera.apk that I had backed up before installing the ROM, but it’s still not working (When i try to install camera.apk, it says “Application not installed.” Please help.

  • Tejash TJ Shukla

    have u seen nokia lumia windows 8 system…
    that type of system i m requesting…
    like launcher 8 is proving that look home screen and lock screen n status bar n live tiles on home screen and all things in android phones but after all, its just a launcher
    and i know u can make much better than it sir
    u can bring a new erra of windows looks in android phones…
    with proving more live tiles n all….

  • WP8 theme has been added and the ROM has been updated too.

  • Tejash TJ Shukla

    u r doing a grt job man
    i just loved our work..
    thnx for eeverything ..
    but can u plzz upload windows 8 theme and icons pack for simplicity v3 final rom for galaxy s5830i..
    or a windows 8 custom rom…

  • ashutosh sharma

    Hey Everthing Went Good During Installation Process But Now I am Unable to Attend Calls……..Hepl Plz…..

  • Guest

    Hey Everything Went good during installation problem but now I am Unable to Attend Calls………Help Plz…

  • Guest

    hey everything went good during instalation problem but now i am unable to attend calls…………

  • John Jehosphat Gallagher

    if it’s the Gapps zip that i flashed along with the rom, would that be the problem, or? you’d know better than me, is it worth just flashing the jelly blast without the Gapps zip and just installing the google apk’s, do you think the phone might be confused, just thought I might ask, you never know!! :p

  • John Jehosphat Gallagher

    I tried installing the google play store apk along with the rest and it is saying force close, I’m not sure what to do!! it looks like everything else works, it’s just either google play or the google apps themselves

  • John Jehosphat Gallagher

    Okay are the ones at the top of the page yeah? google play store, gmail 4.2.1, google maps and google currents?

  • Try installing the APKs.

  • John Jehosphat Gallagher

    Yeah I managed to fix, i erased the dalvik cache before flashing the rom and I think I erased afterwards which caused the problem. But i went back and erased the data (i made sure my backup was still there), and I flashed the rom and everything is fine and it’s at android 4.1.1. The only problem is my google play is force closing, how do I fix that? Thanks!!

  • John Jehosphat Gallagher

    Hi, just installed the jelly blast rom and it has come up as mindcr rom instead, it the rom looks like the mindcr screenshots and not the jelly blast screenshots, I made sure I downloaded the right link, what can I do? I’ll try clicking on the link again, when I download it it definitely says jelly blast rom

  • Yes, in view of the IMEI loss cases on Galaxy Ace devices, it is very important that the EFS is backed up before involving with any custom Activity.

  • John Jehosphat Gallagher

    OK thanks. I followed a post earlier about backing up the efs folder. I remember a few months ago when my phone was brand new (s5830i) and I went to install the jelly bean rom and no website or page that I went to said anything about backing up the efs folder, so I flashed the rom and I lost the imei, so brought back the imei wh stock firmware and now the efs folder is empty, whether or not it was empty before I dnt know. So the post I viewed earlier, said install galaxy toolbox and backup the efs, move the file to the PC and when u flash a rom simply move that back to the phone afterwards, install the toolbox again and restore the file!! Am I on the right lines there?

  • Download the Google apps that is linked with ROM.

  • John Jehosphat Gallagher

    Hi, just so I know, the google apps link next to the jelly bean rom link, they’re all the google apps I need for jelly bean. Is there any need for me to donwload the other google apps at the top of the page, or are they for the other roms? I’m not sure!!!!

  • shrey

    nd in recent time i m using jelly blast version by installing zip file manully bt after install it camera n senser does not work so plz give some suggestion to make my phone complete smooth ?/i aslo download apk file for cAMERA as u give link above for it bt it doesnot support in mobile or not installed so give some suggestion ??

  • shrey

    but if i install old version then mob run smoothly???bcoz company ask that there is chances of dead of mobile ??

  • Pushkal Katara

    i have installed jelly blast…/………..everything went good but when installed google play and all apps…only google play is force closing……! please help me on the issue ..asap!

  • tRY
    Ace-i-Sure ROM.

  • If you backed up the previous ROM before installing this, you can restore that via CWM recovery.

    Install the original GB ROM:

  • shrey

    rep plz

  • Jayesh Ahir

    i have installed jelly blast on my samsung galaxy ace s5830i all are ready but showing emergency call only pls help me

  • Jayesh Ahir

    i have installed jelly blast on my samsung galaxy gt s5830i all are
    ready but my camera and earphone not work i try to gapps but showing
    error “server offline” pls help me

  • Jayesh Ahir

    i have installed jelly blast on my samsung galaxy gt s5830i all are ready but my camera and earphone not work i try to gapps but showing error “server offline” pls help me

  • zoom377

    I tried installing Jelly Blast and it booted successfully, but…it looks like stock android. Is it supposed to look like this? In Settings > About Phone the android version is 2.3.6 (which is gingerbread I think) and the kernel version is rafael@baugis #1 (I only have a rough idea of what these mean). I made sure to wipe data and dalvik cache before installing.

  • Try a reflash and if it doesn’t fix, restore the previous ROM.

  • Zaff

    same problem. I didnt miss any steps when I flashed I-sure, and now it wont turn on. suggestions?

    same phone model

  • Try a factory reset but do not forget to backup data first. If network is there, IMEI should not be lost.

  • Amit KC

    i hav installed jelly blast in galaxy S5830i……it’s working fine bt still my imei number is lost i hav done back of efs folder by galaxy toolbox apps also i restore of efs folder bt also imei number is not back bt my phn network is working……………..plzzzzzzzzz help me wat to do to get back IMEI no.

  • pawan

    i try to backup EFS by EFS_Professional_2.0.33 & Ktool apps

    but both not able to backuped by EFS

    any software suggest by you ?

  • If you backed up the EFS as instructed above, restore it back.

  • If you backed up the EFS as instructed above, restore it.

  • jyothish

    I installed jelly blast from. But NW m not able to make calls.its showing emergency calls only.I restored my imei also .even though m not able to make calls. What I l do nw help me plssss

  • pawan

    after install jellyblast my phone, working every thing is fine but not able to register my sim, i think reason is phone not showing IMEI number!!!

  • Are you able to see Sign in screen or Gmail app?

  • tini


    I can not create a google account after installing jellyblast rom.

    sorry for my bad english

    im german.. xD 😀

  • Miguel

    Neither that works 🙁

  • If you are able to boot into recovery, restore your previous ROM.

  • Miguel

    Nothing of that works. When i connect it into computer, it is not recognized.

  • Pull out battery, place it back after 30 seconds, boot into recovery and wipe data factory reset and cache partition. Then reboot phone.

    You can also try reinstalling the ROM and if it does not help, install the official ROM from here:

  • Miguel

    I installed a new room ( Ace i sure) on my galaxy ace s5830, but since i reboot, i can´t turn it on anymore. What should i do? help me if possible.

  • Luis

    oh it is galaxy ace

  • Luis

    hi i need help. i installed the rom, but when i rebooted, the cellphone didnt turned on..i tried many ways but the cell still dosnt turn on, any advice

  • will this work on galaxy ace 5830 or the jelly blast will only work on 5830i…??
    please reply

  • Chaitanya

    I am having a problem with thid rom as i cannot see my imei no. As a matter of fact i did take a backup of the folder (efs) but it is empty.Anyway, please tell me how to restore the folder as i cannot download a root file manager from the play store because of the server error. Also, will restoring the efs folder work if its an empty one?

  • N3ptun3

    Thank you for this brilliantly written, easy to follow article. I installed Ace-i-Sure and everything seems to be working first time, no hassles. It’s an awesome rom. Thank you Rakesh.

  • Vikash Pareek

    if i press volume up home and power keys on my gt s 5830i it goes into the recovery mode not the clockwork recovery. i want to install a custom rom. plzz suggest soon.

  • If you backed up the previous ROM, restore it after wiping data/factory reset and cache partition. You can also try reinstalling, or go back to original ROM:

    Pull out the battery and try to enter CWM recovery.

  • ankit goel

    after installing
    Ace-i-Sure ROM my phne is not working at all
    plzz help

  • Backup the full ROM instead.

  • shamaz

    nope…evn my efs folder is empty…i tried to open usin a root file manager…d result wr d same…it ws empty…wt do i do…?

  • asdasdasddasasd



  • Jaison Jacob

    thank you very much! 🙂 it was a great help..workin very fine on my ace just that the scrolling on jellyblast lags a bit or else the phone is supporting the rom pretty well..thank you and to the rom developer as wel!

  • teja

    sir my name teja. im from india in andrapradesh in kadapa. sir im not success fully install custom rom my galaxy ace5830i. any one help me sir. in andrapradesh state on any android devolopers are here. another one is im im not successfully installed the custom rom so any samsung custmercare sevices are install it. answer send my gmail.

  • Tried these, One didn’t load the other I didn’t like & the third just has too many bugs. Going back to my favouite custom rom for the S5830i the Ace-i-Sure version 8. On the web site the developer even gives a link to install the stock rom if things go wrong

  • Did not work on my phone, did not boot beyond the flash screen. need to flash the stock rom & start again.

  • There is a bug. All the contacts in my sim card gone. However when I insert the sim to another phone, the contacts is still thr

  • The folder should have some files inside. It it is empty as you say, restore the backed up ROM and try again. Because the folder keeps system file, may be it is not showing on the PC, try to see it on your phone with root file browser.

  • Nazish

    I copied the efs folder to sd card but its empty …… If my imei no. Is lost do i have to copy it back or is there any problem

  • Install the official firmware to get your IMEI back. then root the phone, backup the EFS folder that contains the IMEI to external memory. then flash the ROM, and if it does not show IMEI, restore the EFS folder.

    If you backed up your previous ROM, restore that, then backup the EFS folder, reflash Jelly Blast and then restore the EFS.

  • Aman

    i don’t understand if we installed stock firmware then jellyblast rom will removed but i want to solve the network problem in this rom

  • Flash your phone with ODIN, with stock Samsung firmware. Worked for me (wiped iemi)

  • Jelly Blast is not ICS. It’s GB made to look like ICS. As to Rohan and your lost IEMI, if you restore firmware with ODIN to stock firmware you’ll recover the phone.

  • Did you backup the EFS folder as directed?


  • Rohan Jagga

    and one thing more that i have not created a back up of previous ROM.

  • Rohan Jagga

    i hav intalled jelly blast custom rom in my “Samsung galaxy ace GT-s5830i”. it installed successfully but with some problems,.

    1st problem is that i am unable to dial n receiving the call n it showing that network is not available. IMEI no. has lost.

    2nd prob is that it is not detecting the ear phones.

    please tell me the solution to resolve this problem or tell me that how can i go back to the gingerbread os.

    i am taking too much tension regarding these problem.. please help me.


  • disqus_ExnrxAJmir

    sir i installed it but i cant sync my contacts what should i do?

    also the play store, error will appear with both of them

  • Subin C Poonamgode

    My friend lost his IMEI ..where mine was successfull….Network provider wont allow to use phone without IMEI…pls help how to get back imei..this is bug..

  • Subin C Poonamgode

    i also lost my IMEI number what to do??

  • Subin C Poonamgode

    flash ur phone in Odin mode..(power+Volume up+volume Down)…

  • ani

    download “SoundAbout” from google store and set Media Audio as Wired Headset/Speaker/as u like..

  • mark

    sir.. i install sg3 but my phone stock in samsung logo? and recovery mode not exits
    how to fix it? thanks

  • mahesh

    hello sir ,i tried flashing the jellyblast rom on my s5830i.but after installation was complete ,on the first boot my mobile loaded with the same 2.3.6 gingerbread

  • hammamoh

    there are a probleme on earphone

  • Shubham Prakhar

    I installed the and [CyanogenMod 10.0.x] as mentioned in the above article. After doing so, I am not able to access Play Store. Keep getting “Server Error” message. What should I do? Please help.

  • Mikael Pikulski

    doesnt work :((

  • pull out the battery, wait for 2 minutes, put it back in phone and try again.

  • Mikael Pikulski


  • Mikael Pikulski

    I can’t boot it in recovery thats the problemm

  • It’s a bootloop your phone is stuck with. Boot your phone in recovery and “wipe data factory reset”. For detailed guide read this:

  • Mikael Pikulski

    Hi I have a problemm I tried to install the jellyblast rom but I couldnt make a call it says only emergancy calls after that I tried to install MindCr SGS3 rom now it stops at the first screen samsung galaxy ace gt-s5830i I can’t even go to the boot screen what can I do now please help me with a full explenation 🙁 PLEASE HELPPP

  • i cant use voice input in messaging and others ..pls help …

  • Reboot the phone into recovery and try a data factory reset:

  • disqus_HHuufEEUIe

    Hi!. I’m having a problem with my s5830i. I was playing some app when the phone just went black but it was still on and the music was still playing. I tried to turn it of by pressing and holding the power button but it didnt work so i have to force it by taking the battery off. Then when i tried to open it it just stop in the samsung logo it just keeps repeating the samsung logo. I tried charging it and it did show the charging status but when i open it,it still shows the same. What am i gonna do with my phone now? Help me please.

  • is gps working on JELLYBLAST???? cuz I installed it on my 5830i but it doesn’t work…. thanks

  • Hi,

    I contacted the developer and he confirmed that is is JB, and not GB. Though the Kernel it uses is based on Android 2.3.6 but it is a port of a CM I0 ROM that is undoubtedly JB. It might sound to users that it is does not have all the features of JB but it is due to the humble specs of the device.

    Moreover, the screenshots are explicit enough to reveal the truth. Hope I am clear enough!

  • Ramana

    So true. Droidviews – why do not you mention this fact in your article? – for your own reputation !!!

  • Hello,

    Generally android phones support multi languages.
    Just go to Menu> Settings> Language and input > Language
    Tap on language and it will list you a no of languages, select the required language and enjoy using Android.

    If your phone doesn’t support any particular language then it may be difficult for you.
    But you can sms or write things in your language by installing multi language keyboards and their language packs.

    Thank You.

  • it dosent read arabic font
    how to fix

  • John A.

    Same problem for me, seems like the only thing not working is the mobile network…

  • gireesh

    any updatation s ?
    i used the same rom which the first released i hope you didnt change or updated in rom .
    i installed soundabout

  • gireesh

    hello i have again tested

    head set works for music

    but head set is not working for making call

    did you tested ??

    kindly please check it

    i tried all options for soundabout still not working for making call…

    please update solution

  • gireesh

    hello i have again tested
    head set works for music
    but head set is not working for making call
    did you tested ??
    kindly please check it
    i tried all options for soundabout still not working for making call

  • A solution is already given in the article.

  • 1. Jelly Blast JB 4.1.1 Galaxy Ace S5830i: everything looking good only earphone problem..after install this to solve it?

  • marouf

    and jelly beens is also dint came
    its not working

  • marouf

    as u told i formatted my data but whit is my sd also got formated

  • the Jelly Blast JB 4.1.1 is not working on Galaxy Ace S5830i: im tested after installation the logo of Jelly Blast JB 4.1.1 shows every 5 second brothers please dont install Jelly Blast JB 4.1.1 Galaxy Ace S5830i: it’s won’t works

  • The solution for sound bug has been given in the post.


    I’m too. If you solve problem you must format or reinstall rom on your phone.
    Sorry for my bad language

  • sam

    i had the same problem…after i installed the rom there was no network (docomo); i waited for a day but still didnt get any network so restored it to the stock rom and wat do u know my network was back with full range 😛

  • Michael Huggans

    What a crock of s**t!!! The Jellyblast ROM isn`t Jellybean at all. It is simply Gingerbread with build.prop changed and themed…

    Try and download talkback and enable Explore-by-touch – Not compatible
    Download Apex / Nova – Not Compatible 2.3.6 GINGERBREAD XXLA2 release-keys

    Why change version to 4.1.1??? It is 2.3.6!!!

    Angry… Don`t waste your time downloading this hoping to get Jellybean, because you WON`T!!!!!

  • Tim

    Never mind, had to abandon it. Either a subtle difference in hardware or hopelessly buggy.

    Home button doesn’t work, play store won’t work, contacts won’t sync, GMail crashes all the time, can’t lock the screen with a pin etc.

  • Well, I am not sure about it. I will try to contact the developer.

  • John

    Why does G apps jb on jellyblast v3.0.3 dont work?

  • John

    I think i did everything right. Its now okay i restored everything but i still want that rom how do i get it? I keep flashing it yet nothing happens! I wish it was that easy..

  • You must have performed the wipe as directed in the post. Anyways, pull out the battery, wait for 1 minute, reinsert the battery, boot into recovery mode and try again. Do as directed or you might really destroy your phone.

  • John

    Hello.. i just rooted my phone samsung Gt-S5830i and put cwr recovery on it i downloaded the jellyblast v 3.0.3 and the gapps jb and followed the instructions and nothing happened! I tried it again and wiped the data, insert the rom on the sd and then the g apps last… and rebooted the phone and still nothing happened! but i tried not wiping the data or anything and did not put the g apps but i just put the jellybean rom and i think it works then i rebooted it then it just flashes on the screen the letter S (maybe galaxy S) its just like that. Is that normal? or its just its 1st time booting so its just flashing like that, or i destroyed my phone?!?! Pls reply ASAP.

  • Tim

    Thanks for the clear instructions!

    I had to restore my original ROM though. The GApps didn’t seem to be working correctly. I had GMail (which seemed to crash frequently) but nothing else. Contacts wouldn’t sync. Google Play returned a “server error” every time I tried to use it.

    If you can suggest what might be going wrong, I’ll try again. Thanks again!

  • Babik

    Did the same but still didn’t work. What i also did with new ROM is *#06# and to my surprise my IMEI number was missing (it showed blank). Fortunately I had created a backup of existing ROM and on restore, things returned back to usual

    I thought may be its happening with jelly blast and so than I tried Simplicity ROM but same issue 🙁

    What to do? 🙁 🙁
    I really love this ROM

  • rayan

    i installed sg3 rom on my cell and now it stops on the samsung logo and i cant get into recovery mode pls helppp

  • Ullas

    The Jellyben and MindCr SGS3 is awesome but simplicity is a mess. Thanks for the efforts. God Bless.

  • Try reinserting SIM and reboot phone. There is no such issue with any of the ROMs.

  • Babik

    Hi, I loved the theme and entire installation process went well. But after installation I am unable to dial any numbers. It says no network available.

    I read from some other comments that install old ROM back and then reflash but this time cache need not be cleared. I did this but still it shows network connection not available. What to do now?

  • 5 minutes maximum!

  • how much time does it take to restart the phone after customing rom

  • Earphone bug fixed.

  • Ashish

    beats equalizer nt working..

  • Ashish


  • Ashish

    same I need…….
    same I did!

  • Hi,The post has been updated with the audio fix solution.

  • The post has been updated with the audio fix solution.

  • rahul46940

    flash the original rom back

  • its still d same!

  • reflash the ROM and next time do not wipe cache partition and dalvik cache.

  • using jellyblast which i installed, i am not able to make calls, sms. it says no network available even though m in full range. Even home button doesnt work. earphones are not supported!

  • gireesh

    thank you please remove it ASAP … it will really thank full

  • These bugs are yet to be removed. I will contact the author.

  • gireesh

    hello please help me

    i have installed this

    1. Jelly Blast JB 4.1.1 Galaxy Ace S5830i: in my 5830i
    everything working fine
    but earphone is not detecting …

    do u have any solution on it ??
    and also about the noticification clear

    please reply to me i liked it its very cool ,

  • Not fixed yet, sorry.

  • Hey Bro have u fixed the earphone problem in SIMPLICITY ROM ?

  • anonym

    please go to on firmware section..but makesure u check ur phone region cause u dont wanna flash a different do that,check ur imei first on ur phone by pressing *#06#..and then check ur phone region *#272* will show u the list of region/carrier of ur country. for e.g ORS = Slovakia (if im not mistaken)..then download the Stock ROm and flash via ODIN :)..thats it.

  • What country you are from?

  • Guest

    Please … may i know where i could get the original rom … i didnt create a back-up so when i formatted the custom roms … theres basically nothing left … may i please know how to recover the ORIGINAL GT-S5830I …

  • Thankx Buddy !
    You can contact me on my e-mail ID also : 🙂

  • Okay, I have reported the problem to Abhi. Hope he fixes the issue soon.

  • Hey please fix earphone problem
    I really like the SIMPLICITY ROM 🙂
    #Thank You

  • No i forgot!
    Is there any way now to go back to stock rom?

  • hello dude i like the ROM But the oly thing is mobile Network is not working in my mob. Other wise ROM is awesome Pls fix tht pls . if the network wrks means ill ll be nappy in tht pls fix tht catch me on this give a mail to this

  • hello. vaibhav i saw ur msg before u installing ur New ROM u have to take Backup of ur old rom did u do tht ??

  • hello dude i like the ROM But the oly thing is mobile Network is not working in my mob. Other wise ROM is awesome Pls fix tht pls . if the network wrks means ill ll be nappy in tht pls fix tht catch me on this give a mail to this

  • Okay so any fully tested ROM ?
    I want to install it 🙂

  • Well, I have not actually used this ROM. I just tested it on my friend’s phone for a while. Everything comes with a price. It’s your call what you choose.

  • Vaibhav Thapa

    Will i get warranty back ? I am asking to go back to the stock rom actually
    Hey one more thing i tried the Simplicity V3 rom , And only the problem i am facing is of earphones ..
    And yeah games are not working too .. I Like this rom very much .. please tell me what to do ?

  • Guest

    Will i get warranty back ? I am asking to go back to the stock rom actually
    Hey one more thing i tried the Simplicity V3 rom , And only the problem i am facing is of earphones ..
    And yeah games are not working too .. I Like this rom very much .. please tell me what to do ?

  • Just download your old custom ROM and flash via ClockworkMod recovery.

  • Vaibhav Thapa

    Hey man please tell me how to get back to old custom rom ?
    New one is not working properly
    #Google store – Sever error
    #Lock is also not working
    #Menu button is not working too :/

  • Guest

    Hey man please tell me how to get back to old custom rom ?
    New one is not working properly
    #Google store – Sever error
    #Lock is also not working

  • Khaled Irshaid

    Good Job it’s very nice rom 🙂

  • Arvind

    nice rom