New and interesting things are happening for Verizon. The carrier has recently come out with a brand new mobile plan that has intrigued the curiosity of many. By using its own website, Verizon posted a message in which it explained the basis of this new unlimited plan and how users would be able to use it and for what. Let’s take a look at the newest offer from the mobile carrier and see if it’s an offer we can’t refuse or just a casual suggestion. While it might not necessarily be for everyone, Verizon Unlimited does raise some interesting points across the board so giving it a fair investigation won’t hurt.

What’s the deal with Verizon Unlimited

Through this new mobile plan, Verizon is looking to provide unlimited service across all spectrums of the carrier’s offer, with a large emphasis on “unlimited”. What this means is that users will have unlimited access to voice and text, as well as mobile data. This offer is available for residents in the US of course, but also those from Mexico and Canada.

Before we continue, let’s go over what exactly is included in this unlimited plan, and what are customers committing to when they opt in. For starters, let’s take another look at what exactly comes in the “unlimited” basket.

  • You got your standard unlimited data, be it the unlimited voice service, unlimited texting or unlimited mobile data which you use to browse the internet and such without requiring a WiFi connection. (We use “or” but they’re actually all included in the package). These are available in the US;
  • Next up, the same services for voice and text are available for users if they want to communicate from Canada to Mexico. This differs in the obvious ways. There is also a mobile data plan as well voice and text for both Canada and Mexico, so as long as you are in one or the other, you can still use Verizon Unlimited;
  • The unlimited package also includes mobile tethering, which basically means you are able to create an internet hotspot, giving your friends access to internet as well;
  • Last but certainly not least, we have HD video capability which allows you to view videos in HD quality. Other carriers put a 480p cap on video quality but that’s not the case here.

There are two main plans available, pretty distinguishable and different in terms of what kind of customers they cater to. If you want to get Verizon Unlimited, you can choose between:

Single Line- This is an$85 plan that gives you line access and the ability to add up to two more devices such as tablets or smartwatches. The former will bump the price by $20 whereas the latter by only $5. If you have Auto Pay and paperless billing, you can shave $5 off the main plan price.

Multi Line- This is a $100 plan that includes the ability of using up to10 lines. You can connect up to 20 devices and add more lines for the price of $20 each.  The $100 price is the one with paperless billing and Auto Pay, which shave off $10.

A change of heart and the future of mobile service

Today, a lot of mobile traffic is being established thanks to the rising popularity of content streaming, be it video or music. In this sort of environment, unlimited plans are something that appeals to many people and at the same time, is very advantageous business initiative for carriers.

That being said, it’s easy to understand why Verizon is going for the unlimited route, although this goes against what the company’s CFO said just last year. In September, Fran Shammo (Verizon CFO) stated that unlimited plans aren’t something that people really need. That might have changed dramatically over the course of the last few months, or it may just be that Verizon is taking a different stance on the matter (a.k.a they changed their mind).  Verizon is currently holding a high ranking position in terms of mobile carriers in the US, with many praises coming its way for its LTE service. That being said, boarding the “Unlimited” train after all might not be so bad for Verizon, while staying behind could actually prove detrimental.

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