Well folks, it’s finally here. Those of you on Verizon that have decidedly held off purchasing the Galaxy Note 3 in hopes to one day get the unlocked Developer Edition of the Galaxy Note 3 can finally rejoice. Samsung has now officially posted the sale link for this device and it is available for purchase at the standard off-contract price of $699.99.

If you are interested in the developer edition Verizon Galaxy Note 3. hit the source link below to buy one direct from Samsung and enjoy flashing those mods and custom ROMs when you receive it!



  1. i am currently using ressurection remix v4.0.7 on my galaxy s2 it is giving me horrible battery life so i have decided to change rom but i have no idea about any other good rom…plz recommend me a stable rom…my main priority is battery life as i dont play so many games…thanx in advance

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