These have been hiding in the dark, waiting for the right time, gaining momentum behind the scenes. Waiting patiently for their moment to strike.  You guessed it wrong ! I am talking about the big Breakthroughs and trends behind the scenes that should finally see the mainstream light in 2013 ! Looking at the list, Some of these may indeed seem like science fiction, but trust me, these are very much go on, feast your soul and wet your tongue, because these tech wonders are going to make you drool. If you want more info on where these cool tech are headed right now, just Google it ! So buckle up and be ready to amazed.

(Note: these are in no particular order)

1. 3D printing.

Something people could only dream of, is now possible. Want a new coffee mug or a bracelet ? make it yourself ! The concept is mind numbing, Build a 3D model of your own, from the many freely available 3D modeling applications or download one from the World Wide Web, choose a material like ceramic, or precious metal, plastic or even glass, and hit Print ! and before your eyes, the object is built, layer by layer, with lasers cutting through the material, building exactly what you told it to. Of course  the 2000$ price tag of owning your own home 3D printer puts it quite out of many pockets, but come 2013, the prices are definitely set to drop. Even if not, there should at least open a few 3D printing outlets in the major cities in the world to cater to, what can only be defined as, the ultimate customized thing-maker that can transform even the most intricate designs of your imagination into real things. below is an example !


2. Flexible Displays

probably the first to convert itself from science fiction to reality are the flexible displays, and it wont be long before one of the major players will be shipping out phones with these new age flexible displays. This however only means that the displays will be flexible in itself but the devices wont be. It wont be long before one of the major players in the smartphone market, especially Samsung, comes out with a flexible display. In fact, if the rumors are to be believed, the works are well underway and soon to go live. Maybe the CES 2013 or MWC 2013 ? lets wait and watch. Oh and whats more ? we’re all aware that the biggest power hogs in today’s smartphones are the Huge, gorgeous, bright screens. No more ! the flexible displays claim to use almost zero power, making it the most power efficient thing ever. I’m drooling already!


3. Gestures are  the Way to GO !

We’ve all  loved how easy Microsoft’s kinect tech toy makes it easy to play games and control the console. Right now, however, there are forces at work that could make gesture controls a reality across all our devices, especially the PC. Here comes the tech baby of the year, Leap Motion ! this diminutive chocolate bar sized device (maybe smaller, depends on the size of your chocolate bar.) sits in front of your Computer and can detect hand movements to the accuracy of more than 1/100th of a millimeter. That essentially means its the most accurate and the most amazing out of anything like it that you may have ever seen before.  Now you can wave your hands in front of the PC and control it with gestures, as if it were a touch screen.  (without the onlookers thinking you were mad. ) Flip through photos, paint a picture, model clay, manipulate a 3D model, sign a document, or play a first person shooter! all this with just your hand. Yeah, its THAT accurate. It claims to exactly and perfectly detect your movements accurate to the tip of your fingers. Best of all, you don’t need to read a manual to use your hands, right ? Developers may not use these to make bendable products anytime soon, but it’d be a winner for the battery life boost itself !


4. 4K Ultra HD TV

Come 2013, no one is going to miss the onslaught of 4K Ultra HD , a new format of Television being pushed heavily by the industry that quadruples the total display resolution of today’s full HD TV! now that is a huge claim, but a true one at that. Also not so far away are the 8K Ultra HD TVs. Lets wait and watch how this turns out, but its certainly not going to be easy on anyone’s pockets, unless you have a lot of money to spare. But when you see one 4K Ultra HD in person, the effect is jaw-dropping., to say the least ! Oh and, its 3D enabled of course.  the trouble is that the content is just not there yet. lets wait and watch shall we ? LG has already unleashed its 4K and seems Sony has too. I for one, cant quite afford one. Toshiba and LG have already unveiled theirs at CES 2013. Awesome.


And our winner is..

Leap motion !!

From where we see it, this might change the complete face of computing, and might be as revolutionary as the Mouse was, that its just abnormal to not use it today ! It promises so much, I can surely imagine how it would revolutionize my computer usage.

(Let us know your favorites ! Or any more to add to the list ? )

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