If you have already watched the hands on video of LG’s upcoming flagship device Optimus G and are excited about it like all of us, here is another cool commercial video of the device. All mobile phone manufacturers generally release ad videos to promote their new phones. While many commercial videos somehow miss the mark by not revealing the device’s capabilities, some of them aim at making fun of some other device (see Galaxy S3 ad), and others are quite boring. LG however has manged to come up with a new commercial video of its Optimus G which not only brings out its awesome features persuasively, but also mesmerizes the viewer for about 4 minutes.

The Optimus G video demonstrates the  features like QSlide function (video multi-tasking), QuickMemo, Dual Screen Play, processor, battery and camera performance effectively with the help of exquisite cinematography and visual effect. Watch out the video just after the jump.

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